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as(explicity calling this function.These maps were generated by a perl script that comes with the moduleXML::Encoding, compile_encoding, from XML formatted encoding maps thatare distributed with that module. These XML encoding maps were generatedin turn with a different script, domap, from mapping information containedon the Unicode version 2.0 CD-ROM. This CD-ROM comes with the UnicodeStandard reference manual and can be ordered from the Unicode Consortiumat http:internet at ftp:See the encoding.h header in the Expat sub-directory for a description ofthe structure of these files.Clark CooperDecember 12, 1998================================================================Contributed mapsThis distribution contains four contributed encodings from MURATA Makoto<murata@apsdc.ksp.fujixerox.co.jp> that are variations on the encodingcommonly called Shift_JIS:x-sjis-cp932.encx-sjis-jdk117.encx-sjis-jisx0221.encx-sjis-unicode.enc (This is the same encoding as the shift_jis.enc thatwas distributed with this module in version 2.17)   X-Ref
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