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   1  Changes from 2.29 to 2.30
   3  * added U+0462-U+0463 to Mono (by Denis Jacquerye) 
   4  * corrected U+1E53 in Serif (by Gee Fung Sit) 
   5  * added U+1E4C-U+1E4D to Mono and Serif (by Gee Fung Sit) 
   6  * added U+1E78-U+1E79 to Mono (by Gee Fung Sit) 
   7  * fixed missing diacritics in Latin Extended Additional in Sans ExtraLight
   8    (moved stacked diacritics out of PUA in the process) (by Gee Fung Sit) 
   9  * fixed anchors on U+1E78 in Serif (by Gee Fung Sit) 
  10  * added U+1DC4-U+1DC9 to Serif (by Denis Jacquerye) 
  11  * renamed above-mark to above-mark in Serif-Italic (by Denis Jacquerye) 
  12  * added U+1DC4-U+1DC9 to context class for dotless substitution (by Denis
  13    Jacquerye) 
  14  * changed Doubleacute to Doublegrave in Sans ExtraLight (by Gee Fung Sit) 
  15  * removed redundant reference in U+01FB in Sans Oblique (by Gee Fung Sit) 
  16  * added U+A726-U+A727 to Mono (Denis Jacquerye) 
  17  * changed U+04BE and U+04BF according to recommedations of Sasha Ankwab in Sans
  18    (by Andrey V. Panov) 
  19  * remove "Symbol Charset" from set of codepages in Sans (by Eugeniy
  20    Meshcheryakov)
  22  Changes from 2.28 to 2.29
  24  * modified U+10FB in Sans to be a mirror image of U+2056, since U+10FB is not
  25    Georgian-specific (by Roozbeh Pournader)
  26  * added U+2B1F, U+2B24, U+2B53, U+2B54 in Sans (by Roozbeh Pournader)
  27  * fixed TUR opentype language tag to TRK in Serif (bug 19825) (by Ben Laenen)
  28  * early implementation of Abkhaz letter U+0524-U+0525 in Sans
  29    (by Michael Everson and abysta)
  30  * flipped U+1D538 in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
  31  * added U+26B3-U+26B8, U+1D7D8-U+1D7E1 in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
  32  * corrected U+1D7A9 in Sans Bold Oblique (by Gee Fung Sit)
  33  * Fixed U+0649 to be dual-joining in Sans Mono (by Roozbeh Pournader)
  34  * Remove unnecessary 'isol' feature from Sans Mono (by Roozbeh Pournader)
  35  * Remove 'cmap' mappings for U+066E, U+066F, U+067C, U+067D, U+0681, U+0682,
  36    U+0685, U+0692, U+06A1, U+06B5, U+06BA, U+06C6, U+06CE, and U+06D5
  37    in Sans Mono (bug 20323) (by Roozbeh Pournader)
  38  * add half brackets (U+2E22 - U+2E25, by Steve Tinney) 
  40  Changes from 2.27 to 2.28
  42  * added U+A789, U+A78A in Sans and Sans Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
  43  * modified U+02D6, U+02D7, U+02EE in Sans and Sans Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
  44  * added U+1E9E (German capital ß) to Sans and Serif (by Denis Jacquerye)
  45  * adjusted width of U+01B7-U+01B9 in Serif Italic (by Denis Jacquerye)
  46  * modified U+021C, U+021D in Sans (by Denis Jacquerye)
  47  * added U+021C, U+021D in Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
  48  * added U+F428 (Georgian Nuskhuri "f") in private use area (by Besarion
  49    Gugushvili)
  50  * updated Georgian mkhedruli (U+10D0-U+10FA) with new version (by Besarion
  51    Gugushvili)
  52  * updated Georgian asomtavruli (U+10A0-U+10C5) with new version (by Besarion
  53    Gugushvili)
  54  * added Georgian nuskhuri (U+2D00-U+2D25) (by Besarion Gugushvili)
  55  * added Georgian mtavruli in private use area (U+F400-U+F426) (by Besarion
  56    Gugushvili)
  57  * added mark anchors above to Cyrillic U+0430-U+0438, U+043A-U+044F,
  58    U+0454-U+0455 in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
  59  * modified/moved up U+0318-U+0319, U+031C-U+031F, U+0329-U+032A, U+032C-U+032D,
  60    U+0339-U+033B, U+0348 and U+0353 in Sans to prevent cut-off (by Gee Fung Sit)
  61  * added U+035A to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
  62  * updated fontconfig files (by Nicolas Mailhot)
  63  * added U+2032-2037 to Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
  64  * added Ogham to Sans ExtraLight (by Gee Fung Sit)
  65  * added U+2C6F, U+2C79, U+2C7C-2C7D to Mono (by Gee Fung Sit)
  66  * added U+210F to Serif and Sans ExtraLight (by Gee Fung Sit)
  67  * changed U+210F to a more common glyph in Sans and Mono (by Gee Fung Sit)
  69  Changes from 2.26 to 2.27
  71  * added some of Michael Everson's new Cyrillic glyphs to Sans (by Wesley
  72    Transue)
