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   1  Output.SortAttr
   2  TYPE: bool
   3  VERSION: 3.2.0
   4  DEFAULT: false
   6  <p>
   7    If true, HTML Purifier will sort attributes by name before writing them back
   8    to the document, converting a tag like: <code>&lt;el b="" a="" c="" /&gt;</code>
   9    to <code>&lt;el a="" b="" c="" /&gt;</code>. This is a workaround for
  10    a bug in FCKeditor which causes it to swap attributes order, adding noise
  11    to text diffs. If you're not seeing this bug, chances are, you don't need
  12    this directive.
  13  </p>
  14  --# vim: et sw=4 sts=4

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