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Posted by Marc Andreu Fernandez on July 03, 2013 - 19:14:
Hello team, good afternoon

I am Marc Andreu, PHP and Java developer. I am currently doing some support for a Non-Profit organization. 

Your application Galette is very good and exactly what we need for our group. I managed to install and run the application without problems. 

I would like to start as a contributor and develop some parts that we need in order to start using your application. 

In order to start I only need to import all contacts that we have now in a gmail account to the Galette DB. Do you have anything similar already done or something that I can reuse? If not, could you help me to point out how I could do it? I will do an investigation about how to do it, but if you could give me some tips, it could be great, something like, what minimum data in DB I should import in order to make it consistent. Is it ok if I only add data to the table "galette_adherents"?

Later on I would like to work on translation, I would like to translate all the application into Catalan and Spanish. Could you give me some tips about how to setup a new languange package?

I do not know French, unfortunately, however I hope to be able to understand the code and use google translator when possible. I can write down documentation in english only. 

Many thanks, and looking forward to work on your project.

 Marc Andreu Fernàndez.

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