synfig-core  1.0.3
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curve_helper.cpp File Reference

Curve Helper File. More...

#include "curve_helper.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <vector>


#define ERR   1e-11


int intersect (const Rect &r, const Point &p, const Vector &v)
int intersect (const BezHull &bh, const Point &p, const Vector &v)
int Clip (const Rect &r, const Point &p1, const Point &p2, Point *op1, Point *op2)
static void clean_bez (const bezier< Point > &b, bezier< Point > &out)
static int recurse_intersect (const CIntersect::SCurve &b, const Point &p1, int depthleft=10)
int intersect (const bezier< Point > &b, const Point &p)
int intersect_scurve (const CIntersect::SCurve &b, const Point &p)


const Real ERROR = 1e-11

Detailed Description

Curve Helper File.


Macro Definition Documentation

#define ERR   1e-11

Referenced by Clip(), and synfig::intersect().

Function Documentation

int intersect ( const Rect r,
const Point p,
const Vector v 
int intersect ( const BezHull bh,
const Point p,
const Vector v 
int Clip ( const Rect r,
const Point p1,
const Point p2,
Point op1,
Point op2 

References ERR.

static void clean_bez ( const bezier< Point > &  b,
bezier< Point > &  out 
static int recurse_intersect ( const CIntersect::SCurve &  b,
const Point p1,
int  depthleft = 10 

References ERROR, and synfig::intersect().

Referenced by intersect().

int intersect ( const bezier< Point > &  b,
const Point p 
int intersect_scurve ( const CIntersect::SCurve &  b,
const Point p 

Variable Documentation

const Real ERROR = 1e-11

Referenced by recurse_intersect().