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   1  HTML.AllowedModules
   2  TYPE: lookup/null
   3  VERSION: 2.0.0
   7  <p>
   8      A doctype comes with a set of usual modules to use. Without having
   9      to mucking about with the doctypes, you can quickly activate or
  10      disable these modules by specifying which modules you wish to allow
  11      with this directive. This is most useful for unit testing specific
  12      modules, although end users may find it useful for their own ends.
  13  </p>
  14  <p>
  15      If you specify a module that does not exist, the manager will silently
  16      fail to use it, so be careful! User-defined modules are not affected
  17      by this directive. Modules defined in %HTML.CoreModules are not
  18      affected by this directive.
  19  </p>
  20  --# vim: et sw=4 sts=4

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