synfig-core  1.0.3
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SynfigToolGeneralOptions Class Reference

#include <definitions.h>

Public Member Functions

boost::filesystem::path get_binary_path () const
size_t get_threads () const
void set_threads (size_t threads)
int get_verbosity () const
void set_verbosity (int verbosity)
bool should_be_quiet () const
void set_should_be_quiet (bool be_quiet)
bool should_print_benchmarks () const
void set_should_print_benchmarks (bool print_benchmarks)

Static Public Member Functions

static void create_singleton_instance (const char *argv0)
static SynfigToolGeneralOptionsinstance ()

Member Function Documentation

void SynfigToolGeneralOptions::create_singleton_instance ( const char *  argv0)
exceptionin case the instance already existed

Referenced by main().

SynfigToolGeneralOptions * SynfigToolGeneralOptions::instance ( )
boost::filesystem::path SynfigToolGeneralOptions::get_binary_path ( ) const

Referenced by main(), and print_usage().

size_t SynfigToolGeneralOptions::get_threads ( ) const
void SynfigToolGeneralOptions::set_threads ( size_t  threads)
int SynfigToolGeneralOptions::get_verbosity ( ) const
void SynfigToolGeneralOptions::set_verbosity ( int  verbosity)
bool SynfigToolGeneralOptions::should_be_quiet ( ) const
void SynfigToolGeneralOptions::set_should_be_quiet ( bool  be_quiet)
bool SynfigToolGeneralOptions::should_print_benchmarks ( ) const

Referenced by process_job().

void SynfigToolGeneralOptions::set_should_print_benchmarks ( bool  print_benchmarks)

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