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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (with OpenXRay)

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📰 Title: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (with OpenXRay) 🕹️ / 🛠️ Type: Game
🗃️ Genre: Adventure & Action 🚦 Status: 04. Released (status)
🏷️ Category: Adventure & Action ➤ FPS ➤ Fantasy & Sci-fi ➤ Survival, Zombies 🌍️ Browser version:
🔖 Tags: FPS; Action; Adventure; Shooter; Sandbox; Zombies; Sci-fi; Horror; Classic; Post-apocalyptic; Survival Horror; Weather; Day & Night; Open World; Atmospheric; Masterpiece 📦️ Package Name:
🐣️ Approx. start: 2014-08-31 📦️ Arch package: ✓
🐓️ Latest: 2023-01-28 📦️ RPM package: ✓
📍️ Version: Latest: - / Dev: 1725-weather-editor / a4fe481 📦️ Deb package:
🏛️ License type: 💰 Commercial 📦️ Flatpak package:
🏛️ License: Code: Free / Artwork: Commercial 📦️ AppImage package:
🏝️ Perspective: First person 📦️ Snap package:
👁️ Visual: 3D ⚙️ Generic binary:
⏱️ Pacing: Real Time 📄️ Source: ✓
👫️ Played: Single & Multi 📱️ PDA support:
🎖️ This record: 5 stars 🕳️ Not used:
🎀️ Game design: 👫️ Contrib.: goupildb & Louis
🎰️ ID: 15633 🐛️ Created: 2019-07-24
🐜️ Updated: 2023-04-14

📖️ Summary

[en]: The third installment of a series of FPS with RPG elements inspired by the book (by Arcady & Boris Strougatsky) and eponymous film, and the sequel to Shadow of Chernobyl (2007, the 2nd opus, Clear Sky, is a prequel) . It's scenario takes place in the forbidden zone after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which saw areas with alter physics, mutants, and scavengers - the Stalkers, looking for artifacts, but also different factions clashing themselves. The protagonist is sent to investigate the crash of 5 helicopters. OpenXRay is an improved version of the game engine. [fr]: Le 3ème opus d'une série de FPS avec des éléments de RPG inspiré du livre d'Arcadi & Boris Strougatski et du film éponyme, et la suite de Shadow of Chernobyl (2007, le 2nd opus, Clear Sky, est une préquelle). Son scénario prend place dans la zone interdite après la catastrophe nucléaire de Tchernobyl, qui a vu apparaître des zones à la physique altérée, des mutants , et des braconniers - les Stalkers à la recherche d'artefacts, mais aussi différentes factions qui s'affrontent. Le protagoniste y est envoyé enquêter sur le crash de 5 hélicoptères. OpenXRay est une version améliorée du moteur du jeu.

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🕹️ Title: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (with OpenXRay)
🦊️ What's: A FPS taking place after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster & an improved engine
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📕 Description [en]

📕🐧"A FPS with RPG elements, taking place in the forbidden zone after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. OpenXRay is an improved game engine"🐧📕.


OpenXRay is an improved version of the X-Ray engine, used in world famous S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series by GSC Game World.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat


The events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat unfold shortly after the end of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Having discovered about the open path to the Zone center, the government decides to hold a large-scale military "Fairway" operation aimed to take the CNPP under control.

According to the operation's plan, the first military group is to conduct an air scouting of the territory to map out the detailed layouts of anomalous fields location. Thereafter, making use of the maps, the main military forces are to be dispatched.

Despite thorough preparations, the operation fails. Most of the avant-garde helicopters crash. In order to collect information on reasons behind the operation failure, Ukraine's Security Service send their agent into the Zone center.
From now on everything depends on the player.
Key game features

• Photorealistic exclusion Zone – Pripyat town, Yanov railway station, Jupiter factory, Kopachi village and more, recreated by their true-to-life prototypes.
• New story, a number of unique characters.
• Extended system of side quests.
• New monsters: Chimera and Burer. New behaviour and abilities for all monsters.
• New A-Life system, created using the players' best-liked elements of the first two games in series.
• Emissions considerably influence the world of the Zone.
• Sleep function added into the game.
• New player's interface.
• Possibility to continue the game after completion in a freeplay mode.
• The game is developed on X-Ray engine v.1.6
• Supports DirectX 11.0

🌍️ Wikipedia:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat is a first-person shooter survival horror video game developed by Ukrainian video game developer GSC Game World for Microsoft Windows. It is the third game released in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of computer games, following S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, with the game's narrative and events following the former. It was first published in the CIS territories by GSC World Publishing in October 2009, before later being released by Deep Silver and bitComposer Games in North America and the PAL region in February 2010.