  73  * removed blank glyph at U+05EF from Sans Bold Oblique (by Gee Fung Sit)
  74  * small adjustments to existing tone bars in Sans and Mono (by Gee Fung Sit)
  75  * added U+0372-U+0373, U+0376-U+0377, U+03CF, U+A668-U+A66E, U+A708-U+A711,
  76    U+A71B-U+A71F to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
  77  * copied U+02E5-U+02E9 over from Sans to fix inconsistencies in Serif (by Gee
  78    Fung Sit)
  79  * added U+021C-U+021D, U+0370-U+0371, U+037B-U+037D, U+0470-U+0471,
  80    U+0510-U+0515, U+051A-U+051D, U+1E9F, U+2C64, U+2C6E-U+2C6F, U+2C79,
  81    U+2C7C-U+2C7D, U+A644-U+A647, U+A650-U+A651, U+A654-U+A657, U+A708-U+A716,
  82    U+A71B-U+A71F to Serif (by Gee Fung Sit)
  83  * added U+A708-U+A716, U+A71B-U+A71F to Mono (by Gee Fung Sit)
  84  * added anchors to U+017F (ſ) and fixed U+1E9B (ẛ) in Serif (by Gee Fung Sit)
  85  * made U+0325 smaller in Sans Bold and Serif to match Sans Book (by Gee Fung
  86    Sit)
  87  * fixes to U+02F3 (moved up), U+228F-U+2294 (more square-like) and
  88    U+22CE-U+22CF (stroke width) in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
  89  * replaced U+2202 ∂ (Sans and Mono) and U+221D ∝, U+221E ∞ (Sans) with glyphs
  90    from Arev (with small changes) (by Gee Fung Sit)
  91  * added U+22B0-U+22B1, U+22C7, U+22D0-U+22D5 from Arev to Sans to complete the
  92    block (by Gee Fung Sit)
  93  * added U+0514-U+0515 to Sans ExtraLight (by Gee Fung Sit)
  94  * skewed U+A78C in all Oblique/Italic fonts (by Gee Fung Sit)
  95  * moved U+2215 to U+2044 in Sans and Serif and replaced U+2215 with reference
  96    to U+002F in all fonts (by Gee Fung Sit)
  97  * added U+2C6E to Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
  98  * added U+A782 and U+A783 in Sans (by Wesley Transue)
  99  * added U+0244, U+024C-024D, U+2C64 in Sans Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
 100  * modified U+01AE in Sans Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
 101  * added U+2C7A to all fonts (by Gee Fung Sit)
 102  * italicized/small changes to U+2C76 in Serif (Bold) Italic (by Gee Fung Sit)
 103  * improved outlines of U+2C68, U+2C6A, U+2C6C in Serif (Bold) Italic (by Gee
 104    Fung Sit)
 105  * rounded U+2C77 at the bottom in Serif (by Gee Fung Sit)
 106  * added joining behavior for tone letters (U+02E5-U+02E9) in Sans (bug #15669)
 107    (by Gee Fung Sit)
 108  * fixed outline of y.alt in Sans Regular (by Denis Jacquerye) 
 109  * changed references of U+1D5A8, U+1D5C5, U+1D5DC, U+1D5F9, U+1D610, U+1D62D,
 110    U+1D644 and U+1D661 to stylistic alternates to have a better distinction (by
 111    Gee Fung Sit)
 112  * hinted I.alt in Sans Regular (by Gee Fung Sit)
 113  * added U+0487, completing Cyrillic block (by Gee Fung Sit)
 114  * extended the bar of U+0463 to the right and moved the anchor (by Gee Fung
 115    Sit)
 116  * added anchors to glyphs in Cyrillic block (by Gee Fung Sit)
 117  * added (preliminary) hints to tone letter forms (U+02E5.5, U+02E9.1, stem) in
 118    Sans Book (by Gee Fung Sit)
 120  Changes from 2.25 to 2.26
 122  - added glyphs for Cyrillic-B to Sans (by Wesley Transue) 
 123  - added U+0370-U+0371 to Sans (by Wesley Transue) 
 124  - added U+019C, U+01A2-U+01A3, U+01A6, U+01E4-U+01E5, U+024C-U+024D, U+0285,
 125    U+0290, U+02A0, U+0370-U+0371, U+03F1, U+03FC to Sans ExtraLight (by Wesley
 126    Transue) 
 127  - added U+20A0-U+20A5, U+20A7-U+20B3, U+2105, U+210D, U+210F, U+2115, U+2117,
 128    U+2119-U+211A, U+211D, U+2124, U+212E, U+2200-U+2204 to Mono (by Heikki
 129    Lindroos) 
 130  - added U+01BA and U+01BF to Mono (by Heikki Lindroos) 
 131  - merged OpenType "aalt" feature in Latin in Sans (by Denis Jacquerye) 
 132  - added alternative shape for y in Sans (by Denis Jacquerye) 
 133  - added saltillo (U+A78B-U+A78C) to all faces (by James Cloos) 
 134  - changed U+047C-U+047D to references instead of outlines in Sans (by Wesley
 135    Transue) 
 136  - added Latin letter tresillo U+A72A-U+A72B to Sans (by Wesley Transue) 
 137  - added U+A734-U+A737 to Sans (by Wesley Transue) 
 138  - added U+2053 to Serif and fixed it bug:9425 in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit) 
 139  - removed problematic hints for U+0423 bug:10025 (by Gee Fung Sit) 
