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Posted by GruiicK on July 14, 2006 - 19:38:
safaa Amessaghrou wrote:
hello !
I have just subscribed in this mailling list becouse i need help ..
I m trying to install galette under windows, easyphp8 ..
i used the  install , but after the second step i got that message
Checking the files and directories permissions
The file includes/ is writable
The file photos isn't writable

For a correct functionning, Galette needs the Write permission on these
Under UNIX/Linux, you can give the permissions using those commands
|chown /apache_user/ /file_name/
chmod 600 /file_name/ (for a file)
chmod 700 /direcory_name/ (for a directory)|
Under Windows, check these files are not in Read-Only mode in their
property panel.
i did check the file and it is not in read-only mode ..
but the file photos i dont even find it ..

photos is not a regular file, it's a directory. Please check if it exist
and associated read/write mode. If it doesn't exist, create it.

Maybe a bug in install script.

Regards, Loïs
<GruiicK> Un esprit malsaint, dans un porcin.
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