The game takes place inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Exclusion Zone in Ukraine, divided into three areas known as Zaton, Yanov (including Jupiter and Kopachy), and ghost city of Pripyat. Each of these is a large playable area. The majority of Call of Pripyat's gameplay focuses on a combination of both post-apocalyptic horror, as well as tactical role-playing action.

Receiving damage will usually cause bleeding, which the player must take care of with medical supplies. Similarly, unmaintained weapons and some equipment will be damaged from continued use. The condition of an item is displayed as a gauge next to the entry in the player's inventory. If severely damaged or broken, a red HUD icon will denote this.

The Zone features a limited economy, with traders and inhabitants exchanging goods and services for money and items. The game's trading system differs from the previous editions in that weapons and armor that have degraded past a certain point are unable to be sold until they are repaired, at which point the repair costs usually offset the sell price. Traders also sell information on missions and are keen to buy valuable documents.

Bandits are members of the criminal underworld who came to the Zone for different reasons; to make money by selling artifacts, hide from the law or to trade in weapons. The Zone is full of Bandits, ranging from common thugs to serious criminals, most of whom are members of one gang or another. Although the Zone gangs frequently fight amongst themselves, the criminal element still poses a serious problem for normal Stalkers. Bandits are ruthless and generally hostile to anyone not in their gang. Though depicted in Clear Sky as a united, highly territorial faction, the Bandit population in Shadow of Chernobyl consists mainly of roving groups.

Upgrading has three tiers of improvement, with each one requiring a toolkit to allow for respective tier upgrade/modification. Basic tools will allow the player to access the first tier and fine tools will allow access to the second tier. The calibration tool kits are only found in Pripyat and will give access to the last tier. The upgrade system is similar to that of Clear Sky except that the negatives of upgrades are removed. Upgrading a certain element still makes alternative upgrade options unavailable.

Various mutant creatures roam the Zone, most of which are hostile to Stalkers and will pursue and attack people who get too close. Artificial intelligence has been overhauled since the previous two games and now offers these creatures advanced and more realistic behavior. New mutants not present in Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky include the Burer, a dwarf-like monster in a hoodie with telekinetic powers; and the Chimera, a Cerberus-like dog with deadly strength.

Several factions reside in the Zone: Loners, Bandits, Mercenaries, Scientists, Zombified Stalkers, Military, Monolith, Duty, and Freedom, the two latter ones being ideologically motivated; control and anarchy, respectively. Despite the Yanov station cease-fire, fights will occasionally break out outside designated Safe Zones. At some certain spots of Zaton and Jupiter groups of Mercenaries, both neutral and hostile to the player, appear. The player's relations to the factions are commonly neutral. However, Zombified Stalkers and Monoliths are hostile towards all characters.

Each day at random times in the game, "emissions" will occur: The ground will shake, an indication of the Noosphere's damaged structure is unable to hold back any longer and is about to eject lethal amounts of cascading psychic energy. The player will be warned two minutes in advance of an upcoming blowout, and must find a predesignated shelter so as not to be exposed to the psychic fallout. The sky will turn red as the blowout passes through the player's region, killing everything outside of a shelter. The player can, however, survive outside of a shelter during a blowout if he consumes special drugs that temporarily shut down his nervous system, which will cause the player to be immune to the psychic activity, thereby passing out and waking up after the blowout. Blowouts can cause new artifacts to be spawned in the anomaly fields.

Artifacts are found in or around anomalies. Players have to use special detectors to bring artifacts into the visible spectrum, as they are naturally invisible. Every time an Emission occurs, each anomaly field has a chance of creating a new artifact within its wake. These artifacts can be sold, be put into artifact slots that are incorporated into suits that the player can wear and are occasionally given as rewards for services rendered. Primarily, artifacts serve as a means to enhance the player's abilities, dependent on which artifact the player has put into his artifact slot. Most are modular and can be used in conjunction with other artifacts, or multiple artifacts of the same kind can be used to multiply their effects. Most of these artifacts emit harmful radiation, limiting their usage to short periods of time. Radiation-reducing artifacts can be used to counter this effect.

