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synfig::ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry Class Reference

Contains a potential list item, and associated timing information. More...

#include <valuenode_dynamiclist.h>

Inheritance diagram for synfig::ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry:

Public Types

typedef synfig::Activepoint Activepoint
typedef std::list< ActivepointActivepointList
typedef std::pair
< ActivepointList::iterator,
bool > 
typedef std::pair
< ActivepointList::const_iterator,
bool > 

Public Member Functions

int get_index () const
bool status_at_time (const Time &x) const
float amount_at_time (const Time &x, bool *rising=0) const
ActivepointList::iterator add (Time time, bool status, int priority=0)
ActivepointList::iterator add (const Activepoint &x)
findresult find_uid (const UniqueID &x)
const_findresult find_uid (const UniqueID &x) const
findresult find_time (const Time &x)
const_findresult find_time (const Time &x) const
ActivepointList::iterator find (const UniqueID &x)
ActivepointList::const_iterator find (const UniqueID &x) const
ActivepointList::iterator find (const Time &x)
ActivepointList::const_iterator find (const Time &x) const
ActivepointList::iterator find_prev (const Time &x)
ActivepointList::const_iterator find_prev (const Time &x) const
ActivepointList::iterator find_next (const Time &x)
ActivepointList::const_iterator find_next (const Time &x) const
Activepoint new_activepoint_at_time (const Time &x) const
ActivepointList::iterator add (Time time)
void erase (const UniqueID &x)
int find (const Time &begin, const Time &end, std::vector< Activepoint * > &list)
const synfig::Node::time_setget_times () const
const etl::loose_handle
< ValueNode > & 
get_parent_value_node () const
 ListEntry ()
 ListEntry (const ValueNode::Handle &value_node)
 ListEntry (const ValueNode::Handle &value_node, Time begin, Time end)
- Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::UniqueID
const int & get_uid () const
 Returns the internal unique identifier for this object.
 UniqueID ()
void make_unique ()
 operator bool () const
void mimic (const UniqueID &x)
bool operator== (const UniqueID &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const UniqueID &rhs) const
bool operator< (const UniqueID &rhs) const

Public Attributes

ValueNode::RHandle value_node
ActivepointList timing_info


class ValueNode_DynamicList
class ValueNode_BLine
class ValueNode_WPList
class ValueNode_DIList

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::UniqueID
static const UniqueID nil ()

Detailed Description

Contains a potential list item, and associated timing information.

This structure contains a RHandle to a ValueNode, as well as the associated on/off timing information which determines when this item is included in the list.

The timing information is stored in the member timing_info.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::pair<ActivepointList::iterator,bool> synfig::ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::findresult
typedef std::pair<ActivepointList::const_iterator,bool> synfig::ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::const_findresult

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ListEntry ( )
ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ListEntry ( const ValueNode::Handle value_node)
ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ListEntry ( const ValueNode::Handle value_node,
Time  begin,
Time  end 

References add().

Member Function Documentation

int synfig::ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::get_index ( ) const
bool ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::status_at_time ( const Time x) const
This needs to be optimized further. Perhaps we should use a binary search...?

Referenced by add().

float ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::amount_at_time ( const Time x,
bool *  rising = 0 
) const

References f.

ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ActivepointList::iterator ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::add ( Time  time,
bool  status,
int  priority = 0 
This needs to be optimized further.

References synfig::Activepoint::set_parent_index(), and synfig::Activepoint::set_parent_value_node().

Referenced by ListEntry().

ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ActivepointList::iterator ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::add ( const Activepoint x)
ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::findresult ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find_uid ( const UniqueID x)

References f.

ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::const_findresult ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find_uid ( const UniqueID x) const

References f.

ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::findresult ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find_time ( const Time x)

References f.

ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::const_findresult ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find_time ( const Time x) const

References f.

ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ActivepointList::iterator ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find ( const UniqueID x)
ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ActivepointList::const_iterator ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find ( const UniqueID x) const
ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ActivepointList::iterator ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find ( const Time x)
ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ActivepointList::const_iterator ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find ( const Time x) const
ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ActivepointList::iterator ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find_prev ( const Time x)
ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ActivepointList::const_iterator ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find_prev ( const Time x) const
ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ActivepointList::iterator ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find_next ( const Time x)
ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::ActivepointList::const_iterator ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find_next ( const Time x) const
Activepoint ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::new_activepoint_at_time ( const Time x) const
ActivepointList::iterator synfig::ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::add ( Time  time)

References add(), and status_at_time().

Referenced by add().

void ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::erase ( const UniqueID x)
int ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::find ( const Time begin,
const Time end,
std::vector< Activepoint * > &  list 
const synfig::Node::time_set & ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::get_times ( ) const
const etl::loose_handle<ValueNode>& synfig::ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::get_parent_value_node ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ValueNode_DynamicList
friend class ValueNode_BLine
friend class ValueNode_WPList
friend class ValueNode_DIList

Member Data Documentation

ValueNode::RHandle synfig::ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::value_node
ActivepointList synfig::ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::timing_info

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