synfig-core  1.0.3
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renderer.h File Reference

Template Header. More...

#include <ETL/handle>
#include <map>
#include <limits>

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class  synfig::Renderer
class  synfig::Renderer::PrimitiveDataBase
 Base class of PrimitiveData (PrimitiveData base), NOT database. More...
class  synfig::Renderer::PrimitiveData< T >
struct  synfig::Renderer::KeyCreate
struct  synfig::Renderer::KeyConvert
struct  synfig::Renderer::ConvertChainEntry
class  synfig::Renderer::PrimitiveBase
class  synfig::Renderer::TypesTemplate< RendererType, primitive_type >
class  synfig::Renderer::Primitive< primitive_type >
class  synfig::Renderer::TypesTemplateBase< T >
class  synfig::Renderer::TypesBase< T >
class  synfig::Renderer::Params


namespace  synfig
 Where every function and class of the synfig library can be found.

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Template Header.