In the free play mode, the player may traverse the zone and finish all of the missions that were not finished. The player is also able to obtain hidden artifacts and unlock achievements.


The game takes place soon after the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. After Strelok disables the Brain Scorcher, multitudes of stalkers rush to the centre of the Zone, hoping to find rare artifacts and other rumoured treasures. The government of Ukraine takes advantage of this gold-rush and launch "Operation Fairway," a large scale helicopter special recon mission intended to scout the area by air in preparation for a full-scale military assault on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Despite thorough preparations, the mission goes horribly wrong, and all five STINGRAY helicopters crash. The player, Major Alexander Degtyarev, an experienced stalker and SBU agent, is sent into the Zone to investigate the crash sites on behalf of the Army.

During the course of his investigation, Degtyarev learns that the helicopters were disabled in the air by powerful shocks of electricity. He also confirms via a helicopter black box that the military survivors have gone to an evacuation point somewhere in Pripyat. However, the city is sealed off due to The Zone's environment. The Major eventually finds an underground passageway to Pripyat and gathers a small team of stalkers to help him traverse this tunnel. After fighting through mutants and the mysterious Monolith faction, they reach the abandoned city and link up with the military survivors from the helicopter crashes.

The player eventually meets the protagonist of Shadow of Chernobyl, Strelok, and learns of the secrets behind the Zone, including how anomalies change position during and after each emission – explaining why the helicopters crashed in the first place.

The game concludes with the survivors, Strelok, and the player evacuating the Zone while being attacked by hordes of enemies. Before boarding the rescue helicopters, the player is given the choice to leave the Zone forever or stay. If the player decides not to leave the Zone, then the game enters into free-play mode. During free-play mode, the player can freely explore areas and finish side-missions, while given the option to leave at any time through NPCs.

The game's ending differs depending on the actions of the player during the game. How the player handles in-game missions, and whether certain NPCs are alive or not by the end of the game directly affect the ending sequence. Despite different endings, one thing that remains the same is the belief that the Zone is expanding, and might actually encompass Russia and the rest of Europe.

📕 Description [fr]

Le 3ème opus d'une série de FPS avec des éléments de RPG inspiré du livre et film éponyme, par le studio GSC Game World (dont plusieurs développeurs ont ensuite créé le studio 4A Games), moteur par l'OpenXRay Team.
Le moteur d'origine se nomme X-Ray engine. Le moteur open source (mais non libre) se nomme OpenXRay.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (2009) est le 3ème opus d'une série de FPS avec des éléments de RPG inspiré du livre d'Arcadi & Boris Strougatski et du film éponyme, et la suite de Shadow of Chernobyl (2007, le 2nd opus, Clear Sky, est une préquelle). Son scénario prend place dans la zone interdite après la catastrophe nucléaire de Tchernobyl, qui a vu apparaître des zones à la physique altérée, des mutants , et des braconniers - les Stalkers à la recherche d'artefacts, mais aussi différentes factions qui s'affrontent. Le protagoniste y est envoyé enquêter sur le crash de 5 hélicoptères. OpenXRay est une version améliorée du moteur du jeu.


OpenXRay est une version améliorée du moteur X-Ray, utilisé dans la célèbre série de jeux S.T.A.L.K.E.R. de GSC Game World.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat


Les événements de S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat se déroulent peu de temps après la fin de S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Shadow of Tchernobyl. Après avoir découvert la voie ouverte vers le centre de la zone, le gouvernement décide de mener une opération militaire à grande échelle "Fairway" visant à contrôler le CNPP.

Selon le plan de l'opération, le premier groupe militaire doit mener une surveillance aérienne du territoire afin de cartographier les plans détaillés de la localisation des champs anormaux. Ensuite, en utilisant les cartes, les principales forces militaires doivent être envoyées.