 140  - added U+27C5-U+27C6 bug:10255 to all faces (by Gee Fung Sit) 
 141  - fixed width of U+2016 in Sans Oblique (by Gee Fung Sit) 
 142  - added U+2016, U+2032-U+2038, U+2042, U+2045-U+2046, U+204B-U+204F,
 143    U+2051-U+2052, U+2057 to Serif (by Gee Fung Sit) 
 144  - made U+2140 bigger to match other n-ary operators (by Gee Fung Sit) 
 145  - added U+0606-U+0607, U+0609-U+060A to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit) 
 146  - added U+221B-U+221C to Mono (by Gee Fung Sit) 
 147  - small adjustments to U+221B-U+221C in Sans and Serif (by Gee Fung Sit) 
 148  - update U+04B4-U+04B5 in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov) 
 149  - increased max-storage value from maxp table to 153 (by Andrey V. Panov) 
 150  - added U+0472-U+0473, U+0510-U+0511, U+051A-U+051D, U+0606-U+0607,
 151    U+0609-U+060A, U+1E26-U+1E27, U+1E54-U+1E55, U+1E7C-U+1E7D, U+1E8C-U+1E8D,
 152    U+1E90-U+1E91, U+1E97-U+1E99, U+1E9F, U+1EAC-U+1EAD, U+1EB6-U+1EB7,
 153    U+1EC6-U+1EC7, U+1ED8-U+1EDD, U+1EE0-U+1EE3, U+1EE8-U+1EEB, U+1EEE-U+1EF1 to
 154    Mono (by Gee Fung Sit) 
 155  - added locl rules for S/T cedilla for Romanian and Moldavian so they get
 156    rendered as S/T with comma accent (see Redhat bug #455981) (by Ben Laenen) 
 157  - removed ligature rule from Armenian U+0587 bug:16113 (by Gee Fung Sit)
 159  Changes from 2.24 to 2.25
 161  - moved/added U+2E18 (by Gee Fung Sit)
 162  - added empty glyph for U+2064 in Sans and Serif (by Gee Fung Sit)
 163  - added U+22CE-U+22CF to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 164  - Sans Oblique and Bold Oblique, Serif: reverted digits hinting instructions back to before revision 1590, which fixed mistaken debian bug #471024. This fixes Debian bug #411308. The original bug was in freetype not in the fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
 165  - added U+A726-U+A729, U+A730-U+A733, U+A738-U+A73F, U+A746-U+A74B, U+A74E-U+A74F, U+A780-U+A781, U+A7FB-U+A7FF to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 166  - added Macedonian italic glyph shape for U+0453 in Serif (by Ben Laenen)
 167  - changed descenders in U+0446, U+0449, U+0497, U+04A3, U+04AD (by Andrey V. Panov)
 168  - updated main SFD files to SplineFontDB 3.0 (Denis Jacquerye and Gee Fung Sit)
 169  - moved U+0561 2 up since it wasn't aligned with the baseline well (by Ben Laenen)
 170  - added U+2E2E to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 171  - replaced U+2699 with simpler version in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 172  - added a lot of hinting instructions to Latin Extended B, Greek and Coptic glyphs Sans Book (by Wesley Transue)
 173  - differentiated U+2219 from U+22C5 and adjusted affected references in Sans and Mono (by Gee Fung Sit)
 174  - made Hebrew narrower in Sans Bold and Sans Bold Oblique (by Denis Jacquerye)
 175  - added Kurdish and Chuvash letters from Unicode 5.1 Cyrillic Extended block (by Wesley Transue)
 176  - added U+1E9F, U+A644-U+A647, U+A64C-U+A64D, U+A650-U+A651, U+A654-U+A655, U+A712U+A716 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 177  - added several glyphs to Sans ExtraLight (by Gee Fung Sit)
 178  - added hinting instructions to U+046A-U+046B, U+0508-U+0509, U+050B, U+0512-U+0513 in Sans Book (by Wesley Transue)
 179  - corrected width of U+027E in Sans Book (by Gee Fung Sit)
 180  - added U+2C79, U+2C7B-U+2C7D to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 181  - added a bunch of glyphs+small corrections to Sans Light (by Gee Fung Sit)
 182  - added U+0496, U+0497, U+04B0, U+04B1 (by Andrey V. Panov)
 183  - updated U+0493, U+049B, U+04B3, U+04B7, U+04F7 (by Andrey V. Panov)
 184  - further improvements in extended Cyrillic (by Andrey V. Panov) 
 186  Changes from 2.23 to 2.24
 188  - instructions for U+05C0 ׀, U+05C3 ׃, U+05F3 ׳, and U+05F4 ״ in DejaVu 
 189     Sans. (by Wesley Transue)
 190  - instructions for U+2116 in Sans (by Andrey V. Panov)
 191  - Unicode 5.1 update: moved U+F208 to U+2C6D, U+F25F to U+2C71, added 
 192    U+2C6E-U+2C6F, U+2C72-U+2C73, updated outline of U+2C71 in Sans. (by 
 193    Denis Jacquerye)
 194  - updated and instructed U+0401 in Sans (by Andrey V. Panov)
 195  - fixed the bug in Sans faces where U+02EC ˬ faced the wrong direction. 
