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HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema:: (8 methods):

Class: HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema  - X-Ref

Configuration definition, defines directives and their defaults.

__construct()   X-Ref
Application-wide singleton

makeFromSerial()   X-Ref
Unserializes the default ConfigSchema.

return: HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema

instance($prototype = null)   X-Ref
Retrieves an instance of the application-wide configuration definition.

param: HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema $prototype
return: HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema

add($key, $default, $type, $allow_null)   X-Ref
Defines a directive for configuration

param: string $key Name of directive
param: mixed $default Default value of directive
param: string $type Allowed type of the directive. See
param: bool $allow_null Whether or not to allow null values

addValueAliases($key, $aliases)   X-Ref
Defines a directive value alias.

Directive value aliases are convenient for developers because it lets
them set a directive to several values and get the same result.
param: string $key Name of Directive
param: array $aliases Hash of aliased values to the real alias

addAllowedValues($key, $allowed)   X-Ref
Defines a set of allowed values for a directive.

param: string $key Name of directive
param: array $allowed Lookup array of allowed values

addAlias($key, $new_key)   X-Ref
Defines a directive alias for backwards compatibility

param: string $key Directive that will be aliased
param: string $new_key Directive that the alias will be to

postProcess()   X-Ref
Replaces any stdclass that only has the type property with type integer.

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