Malgré des préparatifs minutieux, l'opération échoue. La plupart des hélicoptères d'avant-garde se brisent. Afin de collecter des informations sur les raisons de l'échec de l'opération, le service de sécurité ukrainien a envoyé son agent dans le centre de la zone.
A partir de maintenant, tout dépend du joueur.

Principales caractéristiques du jeu

• Zone d'exclusion photoréaliste - ville de Pripyat, gare de Yanov, usine de Jupiter, village de Kopachi, etc., recréés à l'aide de prototypes réalistes.
• Nouvelle histoire, plusieurs personnages uniques.
• Système étendu de quêtes secondaires.
• Nouveaux monstres: Chimera et Burer. Nouveau comportement et capacités pour tous les monstres.
• Nouveau système A-Life, créé à l'aide des éléments les plus appréciés des joueurs lors des deux premiers jeux de la série.
• Les émissions influencent considérablement le monde de la zone.
• Fonction de sommeil ajoutée au jeu.
• Nouvelle interface de jeu.
• Possibilité de continuer le jeu après avoir terminé en mode freeplay.
• Le jeu est développé sur le moteur X-Ray v.1.6
• Prise en charge de DirectX 11.0

🌍️ Wikipedia:

STALKER: Call of Pripyat est un jeu vidéo développé par le studio ukrainien GSC Game World. Il s’agit d’un jeu de tir à la première personne pour Windows, publié en novembre 2009 en Allemagne, Autriche et Suisse, il a été publié plus tardivement le 2 février 2010 aux États-Unis et le 5 février 2010 en Europe. Disponible en version boite et dématérialisé, il constitue le troisième opus de la série STALKER


En 2012, le gouvernement ukrainien, muni d'une carte des anomalies de la Zone, pense pouvoir atteindre son cœur. L'armée envoie alors cinq hélicoptères en direction de la centrale de Tchernobyl. L'opération nommée Fairway est un échec, les cinq appareils s'écrasent aux alentours de la ville de Pripyat pour une raison inconnue. Afin d'enquêter sur les circonstances de cet événement, les services secrets ukrainiens, le SBU envoie l'agent Alexander Degtyarev dans la Zone. Le joueur va alors incarner ce personnage, infiltré sous l'apparence d'un stalker, qui devra au fil des missions découvrir les raisons des crashs des hélicoptères.

La trame de STALKER: Call of Pripyat, qui évoque beaucoup le mod Priboi Story du jeu original, se déroule juste après les évènements du premier jeu, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. Le Lobotomisateur étant détruit, beaucoup de stalkers purent aller au-delà de cette installation. Certains stoppèrent leur chemin dans les alentours du Skadovsk, un ancien cargo soviétique en ruine, transformé en un lieu regroupant des stalkers, des bandits, des marchands et un réparateur. Certains s'y installèrent, se satisfaisant de l'abondance d'artéfacts; mais d'autre continuèrent leur chemin jusqu'à l'usine de Jupiter(en bordure de la ville de Pripyat dans la réalité); en aménageant l'ancienne gare de Yanov de la même façon que le Skadovsk; des membres de Liberté, du Devoir et des stalkers solitaires cohabitent dans une relative harmonie. Votre quête consistera à trouver un chemin en passant par l'usine désaffectée et menant à Pripyat; où l'on raconte que Strelok se trouve...


Vous commencez le jeu dans les marais et vous incarnez un major des services secrets ukrainiens, armé d'un AKS-74U et d'un pistolet Makarov. Vous devrez vous rendre au Skadovsk afin d'y accomplir les premières missions. Il y a une assez courte quête principale (découvrir ce qui est arrivé aux hélicoptères de l'armée ukrainienne) mais compensée par diverses quêtes secondaires. En avançant dans le jeu, vous pourrez demander les services d'un guide (Pilote) qui vous conduira à la gare de Yanov. Une fois certains documents rassemblés, vous empruntez les passages souterrains de l'usine de jupiter à Pripyat avec une équipe de stalkers et une combinaison avec un module respiratoire en circuit fermé. Une fois sorti des tunnels, des militaires vous attendent (En réalité, la plupart des survivants de l'opération « fairway »). Vous vous présenterez en tant que major, et rassemblez les dernières informations sur le crash de Pripyat. Le jeu se termine par l'évacuation de la zone en hélicoptère avec les militaires survivants.

Système de jeu