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Posted by Mélissa Djebel on July 04, 2013 - 18:33:
Hello Marc,

You can have a look at my project:

It's only in french. You can find in file "import.php" from line 185 to line 263 my code to import members into galette.


Le 04/07/2013 15:57, andre.tissot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :
Hi Marc,

Try to contact Melissa Djebel (I think you can find its address in the
mailing list history) : she had built for me an add-in for managing an
aircraft association, with an import of members from a back office

Otherwise, I can send you the PHP file of this part : no use of SQL
injection, but use the Galette native clesses.


Original email:
From: Marc Andreu Fernandez marcandreuf@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 11:38:19 +0200
To: johan@xxxxxxxx, galette-devel@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Galette-devel] Hello Galette

Hello Johan, good morning

Many thanks for your help, I will start working on the import from google
as we have now all contacte there.

Very good to know you are there to help :-)

Have a good day,

On 4 July 2013 07:50, Johan Cwiklinski <johan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Marc,

I'm Johan, the Galette leader and main developer since 2007.

Le 03/07/2013 19:13, Marc Andreu Fernandez a écrit :
Hello team, good afternoon

I am Marc Andreu, PHP and Java developer. I am currently doing some
for a Non-Profit organization.

Your application Galette is very good and exactly what we need for our
group. I managed to install and run the application without problems.
Glad to hear that :)

I would like to start as a contributor and develop some parts that we
in order to start using your application.

In order to start I only need to import all contacts that we have now in
gmail account to the Galette DB. Do you have anything similar already
or something that I can reuse? If not, could you help me to point out
how I
could do it? I will do an investigation about how to do it, but if you
could give me some tips, it could be great, something like, what minimum
data in DB I should import in order to make it consistent. Is it ok if I
only add data to the table "galette_adherents"?
I've never heard of Google import into Galette but there are various
possibilities to export data from google accounts, and after that it
should be possible to import data directly in the database.

For the export part, a friend of mine tell me about goobook he uses for
its mutt contacts, maybe it will be possible to use that for the export?

For the import, yes, galette_adherents will be enought to start. At the
moment, I cannot say exactly which data are required, that is something
I have to document for the CSV import whish.
As you can parametize fields that are required, there should be only a
few fields.

Maybe you should ask the question on the galette-users mailing list, I
know there are several people who have worked on that recently, they
maybe can help you (they are french, but helping you in english would
not be a problem I guess ;)).

Later on I would like to work on translation, I would like to translate
the application into Catalan and Spanish. Could you give me some tips
how to setup a new languange package?
That would be great :) In the past, there was a Spanish translation; but
I removed it since it was not maintained (no changes beetween 2007 and
december 2011 unfortunately).

When you'll be ready to start translating, just ask me, I'll create the
required files.

For now, I'm the only one working on the project and its translations,
but I've submitted it on transifex
( You'll have the choice
using transifex or to translate .po files directly, at your option.

I'd love to see Galette translated in other languages, I was unsure non
franch non profit organizations really can use it, but I now know they

I do not know French, unfortunately, however I hope to be able to
understand the code and use google translator when possible. I can write
down documentation in english only.
Since I've take project ownership, all users and contributors were
french, and so, I had no reason to write docs in english, but that is
not a problem.
The main work would be to translate existing documentation in english.

Also, all bugs, evolutions and whishes are now french only on the
tracker (, using
english other there will not be a problem.

Be sure I'll help you begin with the project, just note that my work and
familial obligations take me much time, I'm not always as responsive as
I'd like to be ;-)

Thank you for your interest in Galette,

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