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   1  URI.Host
   2  TYPE: string/null
   3  VERSION: 1.2.0
   7  <p>
   8      Defines the domain name of the server, so we can determine whether or
   9      an absolute URI is from your website or not.  Not strictly necessary,
  10      as users should be using relative URIs to reference resources on your
  11      website.  It will, however, let you use absolute URIs to link to
  12      subdomains of the domain you post here: i.e. example.com will allow
  13      sub.example.com.  However, higher up domains will still be excluded:
  14      if you set %URI.Host to sub.example.com, example.com will be blocked.
  15      <strong>Note:</strong> This directive overrides %URI.Base because
  16      a given page may be on a sub-domain, but you wish HTML Purifier to be
  17      more relaxed and allow some of the parent domains too.
  18  </p>
  19  --# vim: et sw=4 sts=4

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