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Posted by Marc Andreu Fernandez on July 08, 2013 - 19:57:
Hello Johan, team, good afternoon

All right, sorry I will clean emails from now on :-)

First milestone about gmail import. 

I attached the php script that I have until now, it is work in progress, I will clean code later.

The idea is to connect to gmail through Oauth 2.0 and to use the Google Contacts API v3. I have been fighting 3 days to undestand google api and to get it working :-) I am able to get data now from google. 

My idea now is to present this data in a table format, using a Galette table style. Allow delete and edit rows/values and store temporal data into JSON object. Then add a submit button to process the import job, which will be doing sql inserts reusing the same query (or similar) of the add Member form in Galette.

Do you think this could be integrated into Galette, any suggestion about how to develop this? Should I create a plugin? Any docs about how to create a plugin?

Any help will be really good to speed up this.

Johan: goobook was good, but my server does not have python :-( and using Google API I can use PHP like Galette. I thouhg it could be better to integrate with Galette?

Many thanks guys, have a good afternoon. 

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