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HTMLPurifier_Printer_HTMLDefinition:: (10 methods):

Class: HTMLPurifier_Printer_HTMLDefinition  - X-Ref

render($config)   X-Ref

param: HTMLPurifier_Config $config
return: string

renderDoctype()   X-Ref
Renders the Doctype table

return: string

renderEnvironment()   X-Ref
Renders environment table, which is miscellaneous info

return: string

renderContentSets()   X-Ref
Renders the Content Sets table

return: string

renderInfo()   X-Ref
Renders the Elements ($info) table

return: string

renderChildren($def)   X-Ref
Renders a row describing the allowed children of an element

param: HTMLPurifier_ChildDef $def HTMLPurifier_ChildDef of pertinent element
return: string

listifyTagLookup($array)   X-Ref
Listifies a tag lookup table.

param: array $array Tag lookup array in form of array('tagname' => true)
return: string

listifyObjectList($array)   X-Ref
Listifies a list of objects by retrieving class names and internal state

param: array $array List of objects
return: string

listifyAttr($array)   X-Ref
Listifies a hash of attributes to AttrDef classes

param: array $array Array hash in form of array('attrname' => HTMLPurifier_AttrDef)
return: string

heavyHeader($text, $num = 1)   X-Ref
Creates a heavy header row

param: string $text
param: int $num
return: string

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