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I am writing to you today about ‘Anne With An E’.

I was immensely disappointed to hear about the show’s cancellation due to your differences in co-production with Netflix. The show has had so much impact on me, and a worldwide audience of passionate fans in over 190 different countries.
Since the cancellation in November, I am sure you have seen the enormous global outcry and demand for the show’s return. Quite simply, there is no show like this one—and it is wanted, and needed, in the times we live in now.
There is a long list of reasons this show is important, necessary and deserving of continuation, you can find some of those arguments here.
New fans are finding the show everyday, expressing dissatisfaction at its unfinished conclusion. This is all without any marketing or promotion behind it. Imagine what future seasons or a planned conclusion could bring with proper support.
I hope you noticed the high ratings for Season 3, if all of this is any indication of the show’s growing popularity, they should be higher than prior seasons.
Please reconsider renewing production on this special, in demand, program. It certainly deserves at LEAST one more planned finale season, although I would like to see all 5 seasons the showrunner had planned.

Further facts for your consideration:



Anne Nation