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Return To Castle Wolfenstein (with RealRTCW engine)

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📰 Title: Return To Castle Wolfenstein (with RealRTCW engine) 🕹️ / 🛠️ Type: Game
🗃️ Genre: Adventure & Action 🚦 Status: 05. Tested & Working (status)
🏷️ Category: Adventure & Action ➤ FPS ➤ Fantasy & Sci-fi ➤ Return To Castle Wolfenstein 🌍️ Browser version:
🔖 Tags: FPS; Shooter; Action; Adventure; Stealth; Zombies; id Tech 3 engine; 3D engine; Alternate History; Wolfenstein; World War I & II; Supernatural; Sci-fi; Gore; Horror; Atmospheric; Cinematic; Classic 📦️ Package Name: realrtcw
🐣️ Approx. start: 2017-09-24 📦️ Arch package: ✓
🐓️ Latest: 2022-08-14 📦️ RPM package: ✓
📍️ Version: Latest: 4.0 / Dev: 46c36dd 📦️ Deb package:
🏛️ License type: 💰🕊️ Commercial with libre engine 📦️ Flatpak package:
🏛️ License: Code: GPL-3 / Artwork: Commercial 📦️ AppImage package:
🏝️ Perspective: First person 📦️ Snap package:
👁️ Visual: 3D ⚙️ Generic binary:
⏱️ Pacing: Real Time 📄️ Source: ✓
👫️ Played: Single 📱️ PDA support:
🎖️ This record: 5 stars 🕳️ Not used:
🎀️ Game design: 5 stars 👫️ Contrib.: goupildb
🎰️ ID: 16036 🐛️ Created: 2021-05-17
🐜️ Updated: 2023-05-30

📖️ Summary

[en]: Return To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) is an FPS/adventure game and a reboot of the Wolfenstein series, in an alternate history to World War II in which the player is Agent William J. Blazkowicz, an American soldier sent by the Allied Secret Service to investigate rumors about the SS Paranormal Division. However, he is captured and locked up in Wolfenstein Castle from where he tries to escape. It is then that he discovers that they have not only managed to bring back the dead but that they have become uncontrollable... RealRTCW is a libre, multi-platform engine (based on the iortcw engine) with new rendering, expanded arsenal, rebalanced gameplay, new models, textures and high quality sounds. [fr]: Return To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) est un FPS / jeu d'aventure et un reboot de la série Wolfenstein, dans une histoire alternative à la 2nde guerre mondiale dans laquelle le joueur est l'agent William J. Blazkowicz, un soldat américain envoyé par les services secrets Alliés pour enquêter sur des rumeurs concernant la Division paranormale SS. Il est néanmoins capturé et enfermé dans le château de Wolfenstein d'où il tente de s'échapper. C'est alors qu'il découvre qu'ils sont non seulement parvenus à ramener des morts à la vie mais que ces derniers sont devenus incontrôlables ... RealRTCW est un moteur libre et multi-plateforme (basé sur le moteur iortcw) avec un nouveau rendu, un arsenal étendu, un gameplay rééquilibré, de nouveaux modèles, textures et sons de haute qualité.

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• Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player Mod (Single-Player Mod, compatible with RTCW, iortcw & RTCWCoop engines) (Thanks to [GamingOnLinux (20211122) (SotE)]), by William FAURE: g(202111) g(202108) g(202111) [Mod DB (Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player)]

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🕹️ Title: Return To Castle Wolfenstein (with RealRTCW engine)
🦊️ What's: An FPS in an alternate history to WW2 & a libre enhanced engine
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📕 Description [en]

📕🐧"An FPS/adventure game in an alternate history to World War II & a libre enhanced engine"🐧📕.


RealRTCW is an overhaul mod for critically acclaimed Wolfenstein classic. It features new renderer, expanded arsenal, rebalanced gunplay, new high quality models,textures and sounds.


• Mod is based on ioRTCW source port, which provides proper widescreen support, high quality sound engine and 64-bit systems support
• Expanded arsenal which includes 12 new weapons
• New HQ models for the vanilla weapons
• HQ textures for the environment and characters, which are still faithful to the original style and atmosphere
• Atmospheric effects support - rain and snow
• New inventory items - adrenaline and bandages
• Real recoil system
• Rebalanced weapons characteristics
• Rebalanced AI
• Overhauled sounds
• New HUD and UI
• New difficulty system
• Subtitles support
• Steam Workshop integration for custom maps\mods
• Restored cut content including training level and unused soundtrack
• And more!

