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Posted by Johan Cwiklinski on October 12, 2013 - 10:15:
Hi Marc,

Le 10/10/2013 14:46, Marc Andreu a écrit :
Hello Johan, team

I have time to work on second round of my import google contacts plugin.
But its hard to understand the google translated documentation pages
from french to english.

Yes I know :(

But translating the whole documentation is really a huge job, and I have
to choose either translating documentation or working on the project
(and I'm a developper :p).

I have just few question please:

1. How can I create a new language for example spanish or catalan for
the whole Galette? I read something about runing MakeFile script, is
that python, bash? Any parameters? It did not work what I tried so far.
For the plugin translation is all the same? I have all pugin texts
marked with (Not translated).

Well, the "easier" way (from a translator point of view) would be to
request a new translation on transifex

There are some things to change on the Galette side, but I can take care
of that once the .po file is available.

If you really do not want to use Transifex, the better would probably
for me to add required stuff on the Galette side, I do not have in mind
all required steps, and i'll have to do it in order to explain you :)

Let me know how you want to proceed.

2. When I edit the memebership types I get as well the label (Not
translated) next to my new name, how do I fix this?

You should probably take a look at:

3. I can see the button to generate membership cards, but it is
disabled, how can I use it? Do I need to install some other plugin? Do I
am missing some data in my members?

Outch... Disabled?

You're talking about buttons in bottom of members list, right? Those
ones can be hidden on some cases, but if they're displayed, they're active.

Maybe a JS issue? What browser are you using?


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