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ppm_mptr Class Reference

#include <mptr_ppm.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool get_frame (synfig::Surface &surface, const synfig::RendDesc &renddesc, synfig::Time time, synfig::ProgressCallback *callback)
 Gets a frame and puts it into surface.
- Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::Importer
Gammagamma ()
const Gammagamma () const
virtual ~Importer ()
virtual bool get_frame (Surface &surface, const RendDesc &renddesc, Time time, bool &trimmed __attribute__((unused)), unsigned int &width __attribute__((unused)), unsigned int &height __attribute__((unused)), unsigned int &top __attribute__((unused)), unsigned int &left __attribute__((unused)), ProgressCallback *callback=NULL)
virtual bool is_animated ()
 Returns true if the importer pays attention to the time parameter of get_frame()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from synfig::Importer
typedef Importer *(* Factory )(const FileSystem::Identifier &identifier)
typedef std::map< std::string,
typedef etl::handle< ImporterHandle
typedef etl::loose_handle
< Importer
typedef etl::handle< const
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from synfig::Importer
static Bookbook ()
static bool subsys_init ()
static bool subsys_stop ()
static Handle open (const FileSystem::Identifier &identifier)
 Attempts to open filename, and returns a handle to the associated Importer.
- Public Attributes inherited from synfig::Importer
const FileSystem::Identifier identifier
- Static Public Attributes inherited from synfig::Importer
static Bookbook_
- Protected Member Functions inherited from synfig::Importer
 Importer (const FileSystem::Identifier &identifier)

Member Function Documentation

bool ppm_mptr::get_frame ( synfig::Surface surface,
const synfig::RendDesc renddesc,
synfig::Time  time,
synfig::ProgressCallback callback 

Gets a frame and puts it into surface.

surfaceReference to surface to put frame into
timeFor animated importers, determines which frame to get. For static importers, this parameter is unused.
callbackPointer to callback class for progress, errors, etc.
true on success, false on error
See Also
ProgressCallback, Surface

Implements synfig::Importer.

References _, and synfig::ProgressCallback::error().

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