Available on ModDB:

And on Steam:

Arch Linux Repo by M0Rf30:


Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a remake of sorts of the id's early, seminal first-person shooter, Wolfenstein 3D. However, with the advances in graphics technology and gameplay design since the original game, without the name and the occasional in-game references, it would be unrecognizable as a remake.

Unlike the original Wolfenstein 3D, only a handful of the single player missions in Return to Castle Wolfenstein takes place in the infamous castle and prison.


World War II rages and nations fall. SS head Himmler has Hitler's full backing to twist science and the occult into an army capable of annihilating the Allies once and for all. Battling alone, you're on an intense mission to pierce the black heart of the Third Reich and stop Himmler -- or die trying. Fighting in advanced team-based multiplayer mode, you'll wage your own WWII in an all-out Axis vs. Allies contest for frontline domination.
Powered by the Quake III Arena engine, the Wolfenstein universe explodes with the kind of epic environments, A.I., firepower and cinematic effects that only a game created by true masters can deliver. The dark reich's closing in. The time to act is now. Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

🌍️ Wikipedia :

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first-person shooter video game published by Activision and originally released on November 19, 2001 for Microsoft Windows and subsequently for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Linux and Macintosh. The game severs as both a remake and a reboot to the Wolfenstien series. This single player game was developed by Gray Matter Interactive and Nerve Software developed its multiplayer mode. id Software, the creators of Wolfenstein 3D, oversaw the development and were credited as executive producers. The multiplayer side eventually became the most popular part of the game, and was influential in the genre. Splash Damage, an independently owned game developer in London, created some of the maps for the Game of the Year edition. Splash Damage also developed a downloadable multi-player only sequel called Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which is one of the most popular free downloadable games on the internet. A loose sequel, titled Wolfenstein, was released on August 18, 2009.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) is a reboot of the early first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D. It includes a story-based single player campaign (which uses certain themes from the original game), as well as a team-based networked multiplayer mode.

In the campaign, Allied agents from the fictional "Office of Secret Actions" (OSA) are sent to investigate rumors surrounding one of Heinrich Himmler's personal projects, the SS Paranormal Division (also see Ahnenerbe). The agents are, however, captured before completing their mission and are imprisoned in Castle Wolfenstein. Taking the role of Blazkowicz, the player must escape the castle and continue investigating the activities of the SS Paranormal Division, which include research on resurrecting corpses, biotechnology, and secret weapons. During the game the player battles Waffen SS soldiers, elite Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) known as Black Guards, undead creatures, and Übersoldaten (supersoldiers) formed from a blend of surgery and chemical engineering conducted by Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse. The end boss is an undead Saxon warrior-prince named Heinrich I.

The cable car in the castle is based on the 1968 movie Where Eagles Dare, where a U.S. Army Brigadier General is captured and taken prisoner to the Schloß Adler, a fortress high in the Alps above the town of Werfen, only reachable by cable car, and the headquarters of the German Secret Service in southern Bavaria. The supernatural element is based on the story of Castle Wewelsburg, a 17th-century castle occupied by the Germans under Heinrich Himmler's control, and used for occult rituals and practices.

In the German version of the game, it avoids making direct reference to Nazi Party and the "Third Reich", in order to comply with strict laws in Germany. The player is not battling Nazis but a secret sect called the "Wolves" led by Heinrich Höller, whose name is a pun of the original character Himmler (Himmler roughly translates as "Heavener", Höller as "Heller"). The Nazi swastika is also not present, the German forces use a Wolfenstein logo which is a combination of a stylized double-headed eagle prominent in most Nazi symbolism, a "W" (standing for Wolfenstein), and the Quake III: Team Arena "QIII" logo (the game engine and network code that RTCW is based upon). The "W" eagle logo is prominently seen on the cover art for the American version (above).

Music pieces such as Moonlight sonata and Für Elise are used in the single player campaign.

