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HTMLPurifier_ElementDef:: (3 methods):

Class: HTMLPurifier_ElementDef  - X-Ref

Structure that stores an HTML element definition. Used by
HTMLPurifier_HTMLDefinition and HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule.

create($content_model, $content_model_type, $attr)   X-Ref
Low-level factory constructor for creating new standalone element defs

mergeIn($def)   X-Ref
Merges the values of another element definition into this one.
Values from the new element def take precedence if a value is
not mergeable.

param: HTMLPurifier_ElementDef $def

_mergeAssocArray(&$a1, $a2)   X-Ref
Merges one array into another, removes values which equal false

param: $a1 Array by reference that is merged into
param: $a2 Array that merges into $a1

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