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synfig::Layer_Switch Class Reference

Class of the Switch layer. More...

#include <layer_switch.h>

Inheritance diagram for synfig::Layer_Switch:
synfig::Layer_PasteCanvas synfig::Layer_Composite synfig::Layer_NoDeform synfig::Layer synfig::Node

Public Member Functions

 Layer_Switch ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~Layer_Switch ()
virtual String get_local_name () const
 Returns a string with the localized name of this layer.
virtual bool set_param (const String &param, const synfig::ValueBase &value)
 Sets the parameter described by param to value.
virtual ValueBase get_param (const String &param) const
 Get the value of the specified parameter.
virtual Vocab get_param_vocab () const
 Gets the parameter vocabulary.
Layer::Handle get_current_layer () const
virtual void apply_z_range_to_params (ContextParams &cp) const
 Sets z_range* fields of specified ContextParams cp.
- Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::Layer_PasteCanvas
sigc::signal< void > & signal_subcanvas_changed ()
 Wrapper for the subcanvas changed signal.
void update_renddesc ()
virtual void on_canvas_set ()
void set_muck_with_time (bool x=false)
etl::handle< synfig::Canvasget_sub_canvas () const
void set_sub_canvas (etl::handle< synfig::Canvas > x)
Real get_time_dilation () const
 Gets time dilation parameter.
Time get_time_offset () const
 Gets time offset parameter.
Point get_origin () const
 Get origin parameter.
Transformation get_transformation () const
 Get transformation parameter.
Transformation get_summary_transformation () const
 Get summary transformation.
 Layer_PasteCanvas ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~Layer_PasteCanvas ()
virtual Color get_color (Context context, const Point &pos) const
 Gets the blend color of the Layer in the context at pos.
virtual void set_time (IndependentContext context, Time time) const
 Sets the time of the Paste Canvas Layer and those under it.
virtual bool accelerated_render (Context context, Surface *surface, int quality, const RendDesc &renddesc, ProgressCallback *cb) const
virtual bool accelerated_cairorender (Context context, cairo_t *cr, int quality, const RendDesc &renddesc, ProgressCallback *cb) const
Rect get_bounding_rect_context_dependent (const ContextParams &context_params) const
 Bounding rect for this layer depends from context_params.
virtual Rect get_full_bounding_rect (Context context) const
virtual synfig::Layer::Handle hit_check (synfig::Context context, const synfig::Point &point) const
 Checks to see if a part of the Paste Canvas Layer is directly under point.
virtual void set_render_method (Context context, RenderMethod x)
 Sets the render method to the layer. Not all layers uses this virtual member.
virtual void fill_sound_processor (SoundProcessor &soundProcessor) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::Layer_Composite
float get_amount () const
 Gets the amount of the layer.
Layer_Compositeset_amount (float x)
 Sets the amount of the layer and returns this layer.
Color::BlendMethod get_blend_method () const
 Gets the blend method of the layer.
Layer_Compositeset_blend_method (Color::BlendMethod x)
 Sets the blend method of the layer and returns this layer.
virtual bool is_solid_color () const
 Returns true is amount is 1 and blend method is straight.
bool is_disabled () const
 Returns true if the amount is zero.
- Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::Layer
sigc::signal< void > & signal_status_changed ()
 Status Changed.
sigc::signal< void, String > & signal_param_changed ()
 Parameter changed.
sigc::signal< void > & signal_description_changed ()
 Description Changed.
sigc::signal< void, int,
etl::handle< Canvas > > & 
signal_moved ()
sigc::signal< void, String > & signal_added_to_group ()
sigc::signal< void, String > & signal_removed_from_group ()
virtual ~Layer ()
void add_to_group (const String &)
 Adds this layer to the given layer group.
void remove_from_group (const String &)
 Removes this layer from the given layer group.
void remove_from_all_groups ()
 Removes this layer from all layer groups.
String get_group () const
 Gets the name of the group that this layer belongs to.
const DynamicParamListdynamic_param_list () const
void enable ()
 Enables the layer for rendering (Making it active)
void disable ()
 Disables the layer for rendering. (Making it inactive)
void set_active (bool x)
 Sets the 'active' flag for the Layer to the state described by x.
bool active () const
 Returns that status of the 'active' flag.
bool optimized () const
 flag to prevent re-apply optimization features
void set_optimized (bool x)
 set flag to prevent re-apply optimization features
void set_exclude_from_rendering (bool x)
 Sets the 'exclude_from_rendering' flag for the Layer.
bool get_exclude_from_rendering () const
 Returns that status of the 'exclude_from_rendering' flag.
int get_depth () const
 Returns the position of the layer in the canvas.
float get_z_depth () const
 Gets the non animated z depth of the layer.
float get_z_depth (const synfig::Time &t) const
 Gets the z depth of the layer at a time t.
float get_true_z_depth (const synfig::Time &t=Time(0)) const
 Gets the true z depth of the layer (index + parameter)
void set_z_depth (float x)
 Sets the z depth of the layer (non animated)
void set_canvas (etl::loose_handle< Canvas > canvas)
 Sets the Canvas that this Layer is a part of.
etl::loose_handle< Canvasget_canvas () const
