synfig-core  1.0.3
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synfig::TimePointSet Class Reference

#include <node.h>

Public Member Functions

iterator insert (const TimePoint &x)
template<typename ITER >
void insert (ITER begin, ITER end)

Member Function Documentation

TimePointSet::iterator TimePointSet::insert ( const TimePoint x)

finds a iterator to a Time Point with the same time

See Also
inline bool operator==(const TimePoint& lhs,const TimePoint& rhs)

If iter is not a the end of the set (we found one Time Point)

Absorb the time point

Else, insert it at the first of the set

References synfig::TimePoint::absorb().

Referenced by synfig::ValueNode_DynamicList::ListEntry::get_times(), synfig::LinkableValueNode::get_times_vfunc(), synfig::Layer::get_times_vfunc(), and synfig::Canvas::get_times_vfunc().

template<typename ITER >
void synfig::TimePointSet::insert ( ITER  begin,
ITER  end 

References insert().

Referenced by insert().

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