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HTMLPurifier_Generator:: (6 methods):

Class: HTMLPurifier_Generator  - X-Ref

Generates HTML from tokens.

__construct($config, $context)   X-Ref

param: HTMLPurifier_Config $config
param: HTMLPurifier_Context $context

generateFromTokens($tokens)   X-Ref
Generates HTML from an array of tokens.

param: HTMLPurifier_Token[] $tokens Array of HTMLPurifier_Token
return: string Generated HTML

generateFromToken($token)   X-Ref
Generates HTML from a single token.

param: HTMLPurifier_Token $token HTMLPurifier_Token object.
return: string Generated HTML

generateScriptFromToken($token)   X-Ref
Special case processor for the contents of script tags

param: HTMLPurifier_Token $token HTMLPurifier_Token object.
return: string

generateAttributes($assoc_array_of_attributes, $element = '')   X-Ref
Generates attribute declarations from attribute array.

param: array $assoc_array_of_attributes Attribute array
param: string $element Name of element attributes are for, used to check
return: string Generated HTML fragment for insertion.

escape($string, $quote = null)   X-Ref
Escapes raw text data.

param: string $string String data to escape for HTML.
param: int $quote Quoting style, like htmlspecialchars. ENT_NOQUOTES is
return: string escaped data.

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