The team-based networked multiplayer features different character classes that must work together in order to win. There are four classes — lieutenant, medic, engineer, and soldier — the soldier can be one of several subclasses depending upon the special/heavy weapon that he selects. The multiplayer demo includes a beachhead assault map similar to Omaha Beach.


In the year 1943, World War II is in full swing. Assigned to the Office of Secret Actions (OSA) from the military, US Army Ranger "B.J." Blazkowicz and British operative Agent One are sent into Egypt to investigate increasing activity of the Nazi SS Paranormal Division. The duo find themselves witness to the SS blundering and releasing an ancient curse around the dig site, resurrecting scores of zombies from their slumber. Pushing through the mummies and Nazis, B.J and Agent One are led to an airfield and a location to follow. As they tail the SS, the two are shot down near Austria and captured by the Nazis. Agent One and Blazkowicz are carted away and imprisoned in Castle Wolfenstein, a remote, medieval castle that serves as a stronghold, prison, and research station. During their incarceration, Agent One is tortured for information and dies from electrocution exposure. B.J., however, manages to escape Castle Wolfenstein's dungeon and fights his way out of the castle, using a cable car to leave the area and meet up with Kessler, a member of the German resistance in a nearby village.

Meanwhile, the SS Paranormal Division, under Oberführer Helga von Bulow, has long since moved from Egypt and has been excavating the catacombs and crypts of an ancient church within the village itself in search of the resting place of a "Dark Knight". The Division's sloppy precautions have led to the release of an ancient curse and the awakening of hordes of undead creatures, this time including Saxon knights. The majority of the SS finally realize the dangers and seal off the entrance into the catacombs, leaving many soldiers trapped inside. B.J. descends regardless and fights both Nazis and undead until he arrives at the ancient house of worship, the Defiled Church, where Nazi scientist Professor Zemph is conducting a 'life essence extraction' on the corpse of a Dark Knight, which, thanks to some Nazi technology, succeeds. Shortly before B.J.'s arrival, Zemph tries to talk the impatient Helga von Bulow out of retrieving an ancient Thulian artifact, the "Dagger of Warding" from a nearby altar in an isolated area of the church, but she shoots him and proceeds. This final blunder awakens another monster, Olaric, which kills and dismembers her. Blazkowicz, after a heated battle against spirits and demon attacks, defeats Olaric, and then is airlifted out with Zemph's notes and the dagger.

With the lead with Helga seeming to have come to a close, the OSA begins to shift its focus to one of Germany's leading scientific researchers and Head of the SS Special Projects Division, Oberführer Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse. Their investigation leads the OSA to realizing that Deathshead is preparing to launch an attack on London. He intends to use a V-2 rocket fitted with an experimental biological warhead, launching it from his base near Katamarunde in the Baltics. Due to the stealthy nature in which the OSA needs to act, Blazkowicz is parachuted some distance from the missile base and separated from his equipment. After collecting his gear, he smuggles himself into a supply truck bound for the base. Once inside, Blazkowicz destroys the V-2 on its launchpad and fights his way out of the facility towards an airbase filled with experimental jet aircraft. There, he commandeers a "Kobra" rocket-plane and flies to safety in Malta.

Eager to know more about Deathshead and his secret projects, the OSA sends Blazkowicz to the bombed-out city of Kugelstadt, where he is assisted by members of the German Kreisau Circle resistance group in breaking into a ruined factory and exfiltrating a defecting scientist. It is there he discovers the blueprints for the Reich's latest weapon, the Venom Gun, an electrically operated hand-held minigun. He also procures the weapon itself. Blazkowicz eventually breaks into Deathshead's underground research complex, the Secret Weapons Facility. There he encounters the horrific fruits of Deathshead's labors: creatures, malformed, and twisted through surgery and mechanical implants. The creatures escape from their containments and go on a rampage. Blazkowicz fights his way through the facility, only to see Deathshead escape the chaos by U-Boat, and learns of his destination by interrogating a captured German officer.

