First look


What is this?

The desktop is run by JWM, a lightweight window manager for the X11 Window System. JWM is written in C and uses only Xlib at a minimum.

Where are the icons?

JWM does not use icons, but antiX has an application that can manage desktop icons for it ie ROX.

ROX comes already preconfigured with some icons in antiX, open it in Menu -→ Desktop -→ Other Desktops

What’s that stuff in the upper right corner?

That is the output of Conky, a light-weight system monitor that gives you real-time information on various aspects of your computer.

And that bar at the bottom?

That is called the toolbar or panel, and it displays current info such as the workspace, open applications, background applications and the date/time.

Basic Configuration

How do I set up a wireless connection?

There are 4 options, all found in the antiX Control Centre (CC): Wicd (full only), wpa_supplicant, GPRS/UMTS and ceni. antiX developers recommend ceni.

Basic Operation

Where’s the sound volume control?

Simply click on the sound icon in the toolbar.

Where are my files?

As in all Linux versions, personal files are located in antiX by default in the /home directory of the Linux file system.

Where are my files?

As in all Linux versions, personal files are located in antiX by default in the /home directory of the Linux file system.

Is there an easy way to find a specific file?

Click Menu -→ Applications -→accessories-→Searchmonkey for files or folders.

How are files managed?

Click Menu -→ Files to open a graphical file manager that is at the heart of the ROX desktop (see ROX section). It opens to your home directory, where you can change to view to include hidden system files by clicking on the eye icon up on the menu bar. Right-click a file to see management options.

For a command-line file manager, click Menu -→ Terminal - Type mc to bring up Midnight Commander, whose main interface consists of two panels displaying the file system with numbered commands on the bottom. Press F1 for help.

SpaceFM is another excellent file manager included with antiX. SpaceFM is a multi-panel tabbed file manager for Linux with built-in VFS, udev-based device manager, customizable menu system, and bash integration. click Menu -→ Applications -→ System Tools -→ SpaceFM

Basic Customization

How do I change the Menu?

Menu-→ Control Centre -→ Desktop -→ Edit JWM Settings. For instance, you might want to remove the Install entry at the bottom of the Menu.

What about the keyboard shortcuts?

Menu -→ Control Centre -→ Desktop -→ Edit JWM Settings -→ keys. Mod1 is the Alt key and Mod4 is the Super key.

How do I change the wallpaper?

Menu -→ Control Centre -→ Desktop -→ Choose Wallpaper. Click on image and then Apply.

How do I turn off Conky?

Click Menu -→ Desktop -→Conky on/off.

How do I change the Settings?

Click Menu -→Desktop-→ JWM Settings -→ Here you can auto update menu, Configuration, Styles, Wallpapers, Workspaces, Reconfigure, Restart.

How do I change the Panel?

Just right-click it to select whether it auto-hides, where it is placed, how wide it is, the clock format, etc.


What other customization can I consider?

Almost anything you want. Open antiX Control Centre to see what is available.

Where are the configuration files for JWM?

They are in /home/username/.jwm, and can be viewed by clicking Menu-→ Files and then clicking on the eye symbol to show hidden files.