 196    Also, added a few more glyph instructions. (by Wesley Transue)
 197  - removed OS2Sub and OS2Strike that weren't intentional in Sans 
 198    ExtraLight. (by Denis Jacquerye)
 199  - updated instructions for U+401, U+44F in Serif Book. (by Andrey V. 
 200    Panov)
 201  - instructions for U+02C4 ˄, U+02C5 ˅, U+03D8 Ϙ, U+03D9 ϙ, U+0494 Ҕ, and 
 202    U+0495 ҕ in Sans Book. (by Wesley Transue)
 203  - instructions for U+01A6 Ʀ, U+0238 ȸ, U+0239 ȹ, U+02EC ˬ, and U+05C6 ׆ 
 204    in Sans Book. (by Wesley Transue)
 205  - DejaVuSans.sfd DejaVuSerif.sfd: updated instructions for U+447 and 
 206    U+451 using code generated with xgridfit (by Andrey V. Panov)
 207  - instructions for a few glyphs in the Latin Extended-B Block, Greek 
 208    Block, Cyrillic Block, and N'Ko block. (by Wesley Transue)
 209  - updated sfdnormalize.pl, and SFD files to new SFD format with empty 
 210    lines. (by Denis Jacquerye) 
 212  Changes from 2.22 to 2.23
 214  - fixed bug which made Condensed fonts appear instead of normal width ones
 215  - added U+20DB, U+20DC, and U+20E1 to Sans (by Roozbeh Pournader)
 216  - added hinting instructions to U+01A7, U+01AA-U+01AC, U+01AE-U+01AF,
 217    U+01BC-U+01BD, U+01BF, U+01F7, U+0277, U+027F, U+0285-U+0286, U+0297, U+02AF,
 218    U+02B4-U+02B5, U+02BD, U+030D, U+0311, U+0329, U+04A0-U+04A1 in Sans Book (by
 219    Wesley Transue)
 220  - modified hinting instructions of U+04A2 in Sans Book (by Wesley Transue)
 221  - added hinting instructions to U+237D, U+2423 in Mono Book and Mono Bold (by
 222    Wesley Transue)
 223  - added mathematical alphanumeric symbols to all styles (by Max Berger)
 224  - added Unicode 5.1 U+2E18 as U+2E18.u51 (not yet usable) to Sans (by Roozbeh
 225    Pournader) 
 226  - dereferenced all glyphs with mixed references and outlines (by Denis
 227    Jacquerye)
 228  - removed non-zero width from U+0344 in Sans (by Denis Jacquerye)
 230  Changes from 2.21 to 2.22
 232  - directory structure has changed, we now use the Makefile
 233  - modified Armenian U+0565 in Sans (by Սահակ Պետրոսյան)
 234  - added double struck letters and numbers U+2102, U+210D, U+2115,
 235    U+2119-U+211A, U+211D, U+2124, U+213C-U+2140, U+2145-U+2149, U+1D538-U+1D539,
 236    U+1D53B-U+1D53E, U+1D540-U+1D544, U+1D546, U+1D54A-U+1D550, U+1D552-U+1D56B,
 237    U+1D7D8-U+1D7E1 to Serif (by Stephen Hartke)
 238  - added letterlike symbols U+2103, U+2109, U+2127, U+214B, U+2141-U+2144 to
 239    Serif (by Ben Laenen)
 240  - fixed outline direction of U+2143 in Sans Bold/Bold Oblique (by Ben Laenen)
 241  - added arrow set in Serif: arrows: U+2194-U+21FF; dingbats: U+27A1;
 242    supplemental arrows A: U+27F0-U+27FF; supplemental arrows B: U+2900-U+2975,
 243    U+297A; miscellaneous symbols and arrows: U+2B00-U+2B11 (by Ben Laenen)
 244  - added U+0180, U+01DE, U+01E0-01E1, U+022A, U+022C, U+0230, U+1E08-U+1E09,
 245    U+1E10-U+1E11, U+1EB0-U+1EB1 to Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
 246  - adjusted U+01D5, U+01D7, U+01D9, U+1DB in Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
 247  - added Ogham in Sans (by Wesley Transue)
 248  - added Yijing Hexagram Symbols in Sans (by Wesley Transue)
 249  - hinting instructions added to Cyrillic U+0460, U+04A6-U+04A7, U+04AC-U+04AD,
 250    U+04C7-U+04C8, U+04F6-U+04F7, U+04FA-U+04FB, U+050C-U+050D in Sans Book (by
 251    Wesley Transue)
 252  - adjusted Cyrillic letters U+042A, U+044A, U+044C, U+0459-U+045B, U+0462,
