synfig-core  1.0.3
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OptionsProcessor Class Reference

Class to process all the command line options. More...

#include <optionsprocessor.h>


struct  VideoCodec

Public Member Functions

 OptionsProcessor (boost::program_options::variables_map &vm, const boost::program_options::options_description &po_visible)
void process_settings_options ()
void process_info_options ()
Job extract_job ()
synfig::RendDesc extract_renddesc (const synfig::RendDesc &renddesc)
 Overwrite the input RendDesc object with the options given in the command line.
synfig::TargetParam extract_targetparam ()
void print_target_video_codecs_help () const

Detailed Description

Class to process all the command line options.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OptionsProcessor::OptionsProcessor ( boost::program_options::variables_map &  vm,
const boost::program_options::options_description &  po_visible 

Member Function Documentation

void OptionsProcessor::process_settings_options ( )
void OptionsProcessor::process_info_options ( )
Job OptionsProcessor::extract_job ( )

Extract the necessary options to create a job After this, it is necessary to overwrite the necessary RendDesc options and set the target parameters, if provided. Then can be processed

References _, Job::canvas, DEFAULT_QUALITY, Job::extract_alpha, Job::filename, synfig::open_canvas_as(), Job::outfilename, print_canvas_info(), print_child_canvases(), Job::quality, Job::root, SYNFIGTOOL_FILENOTFOUND, SYNFIGTOOL_INVALIDJOB, SYNFIGTOOL_MISSINGARGUMENT, SYNFIGTOOL_OK, Job::target_name, and VERBOSE_OUT.

Referenced by main().

RendDesc OptionsProcessor::extract_renddesc ( const synfig::RendDesc renddesc)
TargetParam OptionsProcessor::extract_targetparam ( )

Extract the target parameters from the options given in the command line video-codec, bitrate, sequence-separator

References _, synfig::TargetParam::bitrate, synfig::TargetParam::sequence_separator, SYNFIGTOOL_MISSINGARGUMENT, SYNFIGTOOL_UNKNOWNARGUMENT, tolower, VERBOSE_OUT, and synfig::TargetParam::video_codec.

Referenced by main().

void OptionsProcessor::print_target_video_codecs_help ( ) const

Referenced by process_info_options().

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