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Star Class Reference

#include <star.h>

Inheritance diagram for Star:
synfig::Layer_Polygon synfig::Layer_Shape synfig::Layer_Composite synfig::Layer_NoDeform synfig::Layer synfig::Node

Public Member Functions

 Star ()
void sync ()
 Updates the polygon data to match the parameters.
bool import_parameters (const String &param, const ValueBase &value)
virtual bool set_param (const String &param, const synfig::ValueBase &value)
 Sets the value for the given parameter.
virtual ValueBase get_param (const String &param) const
 Gets the value of the given parameter.
virtual Vocab get_param_vocab () const
 Gets the parameter vocabulary. To be overrided by the derived.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from synfig::Layer
typedef Layer *(* Factory )()
 Type that represents a pointer to a Layer's constructor.
typedef std::map< String,
 Book of types of layers indexed by layer type name.
typedef std::map< String,
 Map of Value Base parameters indexed by name.
typedef etl::handle< LayerHandle
typedef etl::loose_handle< LayerLooseHandle
typedef etl::handle< const LayerConstHandle
typedef std::map< String,
etl::rhandle< ValueNode > > 
 Map of parameters that are animated Value Nodes indexed by the param name.
typedef ParamVocab Vocab
 A list type which describes all the parameters that a layer has.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from synfig::Layer_Polygon
 ~Layer_Polygon ()
void add_polygon (const std::vector< Point > &point_list)
 Adds a polygon to the layer.
void upload_polygon (const std::vector< Point > &point_list)
void clear ()
 Clears out any polygon data.
 Layer_Polygon ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from synfig::Layer
static void register_in_book (const BookEntry &)
static Bookbook ()
static bool subsys_init ()
static bool subsys_stop ()
 Stops the layer system by deleting the book of registered layers.
static bool render_transformed (const Layer *layer, Context context, Surface *surface, int quality, const RendDesc &renddesc, ProgressCallback *cb, const char *file, int line)
static Layer::LooseHandle create (const String &type)
 Creates a Layer of type type.
- Protected Attributes inherited from synfig::Node
std::set< Node * > parent_set

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Star::Star ( )

Member Function Documentation

void Star::sync ( )

Updates the polygon data to match the parameters.

Reimplemented from synfig::Layer_Polygon.

References synfig::Layer_Polygon::add_polygon(), synfig::Layer_Polygon::clear(), synfig::ValueBase::get(), and synfig::Layer_Polygon::upload_polygon().

Referenced by set_param(), and Star().

bool Star::import_parameters ( const String param,
const ValueBase value 
bool Star::set_param ( const String param,
const synfig::ValueBase value 

Sets the value for the given parameter.

Reimplemented from synfig::Layer_Polygon.

References import_parameters(), and sync().

Referenced by import_parameters().

ValueBase Star::get_param ( const String param) const

Gets the value of the given parameter.

If it is unknown then call the ancestor's get param member to see if it can handle that parameter's string.

Reimplemented from synfig::Layer_Polygon.


Layer::Vocab Star::get_param_vocab ( void  ) const

Gets the parameter vocabulary. To be overrided by the derived.

First fills the returning vocabulary with the ancestor class

Now inserts the two parameters that this layer knows.

Reimplemented from synfig::Layer_Polygon.

References _, and synfig::Layer::set_description().

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