 253    U+048C-U+048D in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 254  - hinting instructions added to Lao U+0EB7 in Sans (by Wesley Transue)
 255  - added Roman numerals and Claudian letter U+2160-U+2184 in Serif (by Ben
 256    Laenen)
 257  - added U+FFF9-U+FFFD to Sans, Serif and Mono (by Lars Næsbye Christensen)
 258  - added mathematical symbols to Serif: U+2200, U+2203-U+2204, U+2213-U+2214,
 259    U+2217-U+2218, U+2223-U+2226, U+2250-U+2255, U+2295-U+22AF, U+22C5 (by Ben
 260    Laenen)
 261  - modified bullet symbol U+2219 in Serif (by Ben Laenen)
 263  Changes from 2.20 to 2.21
 265  - added U+FE20-U+FE23 (half diacritics) to Sans (by Denis Jacquerye)
 266  - added anchor "half" to position right half of double marks, U+FE21 or U+FE23
 267    to Sans (by Denis Jacquerye)
 268  - shifted U+0360 up to avoid collision with some outlines in Sans (by Denis
 269    Jacquerye)
 270  - added anchor above-mark anchor to U+035D, U+035E, U+0360, U+0361 in Sans (by
 271    Denis Jacquerye)
 272  - added instructions for ff, ffi, ffl ligatures in Serif Bold (by Eugeniy
 273    Meshcheryakov)
 274  - added instructions to some N'Ko glyphs (by Wesley Transue)
 275  - added instructions to some Lao glyphs (by Wesley Transue)
 276  - cleaning up 'liga' Standard Ligature in Latin, in Sans and Sans Mono (by
 277    Denis Jacquerye)
 278  - added U+046A, U+046B (big yus) in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 279  - added box drawing symbols to Sans and Serif (by Lars Næsbye Christensen)
 280  - added Makefile to improve font and packages generating (by Nicolas Mailhot)
 282  Changes from 2.19 to 2.20
 284  - removed TeX and TeXData tags from all sfd files (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 285  - removed all 'frac' lookups (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 286  - fixed duplicate glyph names (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 287  - removed standard ligatures with U+00B7 in Mono (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 288  - use reference to U+002D in U+00AD in Sans Oblique, and adjust instructions
 289    (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 290  - updated Cyrillic in Sans Extra Light (by Andrey V. Panov)
 291  - added instructions to N'Ko U+07C1-U+07C6, U+07CA, U+07CE-U+07CF, U+07D1,
 292    U+07D3-U+07D4, U+07D8, U+07DB and U+07EB in Sans (by Wesley Transue)
 293  - added instructions to Lao U+0E8A, U+0E95, U+0E97, U+EA5, U+0EB4 and U+0EB5
 294    (by Wesley Transue)
 295  - adjusted instructions for Hebrew glyphs (by Denis Jacquerye)
 296  - added instructions for U+0265 in Sans Bold (by Denis Jacquerye)
 297  - fix U+1D68 in Sans: it had the shape of delta, where it should be a rho (by
 298    Ben Laenen)
 299  - remove U+1D5C glyph in Sans Oblique (it was empty) (by Ben Laenen)
 300  - fix instructions of U+01AD in Sans Bold  (by Ben Laenen)
 301  - fix instructions of U+042D in Serif (by Ben Laenen)
 302  - remove buggy instructions of U+2328 in Serif (by Ben Laenen)
 303  - corrected width of U+2C75-U+2C76 in Sans Bold and Serif Bold (by Gee Fung Sit)
 304  - added U+2C75-U+2C77 to Mono (by Gee Fung Sit)
 306  Changes from 2.18 to 2.19
 308  - fixed misplaced symbols (U+2325,2326) in Sans Oblique (by John Karp) 
 309  - added Mark to Base anchors: 'cedilla' for combining cedilla and
 310    'above-legacy' for stacking above precomposed glyphs (just a,e,i,o,u with
 311    macron for now) in Sans (by Denis Jacquerye).
 312  - added contextual substitution for Case and Dotless forms in all Sans variants
 313    (by Denis Jacquerye).
