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Posted by Marc Andreu Fernandez on July 18, 2013 - 22:22:
Hello Johan, Melissa, team good evening 

Finally I got time to work on this Import Contacts stuff. 

With the help of Melissa's Aeroclub plugin and the Paypal plugin and the Plugin docs (which are not quite easy to follow using Google Tranlator ;-) )

I create the skeleton of this new plugin. I tried to create a simple as possible plugin. I attached the plugin package below.

I need please your help to get a minimum content necessary plugin that works. I mean, that is possible to load in Galette. I have many questions as the translation is not 100% clear. Please help me to answer the following questions:

* Do I need any content in the lang folder? For now I do not want to translate anything until I am sure that it works. I will try later on this part if it is optional.

* I do not have SQL tables to create for now, do I need to create empty files?

* Do I need a template file for each PHP plugin file? For example adherentTest.tpl? Any documentation about how to create those templates? Is it using any framework technology? I do not have CSS or JS for now, can I use default styles?

* The only file that I have for now is the adherentTest.php. That code is extracted from Melissa plugin import.php file as she told me. For now I only need to make sure that that code complies and runs. I mean, it stores a sample user into DB with all required fields. I have the PHP code to connect google and fetch all the data that I need, I will add later once I am sure that I reused the import.php code properly as a plugin in Galette. 

And please help me to review the few files of the plugin, the define.php, menu.tpl, etc... I am not 100% about some content the I added. 

Any comment or review will be very helpful because I am getting some errors and I am a bit lost. 

Well, sorry for the amount of questions, but it is not easy for me to follow up the french (translated somehow by google) documentation. 

Many thanks, and best regards all

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