Blazkowicz, with his newly found information, is then parachuted into Norway, close to Deathshead's mysterious "X-Labs". After breaking into the facility, which has been overrun by the twisted creatures he encountered in Kugelstadt (dubbed 'Lopers'), Blazkowicz retrieves Deathshead's journal, its content directly linking Deathshead's research to the rest of the SS Paranormal's occult activity. He then confronts several new prototype creatures called Übersoldaten (super soldiers), towering monstrosities coated in armor, powered by hydraulic legs and carrying powerful weapons. Finally catching up with Deathshead, Blazkowicz comes face to face with a completed and fully armored Übersoldat, and kills the researchers who have developed it. After the Übersoldat is destroyed, Deathshead shouts over the speakers in frustration and astonishment before escaping in a Kobra rocket-plane and disappears for the rest of the game.

After studying the documents captured by Blazkowicz, the OSA has become aware of a scheme codenamed 'Operation: Resurrection', a plan to resurrect Heinrich I, a legendary and powerful Saxon warlock-king from 943 AD. Despite the skepticism of senior Allied commanders, the OSA parachutes Blazkowicz back near Castle Wolfenstein, at the Bramburg Dam, where he fights his way until he arrives at the village town of Paderborn. After assassinating all the senior officers of the SS Paranormal Division present there for the resurrection, Blazkowicz fights his way through Chateau Schufstaffel and into the grounds beyond. After fighting two more Übersoldaten, Blazkowicz enters an excavation site near Castle Wolfenstein.

Inside the excavation site, Blazkowicz fights Nazi guards and prototype Übersoldaten, and makes his way to a boarded-up entrance to Castle Wolfenstein's underground crypts. There, he finds that the ruined and decaying sections of the castle has become infested with undead creatures, which are attacking the castle's desperate garrison. After fighting his way through the underworkings of the castle, Blazkowicz arrives too late at the site of a dark ceremony to prevent the resurrection of Heinrich I. At the ceremony, SS psychic and Oberführerin Marianna Blavatsky conjures up dark spirits, which transform three of Deathshead's Übersoldaten into Dark Knights, Heinrich's lieutenants. She ultimately raises Heinrich I, who "thanks" her by turning her into his undead slave. In a climactic battle, Blazkowicz, after exhausting most of his arsenal, destroys the three Dark Knights, the undead Marianna Blavatsky, and eventually Heinrich I. In the distance, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler watches in horror, remarking afterwards "This American... he has ruined everything" as he leaves for Berlin to face an expectant Hitler.

Back in the OSA, Operation Resurrection is closed and Blazkowicz is off on some "R&R" — shooting Nazis.


Wolfenstein MultiPlayer (MP) is an objective game mode, in which players are split into two teams - Axis and Allies. Each team has a set of objectives to complete, the Allies usually being to destroy some sort of Axis objective, and the Axis objectives being to defend their object(s). These objectives are split into two categories, primary and secondary. Primary objectives are ones which must be completed for victory, generally stealing secret documents or destroying a radar array; however secondary objectives are ones which are optional - they do not have to be completed, but if they are they may aid the appropriate team, such as blowing out a door to allow access into a tunnel which shortens travel time or allows less-noticeable infiltration of the enemy base.

Each team has access to a slightly different set of weapons, matching those used by each side in World War II. Players can choose from four different classes: Soldier, Medic, Lieutenant and Engineer. Soldiers can carry heavy weapons such as the Panzerfaust or Venom Cannon or Flamethrower which are not available to other classes, Medics can health other teammates, Engineers can breach obstacles, and Lieutenants can supply ammo to teammates.

Each class specializes in a certain aspect of the game, and an effective team will balance players out using all four classes, such as a soldier for blasting through enemy defences, a medic for supporting the team and keeping them alive (Soldier making up for the lack of firepower with medics, medics making up for the lack of health), a Lieutenant to resupply teammates with ammo (especially soldiers) and engineers to complete the objective, having their way cleared by the soldier which is then supported by the Lieutenant.

Gameplay modes

There are three different modes of play in Wolf multiplayer, each allowing for a different experience - objective, stopwatch, and checkpoint. Stopwatch calls for the Allied side to complete a set of objectives within a predefined time limit. The opposing team then become the Allies and have to complete the objectives in a shorter time than the now Axis. Checkpoint gamemode is a mode in which teams capture flags. It may be more commonly known as Capture the Flag (CTF). Whichever team is first to control all the flags at once, wins. The team-based networked multiplayer features different character classes that must work together in order to win. There are four classes — lieutenant, medic, engineer, and soldier — the soldier can be one of several subclasses depending upon the special/heavy weapon that he selects. The multiplayer demo includes a beachhead assault map similar to Omaha Beach.