 314  - renamed 'ccmp' lookups for RTL and Basic (LGC, etc.) (by Denis Jacquerye)
 315  - added anchor 'cedilla' for vowels in Sans. (by Denis Jacquerye)
 316  - extended contextual dotless and case substitutions to handle both below and
 317    above diacritics (by Denis Jacquerye)
 318  - renamed Dotless and Case Form GSUB lookups in Sans with meaningful names (by
 319    Denis Jacquerye)
 321  Changes from 2.17 to 2.18
 323  - Re-encoded the source files for Full Unicode (by Ben Laenen)
 324  - Re-enabled the "ff", "fl", "fi", "ffl", "ffi" ligatures by default in Serif
 325    (by Ben Laenen)
 326  - Disabled the "fi", "ffi" ligatures for languages with dotless i in Serif (by
 327    Ben Laenen)
 328  - added Tifinagh to Sans Book and Bold, U+2D30-U+2D65, U+2D6F, partially hinted
 329    in Sans Book. (by Denis Jacquerye)
 330  - added Tai Xuan Jing Symbols (U+1D300-1D356) to Sans (by Remy Oudompheng)
 331  - added double-struck letters (U+1D538-U+1D56B minus reserved code points) to
 332    Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 333  - added U+22EE-U+22F1 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 334  - added U+2C67-U+2C6C, U+2C75-U+2C77 to Serif (by Gee Fung Sit)
 335  - italicized various glyphs in Latin Extended-B, IPA Extensions, Spacing
 336    Modifier Letters, Phonetic Extension (Supplement) and Super- and Subscripts
 337    in Serif Oblique fonts (by Gee Fung Sit)
 338  - modified outlines, bearings of Hebrew U+05D6, U+05D8, U+05DB, U+05DE, U+05E0,
 339    U+05E1, U+05E2, U+05EA in Sans Book and Oblique, adjusted hinting in Book
 340    based on Yotam Benshalom's comments. (by Denis Jacquerye)
 341  - added Braille Patterns (U+2800-U+28FF) to Serif fonts (by Gee Fung Sit)
 342  - added N'Ko to Sans Book and Bold: U+07C0-U+07E7, U+07EB-U+07F5, U+07F8-U+07FA
 343    (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 344  - added U+0ED8 (Lao digit 8) to Sans (by Remy Oudompheng)
 345  - added Lao diacritics U+0EB0-0EB9, U+0EBB-0EBC, U+0EC8-0ECD to Mono (by Remy
 346    Oudompheng)
 347  - renamed Serif [Bold] Oblique, make it Italic (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 348  - added U+29FA-U+29FB to Sans and Sans Mono (by Gee Fung Sit)
 349  - swapped glyphs for Eng U+014A from Sami Eng to African Eng, the latter being
 350    more common (by Denis Jacquerye)
 351  - swapped ae U+00E6 and ae.alt in Serif Italics fonts, thus fixing #8213 (by
 352    Denis Jacquerye)
 353  - minor improvements to Misc. Symbols in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 354  - minor improvements and additions to Sans ExtraLight (by Gee Fung Sit)
 355  - improved instructions for various Cyrillic letters (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 356  - fixed hinting of theta and chi in Sans Book (by Ben Laenen)
 357  - added Georgian Mkhedruli to Sans, Serif and Mono, ASumtavruli to Sans and
 358    Serif (by Besarion Gugushvili)
 360  Changes from 2.16 to 2.17
 362  - Sans fonts: fix position for certain combinations of Arabic fatha, kasra,
 363    shadda, damma, kasratan, dammatan, fathatan and hamza (by Ben Laenen)
 364  - added 'ae.alt' to Serif Oblique fonts, with design matching shape of italic
 365    'a' instead of slanted 'a', see bug #8213 (by Denis Jacquerye)
 366  - added super- and subscripts to Serif and Mono: U+1D2C-U+1D2E, U+1D30-U+1D3C,
 367    U+1D3E-U+1D42, U+1D62-U+1D65, U+1D78, U+2071, U+207A-U+207E, U+208A-U+208E,
 368    U+2090-U+2094 (by Gee Fung Sit)
 370  Changes from 2.15 to 2.16
 372  - fixed hinting instructions for digits in DejaVu Sans Oblique, Bold Oblique,
 373    and Serif Book to not change glyph width (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 374  - added instructions for U+0404, U+0411, U+0413, U+0414, U+0417-U+041B, U+041F,
 375    U+0423, U+0424, U+0426-U+0429, U+042C, U+042E, U+042F, U+0490 in Serif Bold
 376    (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 377  - added U+0220 and Eng.alt to Serif fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
 378  - added U+232C, U+2394, U+23E3 to Sans fonts (by John Karp)
 379  - added U+230C-U+230F, U+231C-U+231F to Sans fonts, fixing bug:9547
 380    (by John Karp)
