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📜️[en]: A set of links to resources and / or documentation for the SEGA Megadrive (Genesis) game console. 📜️[fr]: Un ensemble de liens vers des ressources ou documentations relatives à l'émulation de la console de jeu SEGA Megadrive (Genesis).

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[Wikipedia (Megadrive / Genesis) [fr] [en]] [de]]
[Wikipedia (Sega) [fr] [en] [de]]

• Docs (systems): [MESS specifications] [System.cfg [fr] (Megadrive Japon) (Megadrive USA) (Megadrive II) (Genesis II)] [Zophar's Domain] [Planet Emulation [fr]] [MO5.COM [fr] (Megadrive) (Megadrive 2)]
• Docs (games): [Wikipedia (Screenshots of games)] [EmulPlus [fr]] [ [fr]] [StrategyWiki (consoles & games)]

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Compatible emulators
• These games work with the following emulators: xxx, yyy

▸ 👾️ Required files for SEGA Megadrive (Genesis) (BIOS, firmware): (🦺️ work in progress)

• 💥️ Gendev (Genesis development environment for Linux, BSD-3, Thanks to [jugandoenlinux (20240614)]): [Homepage] [Dev site] 🎬️ g(202xxx)

• Free games (ROMs) : [Old Towers]
• 🎁 Freeware sites : [PDRoms] [Mojonia (multi-systems)] [Retrobrews on GitHub]
• 🗿️Abandonware sites (Overview, demo or abandonware, ROMs or Windows deliverable, for contents extraction or information): [FreeROMS] [Planet Emulation [fr]] [ROM Hustler] [emugames] [Internet Archive 1 2]

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A set of links to resources and / or documentation for the SEGA Megadrive (Genesis) game console.

🌍️ Wikipedia :

With the introduction of the Sega Genesis in America, Sega of America launched an anti-Nintendo campaign to carry the momentum to the new generation of games, with its slogan "Genesis does what Nintendon't." This was initially implemented by Sega of America President Michael Katz. When Nintendo launched its Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, Sega changed its slogan to "Welcome to the next level."

The same year, Sega of America's leadership passed from Michael Katz to Tom Kalinske, who further escalated the "console war" that was developing. As a preemptive strike against the release of the SNES, Sega re-branded itself with a new game and mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. This shift led to a wider success for the Genesis and would eventually propel Sega to 65% of the market in North America for a brief time. Simultaneously, after much previous delay, Sega released the moderately successful Mega-CD as an add-on feature, allowing for extra storage in games due to their CD-ROM format, giving developers the ability to make longer, more sophisticated games, the most popular of which was Sega's own Sonic CD. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was also released at this time, and became the most successful game Sega ever made, selling six million copies as of June 2006.

In 1994, Sega released the Sega 32X in an attempt to upgrade the Mega Drive to the standards of more advanced systems. It sold well initially, but had problems with lack of software and hype about the upcoming Sega Saturn and Sony's PlayStation. Within a year, it was in the bargain bins of many stores. Also in 1994, Sega launched the Sega Channel, a subscription gaming service delivered by local cable companies affiliated with Time-Warner Cable, or TCI, through which subscribers received a special cartridge adapter that connected to the cable connection. At its peak, the Sega Channel had approximately 250,000 subscribers.

📕 Description [fr]

Un ensemble de liens vers des ressources ou documentations relatives à l'émulation de la console de jeu SEGA Megadrive (Genesis).

🌍️ Wikipedia :

Sega sort en 1988 (Japon) sa console à plus grand succès. Connue sous le nom de Megadrive au Japon et en Europe, et sous le nom de Sega Genesis en Amérique du Nord, cette console 16-bits fut originellement créée pour concurrencer la PC-Engine. C'est finalement la nouvelle console lancée par Nintendo en 1990 qui se révéla sa plus grande concurrente, la Super Famicom, plus connue en dehors du Japon sous le nom de Super Nintendo Entertainment System ou SNES. En 1992, Sega vécut un moment historique en dépassant Nintendo pour la première fois avec 55 % des parts de marché en Amérique du Nord, et réussit même à atteindre 65 % de ces dites parts en 1993. Qui plus est, le succès de la Megadrive ne se limita pas qu'au marché Américain puisqu'il récolta aussi beaucoup de succès au Brésil, en Europe et en Australie.

En 1993, la Megadrive fut redessinée et relancée sous le nom de Megadrive II et Genesis 2. Malgré les efforts de Sega, Nintendo regagna une bonne partie de ses parts dès l'année suivante. Finalement, en 1996, Sega arrêta la Sega Genesis pour se concentrer sur d'autres projets. Malgré tout, Majesco sortit en 1998 une version de la dite console intitulée Sega Genesis 3.

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