synfig-core  1.0.3
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synfig::TargetParam Struct Reference

#include <targetparam.h>

Public Types

enum  Direction { HR = 0, VR = 1 }

Public Member Functions

 TargetParam (const std::string &Video_codec="none", int Bitrate=-1)

Public Attributes

std::string video_codec
int bitrate
std::string sequence_separator
int offset_x
int offset_y
int rows
int columns
bool append
Direction dir

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

synfig::TargetParam::TargetParam ( const std::string Video_codec = "none",
int  Bitrate = -1 


Not valid default values, if they are not modified before passing them to the target module, it would override them with its own valid default settings.

Member Data Documentation

std::string synfig::TargetParam::video_codec
int synfig::TargetParam::bitrate
std::string synfig::TargetParam::sequence_separator
int synfig::TargetParam::offset_x
int synfig::TargetParam::offset_y
int synfig::TargetParam::rows
int synfig::TargetParam::columns
bool synfig::TargetParam::append
Direction synfig::TargetParam::dir

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