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FileArborize.php               [source] [71 lines]    
FileAttrCollections.php        [source] [143 lines]   
FileAttrDef.php                [source] [138 lines]   Base class for all validating attribute definitions. This family of classes forms the core for not only HTML attribute validation, but also any sort of string that needs to be validated or cleaned (which means CSS properties and composite definitions are defined here too). Besides defining (through code) what precisely makes the string valid, subclasses are also responsible for cleaning the code if possible.
FileAttrTransform.php          [source] [60 lines]    Processes an entire attribute array for corrections needing multiple values. Occasionally, a certain attribute will need to be removed and popped onto another value. Instead of creating a complex return syntax for HTMLPurifier_AttrDef, we just pass the whole attribute array to a specialized object and have that do the special work. That is the family of HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform.
FileAttrTypes.php              [source] [96 lines]    
FileAttrValidator.php          [source] [178 lines]   
FileBootstrap.php              [source] [124 lines]   
FileCSSDefinition.php          [source] [474 lines]   
FileChildDef.php               [source] [52 lines]    Defines allowed child nodes and validates nodes against it.
FileConfig.php                 [source] [911 lines]   
FileConfigSchema.php           [source] [176 lines]   
FileContentSets.php            [source] [170 lines]   
FileContext.php                [source] [95 lines]    
FileDefinition.php             [source] [55 lines]    Super-class for definition datatype objects, implements serialization functions for the class.
FileDefinitionCache.php        [source] [129 lines]   Abstract class representing Definition cache managers that implements useful common methods and is a factory.
FileDefinitionCacheFactory.php [source] [106 lines]   
FileDoctype.php                [source] [73 lines]    
FileDoctypeRegistry.php        [source] [142 lines]   
FileElementDef.php             [source] [216 lines]   
FileEncoder.php                [source] [611 lines]   
FileEntityLookup.php           [source] [48 lines]    
FileEntityParser.php           [source] [153 lines]   
FileErrorCollector.php         [source] [244 lines]   
FileErrorStruct.php            [source] [74 lines]    
FileException.php              [source] [12 lines]    
FileFilter.php                 [source] [56 lines]    
FileGenerator.php              [source] [286 lines]   
FileHTMLDefinition.php         [source] [493 lines]   
FileHTMLModule.php             [source] [284 lines]   
FileHTMLModuleManager.php      [source] [459 lines]   
FileIDAccumulator.php          [source] [57 lines]    
FileInjector.php               [source] [281 lines]   Injects tokens into the document while parsing for well-formedness. This enables "formatter-like" functionality such as auto-paragraphing, smiley-ification and linkification to take place. A note on how handlers create changes; this is done by assigning a new value to the $token reference. These values can take a variety of forms and are best described HTMLPurifier_Strategy_MakeWellFormed->processToken() documentation.
FileLanguage.php               [source] [204 lines]   
FileLanguageFactory.php        [source] [209 lines]   
FileLength.php                 [source] [160 lines]   
FileLexer.php                  [source] [357 lines]   
FileNode.php                   [source] [49 lines]    Abstract base node class that all others inherit from. Why do we not use the DOM extension? (1) It is not always available, (2) it has funny constraints on the data it can represent, whereas we want a maximally flexible representation, and (3) its interface is a bit cumbersome.
FilePercentEncoder.php         [source] [111 lines]   
FilePrinter.php                [source] [218 lines]   
FilePropertyList.php           [source] [122 lines]   
FilePropertyListIterator.php   [source] [42 lines]    
FileQueue.php                  [source] [56 lines]    
FileStrategy.php               [source] [26 lines]    Supertype for classes that define a strategy for modifying/purifying tokens. While HTMLPurifier's core purpose is fixing HTML into something proper, strategies provide plug points for extra configuration or even extra features, such as custom tags, custom parsing of text, etc.
FileStringHash.php             [source] [47 lines]    
FileStringHashParser.php       [source] [136 lines]   
FileTagTransform.php           [source] [37 lines]    Defines a mutation of an obsolete tag into a valid tag.
FileToken.php                  [source] [100 lines]   Abstract base token class that all others inherit from.
FileTokenFactory.php           [source] [118 lines]   
FileURI.php                    [source] [314 lines]   
FileURIDefinition.php          [source] [112 lines]   
FileURIFilter.php              [source] [74 lines]    Chainable filters for custom URI processing. These filters can perform custom actions on a URI filter object, including transformation or blacklisting. A filter named Foo must have a corresponding configuration directive %URI.Foo, unless always_load is specified to be true.
FileURIParser.php              [source] [71 lines]    
FileURIScheme.php              [source] [102 lines]   Validator for the components of a URI for a specific scheme
FileURISchemeRegistry.php      [source] [81 lines]    
FileUnitConverter.php          [source] [307 lines]   
FileVarParser.php              [source] [198 lines]   
FileVarParserException.php     [source] [11 lines]    
FileZipper.php                 [source] [157 lines]   

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