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HTMLPurifier_Lexer_DirectLex:: (4 methods):

Class: HTMLPurifier_Lexer_DirectLex  - X-Ref

Our in-house implementation of a parser.

A pure PHP parser, DirectLex has absolutely no dependencies, making
it a reasonably good default for PHP4.  Written with efficiency in mind,
it can be four times faster than HTMLPurifier_Lexer_PEARSax3, although it
pales in comparison to HTMLPurifier_Lexer_DOMLex.

scriptCallback($matches)   X-Ref
Callback function for script CDATA fudge

param: array $matches, in form of array(opening tag, contents, closing tag)
return: string

tokenizeHTML($html, $config, $context)   X-Ref

param: String $html
param: HTMLPurifier_Config $config
param: HTMLPurifier_Context $context
return: array|HTMLPurifier_Token[]

substrCount($haystack, $needle, $offset, $length)   X-Ref
PHP 5.0.x compatible substr_count that implements offset and length

param: string $haystack
param: string $needle
param: int $offset
param: int $length
return: int

parseAttributeString($string, $config, $context)   X-Ref
Takes the inside of an HTML tag and makes an assoc array of attributes.

param: string $string Inside of tag excluding name.
param: HTMLPurifier_Config $config
param: HTMLPurifier_Context $context
return: array Assoc array of attributes.

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