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HTMLPurifier_Injector_AutoParagraph:: (7 methods):

Class: HTMLPurifier_Injector_AutoParagraph  - X-Ref

Injector that auto paragraphs text in the root node based on

_pStart()   X-Ref

return: HTMLPurifier_Token_Start

handleText(&$token)   X-Ref

param: HTMLPurifier_Token_Text $token

handleElement(&$token)   X-Ref

param: HTMLPurifier_Token $token

_splitText($data, &$result)   X-Ref
Splits up a text in paragraph tokens and appends them
to the result stream that will replace the original

param: string $data String text data that will be processed
param: HTMLPurifier_Token[] $result Reference to array of tokens that the

_isInline($token)   X-Ref
Returns true if passed token is inline (and, ergo, allowed in
paragraph tags)

param: HTMLPurifier_Token $token
return: bool

_pLookAhead()   X-Ref
Looks ahead in the token list and determines whether or not we need
to insert a <p> tag.

return: bool

_checkNeedsP($current)   X-Ref
Determines if a particular token requires an earlier inline token
to get a paragraph. This should be used with _forwardUntilEndToken

param: HTMLPurifier_Token $current
return: bool

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