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HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCacheFactory:: (5 methods):

Class: HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCacheFactory  - X-Ref

Responsible for creating definition caches.

setup()   X-Ref
Initialize default decorators

instance($prototype = null)   X-Ref
Retrieves an instance of global definition cache factory.

param: HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCacheFactory $prototype
return: HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCacheFactory

register($short, $long)   X-Ref
Registers a new definition cache object

param: string $short Short name of cache object, for reference
param: string $long Full class name of cache object, for construction

create($type, $config)   X-Ref
Factory method that creates a cache object based on configuration

param: string $type Name of definitions handled by cache
param: HTMLPurifier_Config $config Config instance
return: mixed

addDecorator($decorator)   X-Ref
Registers a decorator to add to all new cache objects

param: HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Decorator|string $decorator An instance or the name of a decorator

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