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RUINER (2017)

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📰 Title: RUINER (2017) 🕹️ / 🛠️ Type: Game
🗃️ Genre: Adventure & Action 🚦 Status: 04. Released (status)
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🔖 Tags: Action; TPS; Top-Down Shooter; Twin Stick; Time Manipulation; Transhumanism; Unreal engine; Dystopian; Cyberpunk; Sci-fi; Violent; Gore; Tech tree; Atmospheric; Difficult; Story Rich; Open World; Controller 📦️ Package Name:
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👁️ Visual: 2.5D ⚙️ Generic binary:
⏱️ Pacing: Real Time 📄️ Source:
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🎀️ Game design: 👫️ Contrib.: goupildb & Louis
🎰️ ID: 15506 🐛️ Created: 2018-11-10
🐜️ Updated: 2021-11-07

📖️ Summary

[en]: A top down shooter taking place in 2091 in the cyber-city of Rengkok in which the player is a masked and connected sociopath who rebels against a corrupt conglomerate (called Heaven) to try, with the help of a friend hacker, to discover the truth and to find his brother kidnapped. The game combines a fast, complex and brutal combat system with the ability to slow down time to sharpen attacks using a high-tech arsenal (energy shield, speed increase, stun gun, enemy hacking, ...). [fr]: Un shooter en vue du dessus, se déroulant en 2091 dans la cyber-métropole de Rengkok dans lequel le joueur est un sociopathe masqué et connecté qui se rebelle contre un congloméra corrompu (dénommé Heaven) pour tenter, avec l'aide d'un ami hacker, de découvrir la vérité et retrouver son frère enlevé. Le jeu combine un système de combat rapide, complexe et brutal avec la possibilité de ralentir le temps pour affûter des attaques menées à l'aide d'un arsenal high tech (bouclier d'énergie, augmentation de vitesse, pistolet étourdissant, piratage d'ennemis, ...).

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📕 Description [en]


RUINER is a top-down action shooter created in the spirit of cult cyberpunk anime and game classics. RUINER is quick and brutal but sophisticated gameplay, original world with mature storyline and unique visual style. It was born out of passion for great games but also for pushing the boundaries. RUINER is our own take on cyberpunk motifs but we we're not making a pure cyberpunk game. Our main inspiration is the world we live in. Because the future's already here.


RUINER is a brutal action shooter set in the year 2091 in the cyber metropolis Rengkok. A wired sociopath lashes out against a corrupt system to uncover the truth and retrieve his kidnapped brother under the guidance of a secretive hacker friend. Combine preternatural reflexes, augmented tools, and the arsenal of fallen foes to tear down and dismantle the corporate titans of virtuality dealers at HEAVEN.

Reikon is an independent studio located in Warsaw founded in 2014 by four veteran game designers whose work includes the Witcher series, Dying Light, This War of Mine and Shadow Warrior. RUINER is their debut project as a studio and has been quietly in production since January 2015.

Warning: A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights.

• Sophisticated & Brutal Combat: RUINER features lightning fast combat that requires a delicate balance of overwhelming, brute force, and elegant strikes to overcome all manner of savage opponents. Blast through crowds or slow down time and hand select your points of attack before unleashing a storm of violence on the battlefield.
• Cyberpunk Inspired Arsenal: Equip all manner of high-tech firearms and melee weapons to ruin all that oppose you. Employ state of the art gadgets like energy shield, dash augmentations, and the switch gun stun or hack the opposition onto your side of the fight.
• Story-Driven Action: Violent confrontation is a means to an end and trust is a devalued currency in Rengkok as you navigate a senseless world with the help of a mysterious hacker friend.
• Exceptional Soundtrack: Explore and battle to the intense beats of Khoven, DJ Alina, and famed anime composer Susumu Hirasawa (Paprika, Millennium Actress).

🌍️ Wikipedia:

Ruiner is a cyberpunk top-down shooter video game developed by Reikon Games and published by Devolver Digital.


Ruiner is a shooter game played from an overhead perspective. The game takes place in 2091 and is set in a cyberpunk metropolis known as Rengkok. The player takes control of a silent, masked protagonist who attempts to rescue their kidnapped brother from a failing conglomerate, known as Heaven, that controls Rengkok.