Online servers

As of 2016, there are still online servers available to play Wolf MP. These mainly now reside in Europe and Asia. However, these servers usually contain only "Bots", computer controlled and scripted players and not real human players. To the untrained eye they can appear to be very realistic, even speaking in scripted chat dialogs.


📕 Description [fr]

Un FPS de type fantastique, sur fond de seconde guerre mondiale et un moteur amélioré, par les studios Gray Matter Interactive (mode solo), Nerve Software (mode multi), Splash Damage (quelques cartes de la version "Game of the Year edition") et id Software (supervision & production), moteur RealRTCW par la RealRTCW Team.
Il utilise le moteur RealRTCW, lui-même dérivé du moteur ioRTCW (lui-même issu du moteur ioquake3).

Return To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) est un FPS / jeu d'aventure et un reboot de la série Wolfenstein, dans une histoire alternative à la 2nde guerre mondiale dans laquelle le joueur est l'agent William J. Blazkowicz, un soldat américain envoyé par les services secrets Alliés pour enquêter sur des rumeurs concernant la Division paranormale SS. Il est néanmoins capturé et enfermé dans le château de Wolfenstein d'où il tente de s'échapper. C'est alors qu'il découvre qu'ils sont non seulement parvenus à ramener des morts à la vie mais que ces derniers sont devenus incontrôlables ... RealRTCW est un moteur libre et multi-plateforme (basé sur le moteur iortcw) avec un nouveau rendu, un arsenal étendu, un gameplay rééquilibré, de nouveaux modèles, textures et sons de haute qualité.

Remarques :
• Splash Damage avait créé une suite multijoueur à ce jeu, dénommée Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (dans le Bottin).
• Le moteur id Tech 3 sur lequel sont basés Return To Castle Wolfenstein et Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory a été libéré (GPL) le 12 Août 2010. Cette libération ne concernait pas les données.

Ressources et documentations disponibles : voir la fiche "Ressources - RTCW".

Voir aussi / See also (Wolfenstein-like): Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, Blake Stone: Planet Strike, ECWolf, Enemy Territory: Legacy, ET-XreaL, Omni-bot, OpenWolf, Return To Castle Wolfenstein (original, with id Software engine), Return To Castle Wolfenstein (with iortcw engine), Return To Castle Wolfenstein (with RealRTCW engine), Spear of Destiny, Super 3-D Noah's Ark, Wolf4SDL, Wolfenstein 3D, Wolfenstein 3D (with Chocolate-Wolfenstein-3D), Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny HTML, Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, WolfGL,

RealRTCW est un mod de refonte du classique Wolfenstein acclamé par la critique. Il présente un nouveau rendu, un arsenal étendu, un gameplay rééquilibré, de nouveaux modèles, textures et sons de haute qualité.

Caractéristiques :

• Le mod est basé sur le portage source d'ioRTCW, qui offre un support adéquat pour les écrans larges, un moteur sonore de haute qualité et un support pour les systèmes 64 bits.
• Arsenal étendu comprenant 12 nouvelles armes.
• Nouveaux modèles HQ pour les armes vanille
• Textures HQ pour l'environnement et les personnages, toujours fidèles au style et à l'atmosphère d'origine.
• Prise en charge des effets atmosphériques - pluie et neige
• Nouveaux objets d'inventaire - adrénaline et bandages
• Système de recul réel
• Caractéristiques des armes rééquilibrées
• IA rééquilibrée
• Sons révisés
• Nouveau HUD et nouvelle interface utilisateur
• Nouveau système de difficulté
• Support des sous-titres
• Intégration du Steam Workshop pour les cartes personnalisées.
• Contenu coupé restauré, y compris le niveau d'entraînement et la bande sonore inutilisée.
• Et bien d'autres choses encore !

