synfig-core  1.0.3
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synfig::DashItem Class Reference

#include <dashitem.h>

Inheritance diagram for synfig::DashItem:

Public Types

enum  SideType { TYPE_ROUNDED = 1, TYPE_SQUARED = 2, TYPE_PEAK = 3, TYPE_FLAT = 4 }

Public Member Functions

 DashItem ()
 DashItem (Real position, Real length, int sidebefore=TYPE_FLAT, int sideafter=TYPE_FLAT)
const Realget_length () const
void set_length (Real x)
const Realget_offset () const
void set_offset (Real x)
int get_side_type_before () const
void set_side_type_before (int sidebefore)
int get_side_type_after () const
void set_side_type_after (int sideafter)
int get_side_type (int i) const
bool operator== (const DashItem &rhs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::UniqueID
const int & get_uid () const
 Returns the internal unique identifier for this object.
 UniqueID ()
void make_unique ()
 operator bool () const
void mimic (const UniqueID &x)
bool operator== (const UniqueID &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const UniqueID &rhs) const
bool operator< (const UniqueID &rhs) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::UniqueID
static const UniqueID nil ()

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DashItem::DashItem ( )

References TYPE_FLAT.

DashItem::DashItem ( Real  position,
Real  length,
int  sidebefore = TYPE_FLAT,
int  sideafter = TYPE_FLAT 

Member Function Documentation

const Real & DashItem::get_length ( ) const

Referenced by encode_dash_item(), and operator==().

void DashItem::set_length ( Real  x)
const Real & DashItem::get_offset ( ) const
void DashItem::set_offset ( Real  x)
int DashItem::get_side_type_before ( ) const

Referenced by encode_dash_item(), and reverse_value().

void DashItem::set_side_type_before ( int  sidebefore)
int DashItem::get_side_type_after ( ) const

Referenced by encode_dash_item(), and reverse_value().

void DashItem::set_side_type_after ( int  sideafter)
int DashItem::get_side_type ( int  i) const

Referenced by operator==().

bool DashItem::operator== ( const DashItem rhs)

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