Ruiner takes place in 2091 in Rengkok and its surrounding facilities, owned by Heaven, a conglomerate led by a man referred to in-game as the Boss. Initially the player character, a silent protagonist dubbed "Puppy" by another character, is being led by a rogue hacker named Wizard to assassinate the Boss. Before he reaches the Boss's office, the signal from Wizard to the protagonist is overridden by another hacker known only as Her. Her explains to Puppy that Wizard was contracted by another group and that his brother has been kidnapped, and urges him to track Wizard down. She leads him to a territory filled with Creeps, a group of psychotic gangsters led by a swordsman named Nerve. After fighting his way through the Creeps' territory, Nerve challenges Puppy to a duel and is defeated in battle. Earning the Creeps' leadership, they find Wizard and hack into his brain, killing him in the process and leading them to the Hanza Compound, a factory that manufactures machine parts. Her tracks Puppy's brother down with a signal leading to him.

They are greeted by armed guards and the angry AI that manages the compound, Mother. Puppy fights his way through the Hanza facility and fights against mercenaries hired by TrafficKing, a cyborg in the form of a UFO-like device piloted by a human head, who runs the facility alongside Mother and presumably contracted Wizard. As he follows the signal that leads to his brother, Puppy battles Mother and then TrafficKing, hacking his brain to reveal where his brother is being taken; the Imagination Farms, which use human beings as hosts to lend brainpower for running Virtuality, a virtual reality device that Heaven manufactures and sells to civilians. As TrafficKing has clearance for entering these areas, Puppy and Her kidnap him to gain access to the farms.

Puppy, led by Her and accompanied by the tamed TrafficKing, scour the Imagination Farms for his brother's signal, and are confronted by Geminus, a dual-personality cyborg that presents itself as two twin sisters that act as host to Mother. TrafficKing has been working for Geminus and it has been established that they were using Wizard to form a coup to overthrow the Boss and control Heaven. TrafficKing dies after begrudgingly helping Puppy through overheated obstacles, burning to death. Puppy confronts Geminus but is attacked by the resurrected TrafficKing, now controlling a humanoid cyborg body. Puppy kills him and battles Geminus, killing both sisters and finally finding the mechanical pod that holds his brother.

Upon approaching it, a cutscene showing two small children leaving the facility plays, and the game cuts back to Heaven, where Puppy is restrained in a jumpsuit as two guards and the Boss, who wears a mask identical to Puppy's, approach him. The Boss reveals that Puppy was only being used for spare parts due to their biological similarity, and that he was hacked by Wizard as he could potentially be anywhere the Boss could be. Her is an independent hacker contracted by the Boss to hack Puppy and make him believe he had a brother who was kidnapped, thus leading him back to the Boss while also exterminating the people who attempted to overthrow him. The Boss remarks that he will keep Puppy closer to him, when Her makes a reappearance and reveals that she is not human and has been tricking the Boss since their agreement; she has led Puppy to Heaven to kill the Boss. Her advises Puppy to 'meet her where heaven falls' if he survives. He escapes his restraints and kills many of the Boss's guards before finally approaching the Boss himself, and, depending on a dialogue prompt, will either bludgeon him with his weapon or hack his brain. The ending shows Puppy riding away on his motorcycle to an unknown destination.

Development and release

Ruiner was developed by Polish indie game studio Reikon Games and published by Devolver Digital. The game was released for Linux, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One on 26 September 2017.


Critical reception towards Ruiner was generally positive. Omri Pettite of PC Gamer stated that "Ruiner is gorgeous, a sensory feast inspired by the works of cyberpunk's 1980s heyday, in which a silent, masked protagonist travels through the nightscapes and industrial jungles of a grit-tech 2091. Underneath, a thumping top-down action game delivers sword-sharp combat, the familiarity of its design offset by the constant urge to simply stand still and drink everything in." In his review for both the game and Cuphead, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw of Zero Punctuation said he didn't like Ruiner because it felt like "a cyberpunk ripoff of Hotline Miami with none of what made Hotline Miami interesting [...] Yeah, the fights were hard, but I wasn't getting that all-important sense of payoff; all I felt I was "earning" was more chances to fight boring gang members in murky environments."