Disponible sur ModDB :

Et sur Steam :

Arch Linux Repo par M0Rf30 :


C'est la deuxième guerre mondiale et les nations tombent les unes après les autres sous le joug Nazi. Himmler, le chef de la SS, poursuit des recherches dans le paranormal pour annihiler les alliés une fois pour toutes. Vous combattrez seul pour stopper Himmler ou périr en essayant de l'arrêter. Le mode multijoueurs vous permettra de faire l'épreuve du feu avec vos amis.
Le moteur de Quake III Arena porte l'univers de Wolfenstein vers de nouveaux sommets. L'intelligence artificielle, la puissance de feu et les cinématiques sont parmi les meilleures du genre. Il est temps d'agir. Le mal s'installe là où les hommes de bonne foi ne font rien.

🌍️ Wikipedia:

Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW) est un jeu de tir à la première personne (FPS) développé par id Software, Gray Matter Interactive et Nerve Software et édité par Activision. Il est sorti le 7 décembre 2001 en Europe.

En juin 2003 sont sorties deux versions console du jeu sur PlayStation 2 et Xbox et nommées respectivement Operation Résurrection et Tides of War.

Une suite nommée Wolfenstein est sortie le 15 septembre 2009.

Vue d'ensemble

Return to Castle Wolfenstein est le reboot d'un jeu fondateur du genre : Wolfenstein 3D, il remet l'intrigue de l'histoire à zéro.

Le moteur du jeu est une version améliorée du Quake III engine créé par id Software.

Le scénario narre l'histoire du soldat américain William J. Blazkowicz (BJ) capturé en 1943 par les Nazis au cours de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Le héros doit s'évader et éliminer des centaines d'ennemis de toute sorte.

Le gameplay est très simple : on tire, on avance, tout en ramassant un médipack ou des munitions de temps en temps. Néanmoins pour contraster avec les séquences d'action pures et dures, les développeurs ont inséré des passages faisant la part belle à l'infiltration et où le fait d'être repéré peut entraîner l'échec de la mission.

Le joueur apprendra à réagir en fonction de son adversaire : ceux d'origine humaine faisant preuve d'une certaine intelligence (étant capables de vous renvoyer une grenade ou de vous suivre en utilisant les échelles à disposition) tandis que les créatures surnaturelles compenseront leur manque de réflexion par leur nombre ou des techniques d'attaque particulières.



Tout débute au IXe siècle avec l'invasion de l'actuelle Allemagne par Charlemagne et l'évangélisation, détruisant la religion traditionnelle païenne.

En 918, Henri Ier, roi de Germanie, réintroduit le culte païen et détruit le christianisme dans son royaume. Il passe une sorte de pacte avec ces divinités traditionnelles, lui permettant d'acquérir de nombreux pouvoirs maléfiques, avec lesquelles il lève une armée de mort-vivants. Il octroie aux Chevaliers Noirs, ses trois plus fidèles compagnons, des pouvoirs similaires et entreprend de conquérir l'Europe. Sa route croise en 943 celle de Simon le Voyageur, un moine bénédictin. Celui-ci a longtemps parcouru le monde et a étudié les connaissances ésotériques et spirituelles des civilisations antiques. Grâce à cela, lui aussi possède des pouvoirs magiques. Après un dur combat, il parvient à détruire les Chevaliers Noirs, et à emmurer Henri Ier, dans les montagnes du Harz, en Allemagne centrale.

Durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, en 1943, les services secrets Alliés s'interrogent sur l'activité d'une section spéciale, l'organisation SS, appelée « Division paranormale SS », dans la région de Wolfenstein, dans les montagnes du Harz, plus particulièrement dans son château. Ils envoient donc l'agent Blazkowicz là bas pour savoir ce que complotent les nazis. Il découvre que les SS font des fouilles archéologiques dans plusieurs anciens sanctuaires païens de la région sous la houlette de l'ésotériste Helga von Bulow et de Himmler, ainsi que dans les catacombes romaines du village de Wulfburg, où ils sont parvenus à ramener des morts à la vie. Lesquels sont incontrôlables et massacrent tout vivant qu'ils croisent. L'agent découvre ensuite qu'Himmler croit être la réincarnation d'Henri Ier et que les SS mènent des recherches pour le ramener à la vie : l'« Opération Résurrection ».

Hormis les zombies, l'agent devra affronter une créature monstrueuse dans l'église de Wulfburg, qu'Helga von Bulow et le professeur Zemph ont ressuscitée de façon accidentelle, en touchant à une dague sacrée sur laquelle une malédiction pesait : quiconque la touchera sera tué par son protecteur. Avant d'être démembrés par celle-ci.

