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Posted by Marc Andreu Fernandez on July 04, 2013 - 17:06:
Hello Andre, 

Many thanks I will try to find Melissa :-)

Anyway if you could send me the PHP code I think it could help me as well. 

Thanks a lot, best regards

On 4 July 2013 15:57, andre.tissot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <andre.tissot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Marc,

Try to contact Melissa Djebel (I think you can find its address in the
mailing list history) : she had built for me an add-in for managing an
aircraft association, with an import of members from a back office

Otherwise, I can send you the PHP file of this part : no use of SQL
injection, but use the Galette native clesses.


Original email:
From: Marc Andreu Fernandez marcandreuf@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 11:38:19 +0200
To: johan@xxxxxxxx, galette-devel@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Galette-devel] Hello Galette

Hello Johan, good morning

Many thanks for your help, I will start working on the import from google
as we have now all contacte there.

Very good to know you are there to help :-)

Have a good day,

On 4 July 2013 07:50, Johan Cwiklinski <johan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Marc,
> I'm Johan, the Galette leader and main developer since 2007.
> Le 03/07/2013 19:13, Marc Andreu Fernandez a écrit :
> > Hello team, good afternoon
> >
> > I am Marc Andreu, PHP and Java developer. I am currently doing some
> support
> > for a Non-Profit organization.
> >
> > Your application Galette is very good and exactly what we need for our
> > group. I managed to install and run the application without problems.
> Glad to hear that :)
> > I would like to start as a contributor and develop some parts that we
> need
> > in order to start using your application.
> >
> > In order to start I only need to import all contacts that we have now in
> a
> > gmail account to the Galette DB. Do you have anything similar already
> done
> > or something that I can reuse? If not, could you help me to point out
> how I
> > could do it? I will do an investigation about how to do it, but if you
> > could give me some tips, it could be great, something like, what minimum
> > data in DB I should import in order to make it consistent. Is it ok if I
> > only add data to the table "galette_adherents"?
> I've never heard of Google import into Galette but there are various
> possibilities to export data from google accounts, and after that it
> should be possible to import data directly in the database.
> For the export part, a friend of mine tell me about goobook he uses for
> its mutt contacts, maybe it will be possible to use that for the export?
> For the import, yes, galette_adherents will be enought to start. At the
> moment, I cannot say exactly which data are required, that is something
> I have to document for the CSV import whish.
> As you can parametize fields that are required, there should be only a
> few fields.
> Maybe you should ask the question on the galette-users mailing list, I
> know there are several people who have worked on that recently, they
> maybe can help you (they are french, but helping you in english would
> not be a problem I guess ;)).
> > Later on I would like to work on translation, I would like to translate
> all
> > the application into Catalan and Spanish. Could you give me some tips
> about
> > how to setup a new languange package?
> That would be great :) In the past, there was a Spanish translation; but
> I removed it since it was not maintained (no changes beetween 2007 and
> december 2011 unfortunately).
> When you'll be ready to start translating, just ask me, I'll create the
> required files.
> For now, I'm the only one working on the project and its translations,
> but I've submitted it on transifex
> ( You'll have the choice
> using transifex or to translate .po files directly, at your option.
> I'd love to see Galette translated in other languages, I was unsure non
> franch non profit organizations really can use it, but I now know they
> > I do not know French, unfortunately, however I hope to be able to
> > understand the code and use google translator when possible. I can write
> > down documentation in english only.
> Since I've take project ownership, all users and contributors were
> french, and so, I had no reason to write docs in english, but that is
> not a problem.
> The main work would be to translate existing documentation in english.
> Also, all bugs, evolutions and whishes are now french only on the
> tracker (, using
> english other there will not be a problem.
> Be sure I'll help you begin with the project, just note that my work and
> familial obligations take me much time, I'm not always as responsive as
> I'd like to be ;-)
> Thank you for your interest in Galette,
> Regards,
> --
> Johan
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