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Posted by Mélissa Djebel on May 10, 2014 - 20:28:

Have a look at your apache.log, Galette seems not to work.
Perhaps PHP in wrong version ?
Or a module for PHP is missing.

As you can see here :

Galette needs:

 * Apache web server,
 * PHP version 5.3.7 or better,
     o modul PHP gd,
     o module PHP PDO mysql ou postgresql,
     o module PHP curl,
     o support SSL,
     o module PHP tidy (optionnel, mais recommandé),
     o module PHP gettext (optionnel).
 * MySQL <> or PostgreSQL <> server.


Le 10/05/2014 20:20, jean-luc ramboz a écrit :
I have been using Galette Sport for a long time but decided now to move to Galette 078

I installed it as a new instance and all steps ran without any error message

Unfortunately if I try to launch Galette there is nothing happening

You may test the symptoms by accessing my site:

You will notice that the bowser's tab is showing the Galette logo and description but that's all - the screen is empty.

Any support will be highly welcome

Note: I am not used to work with this type of forum so I hope I am not spamming those that I should not



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