Blazkowicz sera ensuite sur la piste de Wilhem Strasse, dit le Boucher, dangereux officier nazi travaillant en Norvège, grand ami de Himmler mais tenant l'opération Résurrection pour un délire ridicule et onéreux. Responsable du département « Projets Spéciaux » des SS, il travaille sur des cobayes humains. L'agent secret fera notamment avorter le lancement d'un V2 à tête bactériologique sur Londres. Le Boucher est aussi l'instigateur du Super-Soldat, une sorte de créature de Frankenstein mélange d'organes humains et de parties mécaniques, doté d'une armure en titane et armée d'une mitrailleuse rotative, d'un lance-roquettes et d'un Tesla-gun. Il compte en fabriquer à la chaine pour une utilisation militaire classique sur les champs de bataille. Il sera cependant obligé de travailler avec la Division Paranormale SS, contre sa volonté. En effet, Marianna Blavatsky, une sorcière SS, a besoin, pour réveiller Henri Ier de son long sommeil, de ressusciter avant les 3 Chevaliers Noirs. Or pour cela il faut des supports physiques pour que les trois âmes puissent s'incarner, ce sera le rôle de 3 Super-Soldats. Les SS pourront ensuite réveiller Henri Ier, qu'Himmler espère pouvoir convaincre de lever une nouvelle armée de mort-vivants pour vaincre les Alliés et dominer le Monde.

Blazkowicz ne pourra empêcher le rite de résurrection d'avoir lieu près du village de Paderborn, sur le lieu même du combat de 943 et devra affronter lui-même Henri Ier, qui transformera Marianna Blavatsky en horrible zombie qui tentera de l'aider à vaincre Blazkowicz, avec ses 3 sbires, sous les yeux d'Himmler en personne…


🕵️ Test [fr]

🕵️ Test (✔ v. 3.2n) par goupildb (config. : Debian Testing 64-bit) :
Le : 17/05/2021

Compilation du source :
J'ai testé avec succès la compilation du source récupéré sur le site archlinux (lien ci-dessus). Je n'ai pas testé le source du GitHub, néanmoins j'imagine qu'il fonctionne bien aussi.
La compilation abouti au répertoire release-linux-x86_64/ contenant une arborescence peuplée de différents binaires, sans les fichiers "pk3".

Obtention des fichiers pk3 du Mod :
J'ai aussi téléchargé les fichiers pk3 complémentaires de ce mod via le site (voir la section "Resources").
A noter que le répertoire qui nous intéresse est dénommé "Main/" (qui se trouve dans un répertoire explicite dénommé "!copy the content of this folder into rtcw root directory").
Les fichiers *.pk3" sont à copier dans votre répertoire release-linux-x86_64/main/ (au lieu de copier le répertoire Main/ qui ne serait pas reconnu).

Test :
RealRTCW 3.1 linux-x86_64 May 17 2021
SSE instruction set enabled
----- FS_Startup -----
Current search path:
./main/z_zrealrtcw_scripts.pk3 (365 files)
./main/z_zperson.pk3 (50 files)
./main/z_trainingmap.pk3 (34 files)
./main/z_realrtcw_ui.pk3 (171 files)
./main/z_realrtcw_textures.pk3 (1573 files)
./main/z_realrtcw_text.pk3 (44 files)
./main/z_realrtcw_sounds.pk3 (322 files)
./main/z_realrtcw_models_characters.pk3 (1135 files)
./main/z_realrtcw_models.pk3 (1688 files)
./main/z_realrtcw_maps.pk3 (44 files)

5426 files in pk3 files

"pak0.pk3" is missing. Please copy it
from your legitimate RTCW CDROM.

Also check that your iortcw executable is in
the correct place and that every file
in the "main" directory is present and readable.

Il ne me manque donc visiblement que le fichier "pak0.pk3" à récupérer sur la version commerciale, donc tout semble fonctionner correctement (j'ai la version commerciale, mais Louis me l'avait emprunté mais visiblement pas rendu... Faites des gosses... :)).
Donc mes tests s'arrêtent là, je suis confiant, çà doit fonctionner.