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HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_Tidy:: (6 methods):

Class: HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_Tidy  - X-Ref

Abstract class for a set of proprietary modules that clean up (tidy)
poorly written HTML.

setup($config)   X-Ref
Lazy load constructs the module by determining the necessary
fixes to create and then delegating to the populate() function.

param: HTMLPurifier_Config $config

getFixesForLevel($level)   X-Ref
Retrieves all fixes per a level, returning fixes for that specific
level as well as all levels below it.

param: string $level level identifier, see $levels for valid values
return: array Lookup up table of fixes

makeFixesForLevel($fixes)   X-Ref
Dynamically populates the $fixesForLevel member variable using
the fixes array. It may be custom overloaded, used in conjunction
with $defaultLevel, or not used at all.

param: array $fixes

populate($fixes)   X-Ref
Populates the module with transforms and other special-case code
based on a list of fixes passed to it

param: array $fixes Lookup table of fixes to activate

getFixType($name)   X-Ref
Parses a fix name and determines what kind of fix it is, as well
as other information defined by the fix

param: $name String name of fix
return: array(string $fix_type, array $fix_parameters)

makeFixes()   X-Ref
Defines all fixes the module will perform in a compact
associative array of fix name to fix implementation.

return: array

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