synfig-core  1.0.3
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pixelformat.h File Reference

PixelFormat and conversions. More...

#include <synfig/color/color.h>

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namespace  synfig
 Where every function and class of the synfig library can be found.


#define FLAGS(x, y)   (((x)&(y))==(y))


enum  synfig::PixelFormat {
  synfig::PF_RGB = 0, synfig::PF_GRAY = (1<<0), synfig::PF_A = (1<<1), synfig::PF_Z = (1<<2),
  synfig::PF_BGR = (1<<3), synfig::PF_A_START = (1<<4), synfig::PF_Z_START = (1<<5), synfig::PF_ZA = (1<<6),
  synfig::PF_A_INV = (1<<7), synfig::PF_Z_INV = (1<<8), synfig::PF_RAW_COLOR = (1<<9)+(1<<1)


PixelFormat synfig::operator| (PixelFormat lhs, PixelFormat rhs)
PixelFormat synfig::operator& (PixelFormat lhs, PixelFormat rhs)
int synfig::channels (const PixelFormat x)
 Returns the number of channels that the given PixelFormat calls for.
unsigned char * synfig::Color2PixelFormat (const Color &color, const PixelFormat &pf, unsigned char *out, const Gamma &gamma)
void synfig::convert_color_format (unsigned char *dest, const Color *src, int w, PixelFormat pf, const Gamma &gamma)
const unsigned char * synfig::PixelFormat2Color (Color &color, const PixelFormat &pf, const unsigned char *out)

Detailed Description

PixelFormat and conversions.


Macro Definition Documentation

#define FLAGS (   x,
)    (((x)&(y))==(y))