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Posted by Marc Andreu on October 10, 2013 - 14:47:
Hello Johan, team

I have time to work on second round of my import google contacts plugin. But its hard to understand the google translated documentation pages from french to english.

I have just few question please:

1. How can I create a new language for example spanish or catalan for the whole Galette? I read something about runing MakeFile script, is that python, bash? Any parameters? It did not work what I tried so far. For the plugin translation is all the same? I have all pugin texts marked with (Not translated).

2. When I edit the memebership types I get as well the label (Not translated) next to my new name, how do I fix this?

3. I can see the button to generate membership cards, but it is disabled, how can I use it? Do I need to install some other plugin? Do I am missing some data in my members?

Many thanks, kind regards
Marc Andreu,
On 03/09/13 19:06, Johan Cwiklinski wrote:
Hello Marc,

Le 03/09/2013 16:19, Marc Andreu a écrit :
Hi Johan, good afternoon

Sorry for the late reply.

I am currently looking busy arranging my life in London.
No problem, really. I've been myself pretty busy :)

I had time to do a quick check to your last commits. I do not know if I
needed to but I clicked to the approve button, I guess that sends some
kind of notification to you.
Yep, I've received notifications. That's not required to approve, I was
not aware such an option exists (that is a good point for bitbucket

I also added a comment asking about the tool to use to correct all the
coding styles.
OK, I'll answer you there.

I will continue working on that later on with the translation, css and
more functionalities.
Good luck :)

Many thanks for your support, great job !
My pleasure, that was really not a huge work ;)

See ya,

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