 Returns a handle to the Canvas to which this Layer belongs.
const Stringget_description () const
 Returns the description of the layer.
String get_string () const
void set_description (const String &x)
 Sets the description of the layer.
const String get_non_empty_description () const
 Returns the layer's description if it's not empty, else its local name.
const String get_param_local_name (const String &param_name) const
 Returns the localised version of the given layer parameter.
Layer::LooseHandle get_parent_paste_canvas_layer () const
 Returns a handle to the Parent PasteCanvas layer or NULL if layer belongs to root canvas.
virtual Rect get_bounding_rect () const
virtual String get_name () const
 Returns a string containing the name of the Layer.
virtual String get_version () const
 Gets the version string for this layer.
virtual etl::handle< Transformget_transform () const
virtual bool set_version (const String &ver)
 Sets the virtual version to use for backwards-compatibility.
virtual void reset_version ()
 Resets the virtual version.
virtual bool set_param_list (const ParamList &)
 Sets a list of parameters.
virtual ParamList get_param_list () const
 Get a list of all of the parameters and their values.
virtual void set_time (IndependentContext context, Time time, const Point &point) const
 Sets the time for the selected Layer and those under it for a specific point.
virtual CairoColor get_cairocolor (Context context, const Point &pos) const
virtual Handle clone (etl::loose_handle< Canvas > canvas, const GUID &deriv_guid=GUID()) const
 Duplicates the Layer.
virtual bool reads_context () const
 Returns true if the layer needs to be able to examine its context.
virtual Handle simple_clone () const
 Duplicates the Layer without duplicating the value nodes.
virtual bool connect_dynamic_param (const String &param, etl::loose_handle< ValueNode >)
 Connects the parameter to another Value Node.
virtual bool disconnect_dynamic_param (const String &param)
 Disconnects the parameter from any Value Node.
Real get_parent_canvas_grow_value () const
 Retrieves the grow value from its parent canvas.
- Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::Node
sigc::signal< void > & signal_deleted ()
sigc::signal< void > & signal_changed ()
sigc::signal< void, GUID > & signal_guid_changed ()
 GUID Changed.
virtual ~Node ()
void changed ()
const GUIDget_guid () const
 Gets the GUID for this Node.
virtual void set_guid (const GUID &x)
 Sets the GUID for this Node.
int get_time_last_changed () const
 Gets the time when the Node was changed.
void add_child (Node *x)
 Adds the parameter as the child of the current Node.
void remove_child (Node *x)
 Removes the parameter as a child of the current Node.
int parent_count () const
 Returns how many parenst has the current Node.
const time_setget_times () const
 Returns the cached times values for all the children.
RWLockget_rw_lock () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from synfig::Layer
typedef Layer *(* Factory )()
 Type that represents a pointer to a Layer's constructor.
typedef std::map< String,
 Book of types of layers indexed by layer type name.
typedef std::map< String,
 Map of Value Base parameters indexed by name.
typedef etl::handle< LayerHandle
typedef etl::loose_handle< LayerLooseHandle
typedef etl::handle< const LayerConstHandle
typedef std::map< String,
etl::rhandle< ValueNode > > 
 Map of parameters that are animated Value Nodes indexed by the param name.
typedef ParamVocab Vocab
 A list type which describes all the parameters that a layer has.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::Layer
static void register_in_book (const BookEntry &)
static Bookbook ()
static bool subsys_init ()
static bool subsys_stop ()
 Stops the layer system by deleting the book of registered layers.
static bool render_transformed (const Layer *layer, Context context, Surface *surface, int quality, const RendDesc &renddesc, ProgressCallback *cb, const char *file, int line)
static Layer::LooseHandle create (const String &type)
 Creates a Layer of type type.
- Public Attributes inherited from synfig::Node
std::set< Node * > parent_set
- Protected Member Functions inherited from synfig::Layer_PasteCanvas
virtual void get_times_vfunc (Node::time_set &set) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from synfig::Layer_Composite
bool converted_blend_
bool transparent_color_

Detailed Description

Class of the Switch layer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Layer_Switch::Layer_Switch ( )

Default constructor.


Layer_Switch::~Layer_Switch ( )


Member Function Documentation

String Layer_Switch::get_local_name ( ) const

Returns a string with the localized name of this layer.

Reimplemented from synfig::Layer_PasteCanvas.

References _.

bool Layer_Switch::set_param ( const String param,
const synfig::ValueBase value 

Sets the parameter described by param to value.

See Also

Reimplemented from synfig::Layer_PasteCanvas.

References IMPORT_VALUE.

ValueBase Layer_Switch::get_param ( const String param) const

Get the value of the specified parameter.

See Also

Reimplemented from synfig::Layer_PasteCanvas.


Layer::Vocab Layer_Switch::get_param_vocab ( void  ) const

Gets the parameter vocabulary.

Reimplemented from synfig::Layer_PasteCanvas.

References _.

Layer::Handle Layer_Switch::get_current_layer ( ) const
void Layer_Switch::apply_z_range_to_params ( ContextParams cp) const

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