 381  - adjusted dot below, dot above, dieresis above, dieresis below in Sans fonts
 382    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 383  - added U+2300, U+2301, U+2303, U+2304, U+2305, U+2307, U+2326, U+2327, U+232B,
 384    arrow.base to Sans fonts (by John Karp)
 385  - adjusted dot and dieresis below and above in Serif fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
 386  - added U+1E1C-U+1E1D to Serif fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
 387  - added U+22BE, U+22BF (by Wesley Transue)
 388  - added U+2324; modified U+2325: more standard proportions, and matches U+2324 
 389    and U+2387; added U+2387 : flipped U+2325 with standard arrowhead 
 390    (by John Karp)
 391  - added Lao digits U+0ED0-0ED7, U+0ED9 (by Remy Oudompheng)
 392  - added to Mono in Arabic block : U+060C, U+0615, U+061B, U+061F, 
 393    U+0621-U+063A, U+0640-0655, U+065A, U+0660-066F, U+0674, U+0679-0687, U+0691, 
 394    U+0692, U+0698, U+06A1, U+06A4, U+06A9, U+06AF, U+06B5, U+06BA, U+06BE, 
 395    U+06C6, U+06CC, U+06CE, U+06D5, U+06F0-06F9 (by Remy Oudompheng)
 396  - added to Mono in Arabic Presentations Forms-A : U+FB52-FB81, U+FB8A-FB95, 
 397    U+FB9E, U+FB9F, U+FBAA-FBAD, U+FBE8, U+FBE9, U+FBFC-FBFF (by Remy Oudompheng)
 398  - added to Mono in Arabic Presentations Forms-B : U+FE70-FE74, U+FE76-FEFC, 
 399    U+FEFF (by Remy Oudompheng)
 400  - added U+05BA, U+05BE, U+05F3, U+05F4, U+FB1E, U+FB21-U+FB28, U+FB4F to Sans 
 401    (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 402  - added U+2102 to Mono (by Eugeniy  Meshcheryakov)
 403  - added U+2983-U+2984 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 404  - added U+2A2F to Sans, Serif and Mono (by Gee Fung Sit)
 405  - added U+2373-2375, U+237A to Sans (by John Karp)
 406  - converted kern pairs to kern classes with Tavmjong Bah's scripts 
 407    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 408  - set ScriptLang of kerning classes to just latn because of Pango bug
 409    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 410  - added DNK to ScriptLang latn otherwise it is excluded, and SRB and MDK to
 411    cyrl (by Denis Jacquerye)
 412  - removed flag 0x80 in generate.pe, otherwise it generates kerning tables some
 413    systems don't like; thus loosing Apple tables (by Denis Jacquerye)
 414  - removed ligature for precomposed legacy characters of Sans Oblique fonts
 415    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 416  - added bearings to en dash U+2013, em dash U+2014 and figure dash U+2012
 417    by making dashes shorter, preserving character width (by Denis Jacquerye)
 418  - reduced U+031C, U+0325 (ring below), U+0339 to be entirely visible; 
 419    added instructions in Sans Book; changed U+1e00-U+1e01 to use new ring below
 420    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 421  - adjusted circumflex below on U+1E12-U+1E13, U+1E18-U+1E19, U+1E3C-U+1E3D,
 422    U+1E4A-U+1E4B, U+1E70-U+1E71, U+1E76-U+1E77 in Sans fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
 423  - Added U+0ED4, U+0ED5 to DejaVu Sans (by Remy Oudompheng)
 424  - Lao-specific anchors (by Remy Oudompheng)
 425  - added alternate I to match the small capital in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 427  Changes from 2.14 to 2.15
 429  - improved hinting in Sans Oblique to deal with some spacing and inconsistency
 430    issues (by Ben Laenen)
 431  - added anchors to Mono Book, and added GPOS rules for combining diacritics to
 432    show up as zero width glyphs (by Ben Laenen)
 433  - removed U+F21C (PUA), it was copy of U+2C64 from Latin Extended C (by Eugeniy
 434    Meshcheryakov)
 435  - added U+27E6-U+27E7 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 436  - added U+1407, U+1409, U+140C-U+141B, U+141D-U+1425, U+1427-U+142E,
 437    U+1435-U+1438, U+143A-U+1449, U+1452, U+1454, U+1457-U+1465, U+1467-U+146A,
 438    U+1471, U+1474-U+1482, U+1484-U+1488, U+148F, U+1492, U+14A0, U+14A2, U+14A9,
 439    U+14AC-U+14BA, U+14BC, U+14BD, U+14C6, U+14C9-U+14CF, U+14D1, U+14D2, U+14D9,
 440    U+14DC-U+14E9, U+14EC, U+14F3, U+14F6-U+1504, U+1506, U+1507, U+1510-U+1525,
 441    U+152C, U+152F-U+153D, U+1540, U+1541, U+154E, U+154F, U+1552, U+155B, U+155C,
