synfig-core  1.0.3
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surface.h File Reference

Surface and Pen Definitions. More...

#include "color.h"
#include "renddesc.h"
#include <ETL/pen>
#include <ETL/surface>
#include <ETL/handle>
#include "cairo.h"

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class  synfig::ColorPrep
class  synfig::CairoColorPrep
class  synfig::Surface
 Bitmap Surface. More...
class  synfig::CairoSurface
 Generic Cairo backed surface. It allows to create a image surface equivalent to the current backend for custom modifications purposes. More...
class  synfig::Surface::alpha_pen
 Alpha-Blending Pen. More...
class  synfig::CairoSurface::alpha_pen
 Alpha-Blending Pen. More...


namespace  synfig
 Where every function and class of the synfig library can be found.


etl::handle< Target_Scanlinesynfig::surface_target (Surface *surface)
 Creates a target that will render to surface.
etl::handle< Target_Cairosynfig::cairo_image_target (cairo_surface_t **surface)
 Creates a target that will render to a cairo_surface_t image surface.

Detailed Description

Surface and Pen Definitions.