synfig-core  1.0.3
Blur Member List

This is the complete list of members for Blur, including all inherited members.

Blur(const Point &s, int t, ProgressCallback *callb=0)Blurinline
Blur(Real sx, Real sy, int t, ProgressCallback *callb=0)Blurinline
BOX enum valueBlur
CROSS enum valueBlur
DISC enum valueBlur
FASTGAUSSIAN enum valueBlur
FORCE_DWORD enum valueBlur
GAUSSIAN enum valueBlur
get_size() const Blurinline
get_type() const Blurinline
operator()(const Point &p) const Blur
operator()(Real x, Real y) const Blur
operator()(const Surface &surface, const Vector &resolution, Surface &out) const Blur
operator()(cairo_surface_t *surface, const Vector &resolution, cairo_surface_t *out) const Blur
operator()(const etl::surface< float > &surface, const Vector &resolution, etl::surface< float > &out) const Blur
set_size(const Point &v)Blurinline
set_type(const int &t)Blurinline
Type enum nameBlur