Break Out Of Hareka's Underground (Boohu)

Break Out Of Hareka's Underground (Boohu) is a roguelike game mainly inspired from DCSS and its tavern, with some ideas from Brogue, but aiming for very short games, almost no character building, and a simplified inventory.

Every year, the elders send someone to collect medicinal simella plants in the Underground. This year, the honor fell upon you, and so here you are. According to the elders, deep in the Underground, magical stairs will lead you back to your village. Along the way, you will collect simellas, as well as various items that will help you deal with monsters, which you may fight or flee...

introduction screen introduction screen

Introduction Asciicast

As follows a step by step introduction asciicast made using asciinema for the 0.9 release:


Follow the link on the image to see the asciicast.


Features (v0.10 — 2018-09-21)

Screenshots and Asciicasts

Basic Survival Tips

Boohu's source code is under the permissive ISC license. Other material is licensed under cc-by. The asciinema player from is under Apache License 2.

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