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Posted by Johan Cwiklinski on July 08, 2013 - 21:26:
Hi Marc,

Le 08/07/2013 19:56, Marc Andreu Fernandez a écrit :
Do you think this could be integrated into Galette, any suggestion about
how to develop this? Should I create a plugin? Any docs about how to create
a plugin?

I did not realize that you will integrate that work into Galette...

Until 0.7.4, there is a Gogole PHP  API
( integrated to Galette,
but it has been removed in the develop branch. It was only used to
retrieve Google+ posts from Galette page, and I've decided to drop that
(along with twitter post, which now need very much work even if it's
public posts...).

I'm not very fan of Google globally, and I'd prefer not to integrate
Google related services in Galette main code.
As far as I understand, the goal here is only to retrieve contacts from
a google account, and integrate them into Galette. I think a plugin is a
very good option.

Johan: goobook was good, but my server does not have python :-( and using
Google API I can use PHP like Galette. I thouhg it could be better to
integrate with Galette?

Indeed, python is not a googd solution for Galette :) But I had in mind
you only want to import your contacts once ;)


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