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HTMLPurifier_Strategy_MakeWellFormed:: (4 methods):

Class: HTMLPurifier_Strategy_MakeWellFormed  - X-Ref

Takes tokens makes them well-formed (balance end tags, etc.)

Specification of the armor attributes this strategy uses:

- MakeWellFormed_TagClosedError: This armor field is used to
suppress tag closed errors for certain tokens [TagClosedSuppress],
in particular, if a tag was generated automatically by HTML
Purifier, we may rely on our infrastructure to close it for us
and shouldn't report an error to the user [TagClosedAuto].
execute($tokens, $config, $context)   X-Ref

param: HTMLPurifier_Token[] $tokens
param: HTMLPurifier_Config $config
param: HTMLPurifier_Context $context
return: HTMLPurifier_Token[]

processToken($token, $injector = -1)   X-Ref
Processes arbitrary token values for complicated substitution patterns.
In general:

If $token is an array, it is a list of tokens to substitute for the
current token. These tokens then get individually processed. If there
is a leading integer in the list, that integer determines how many
tokens from the stream should be removed.

If $token is a regular token, it is swapped with the current token.

If $token is false, the current token is deleted.

If $token is an integer, that number of tokens (with the first token
being the current one) will be deleted.

param: HTMLPurifier_Token|array|int|bool $token Token substitution value
param: HTMLPurifier_Injector|int $injector Injector that performed the substitution; default is if

insertBefore($token)   X-Ref
Inserts a token before the current token. Cursor now points to
this token.  You must reprocess after this.

param: HTMLPurifier_Token $token

remove()   X-Ref
Removes current token. Cursor now points to new token occupying previously
occupied space.  You must reprocess after this.

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