📕 Description [fr]

Un shooter en vue du dessus, où le joueur est un sociopathe masqué et connecté luttant pour retrouver son frère enlevé, par le studio Reikon Games.
Il utilise le moteur Unreal engine.

RUINER est un shooter en vue du dessus, se déroulant en 2091 dans la cyber-métropole de Rengkok dans lequel le joueur est un sociopathe masqué et connecté qui se rebelle contre un congloméra corrompu (dénommé Heaven) pour tenter, avec l'aide d'un ami hacker, de découvrir la vérité et retrouver son frère enlevé. Le jeu combine un système de combat rapide, complexe et brutal avec la possibilité de ralentir le temps pour affûter des attaques menées à l'aide d'un arsenal high tech (bouclier d'énergie, augmentation de vitesse, pistolet étourdissant, piratage d'ennemis, ...).

RUINER est un jeu de tir en vue du dessus créé dans l’esprit des séries japonaises et des jeux classiques cyberpunk. RUINER a un gameplay rapide et brutal mais sophistiqué, un monde original avec un scénario mature et un style visuel unique. Il est né de la passion pour les grands jeux mais aussi pour repousser les limites. RUINER est notre propre vision des motifs cyberpunk mais nous ne sommes pas en train de créer un pur jeu cyberpunk. Notre principale inspiration est le monde dans lequel nous vivons. Parce que l'avenir est déjà là.


RUINER est un jeu de tir brutal se déroulant en 2091 dans la cyber-métropole de Rengkok. Un sociopathe connecté se déchaîne contre un système corrompu afin de découvrir la vérité et retrouver son frère enlevé grâce à l'aide d'un ami hacker drapé de secret. Combinez vos réflexes surnaturels, vos outils augmentés, et l'arsenal de vos ennemis abattus pour abattre et détruire les lobbys titanesques trafiquants de virtualité à HEAVEN


Reikon est un studio de développement indépendant situé à Varsovie. Il a été créé en 2014 par quatre vétérans de l’industrie, incluant des personnalités ayant travaillé sur la série the Witcher, Dying Light, This War or Mine et Shadow Warrior. RUINER est leur premier projet, dont la production a commencé en janvier 2015.

Attention: Un faible pourcentage de personnes peut avoir une crise d'épilepsie lorsqu'elles s'exposent à certaines images visuelles, notamment des voyants ou des motifs clignotants qui s'affichent dans les jeux vidéo.

• Un système de combat complexe et brutal : RUINER vous propose un système de combat rapide comme l'éclair qui nécessitera un équilibre précaire entre la force brute écrasante et des attaques élégantes pour venir à bout de toutes sortes d'adversaires sans pitié. Foncez à travers la foule ou ralentissez le temps pour choisir précisément vos cibles d'attaques avant de déchaîner une tempête de violence sur le champ de bataille.
• Un arsenal cyberpunk : Équipez-vous d'armes à feu high-tech ou d'armes de mêlée diverses et variées pour semer la ruine sur tous ceux qui se dresseront sur votre chemin. Servez-vous de gadgets au sommet de la technologie comme un bouclier d'énergie, des augmentations de vitesse et le pistolet étourdissant, ou piratez vos ennemis pour en faire des alliés.
• De l'action au service de l'histoire : La fin justifie la violence aveugle, et le cours de la confiance est en chute libre à Rengkok tandis que vous évoluez dans un monde absurde grâce à l'aide d'un mystérieux ami hacker.
• Une bande originale exceptionnelle : Explorez le monde et combattez vos ennemis sur les rythmes intenses de Khoven, DJ Alina, et Susumu Hirasawa, le célèbre compositeur d'animation japonaise (Paprika, Millenium Actress).

🌍️ Wikipedia:

Ruiner est un jeu vidéo d'action développé par Reikon Games et édité par Devolver Digital, sorti en 2017 sur Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 et Xbox One.

Système de jeu

Ruiner est un jeu de tir joué à partir d'une perspective overhead. Le jeu se déroule en 2091 dans une métropole cyberpunk connue sous le nom de Rengkok. Le joueur prend le contrôle d'un protagoniste masqué et silencieux qui tente de sauver son frère kidnappé d'un conglomérat défaillant, connu sous le nom de Heaven, qui contrôle Rengkok.