 442    U+1568, U+1569, U+1574-U+157B, U+157D, U+15A7-U+15AE, U+1646, U+1647 (by
 443    Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 444  - fixed several contours to not intersect, use horizontal or vertical tangents,
 445    use integer coordinates, etc in Sans Book (by Denis Jacquerye)
 446  - added U+0496-U+0497 in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 448  Changes from 2.13 to 2.14
 450  - added Philippine peso glyph U+20B1 (by Clayborne Arevalo)
 451  - made U+2012 have the same width as digits, according to Unicode 5.0, 
 452    page 206 (by Roozbeh Pournader)
 453  - made all of the "above" combining characters remove the dot of "i", 
 454    "j", etc (Soft_Dotted characters), according to Unicode 5.0, 
 455    page 228 (by Roozbeh Pournader)
 456  - made U+012F, U+03F3, U+0456, U+0458, U+1E2D, and U+1ECB (all fonts 
 457    except Mono), U+0249, U+2148, and U+2149 (Sans and Sans Condensed), 
 458    U+0268 (Sans ExtraLight, Serif and Serif Condensed), and U+029D (Serif 
 459    and Serif Condensed) respect the Soft_Dotted property (by Roozbeh 
 460    Pournader)
 461  - added U+223E, U+223F, U+2240, U+22C2, U+22C3 to Sans (by Remy Oudompheng)
 462  - added U+203D to Serif (by Gee Fung Sit)
 463  - added zero-width glyphs for U+2061-U+2063 to Sans and Serif (by Gee 
 464    Fung Sit)
 465  - changed isolated forms of Arabic waw (U+0648, U+0624 and U+06C6) (bug #9432) 
 466    (by Ben Laenen)
 467  - added Lao consonants U+0E81, U+0E82, U+0E84, U+0E87, U+0E88, U+0E8A, 
 468    U+0E8D, U+0E94-0E97, U+0E99-0E9F, U+0EA1-0EA3, U+0EA5, U+0EA7, U+0EAA, 
 469    U+0EAB, U+0EAD-0EAF to Sans Mono (by Remy Oudompheng)
 470  - added U+0200-U+0217, U+0226-U+0229, U+02F3, U+1E00-U+1E07, 
 471    U+1E0A-U+1E0B, U+1E18-U+1E1F, U+1E22-U+1E23, U+1E28-U+1E2D, 
 472    U+1E3A-U+1E3B, U+1E40, U+1E48-U+1E49, U+1E56, U+1E58-U+1E59, 
 473    U+1E5E-U+1E5F, U+1E60, U+1E68-U+1E6B, U+1E6E-U+1E6F, U+1E72-U+1E77, 
 474    U+1E86-U+1E8B, U+1E92-U+1E96, U+1EA0-U+1EA1, U+1EF4-U+1EF5 to Mono 
 475    (by Ben Laenen)
 476  - renamed uppercase variants of diacritics (macron, breve, double grave, 
 477    double acute, inverted breve, dot above) to "uni03XX.case" in Mono 
 478    (by Ben Laenen)
 479  - moved uppercase variants of diacritics up in Mono so they properly 
 480    vertically align on capitals (by Ben Laenen)
 481  - precomposed glyphs with macron, breve, double grave, double acute, 
 482    inverted breve, dot above, macron below, breve below, inverted breve 
 483    below, dot below, cedilla, caron below, circumflex below, diaeresis 
 484    below, tilde below now reference to combining diacritics instead of 
 485    space modifiers in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
 486  - made ring below (U+0325), and half rings below (U+031C and U+0339) 
 487    smaller in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
 488  - added U+205F to all fonts (by Roozbeh Pournader)
 489  - added U+035E-U+035F to Sans (by Roozbeh Pournader)
 490  - added empty glyphs for U+034F, U+202A-U+202E, U+2060, U+206A-206F, 
 491    U+FE00-U+FE0F to non-Mono fonts (by Roozbeh Pournader)
 492  - added U+2101, U+2107-U+2108, U+210B, U+210C, U+2110, U+2112, U+211B, 
 493    U+211F, U+2123, U+2125, U+2128-U+2129, U+212C-U+212D, U+212F, 
 494    U+2130-U+2131, U+2133, U+2136-U+213A, U+2141-U+2144, U+2B00-U+2B11, 
 495    U+2B20-U+2B23 to Sans (by John Karp)
 496  - reshaped omega (U+03C9) in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
 497  - added U+2205, U+22C6, U+2300-U+2301, U+2303-U+2306, U+230C-U+230F, 
 498    U+2312-U+2315, U+231C-U+231F, U+2335, U+2337-U+233E, U+2341-U+2344, 
 499    U+2347-U+2348, U+234B-U+234D, U+2349-U+2350, U+2352-U+2354, 
 500    U+2357-U+2359, U+235A-U+235C, U+235E-U+2360, U+2363-U+2365, 
 501    U+2368-U+2369, U+236B-U+2370, U+2373-U+237A, U+2380-U+2383, 
 502    U+2388-U+238B, U+2395 in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
 504  Changes from 2.12 to 2.13
 506  - adjusted U+0198B, U+01B3-U+01B4 in Sans, hinted U+01B4 in Sans Book 
 507    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 508  - added U+27F0-U+27FF, U+2906-U+2907, U+290A-U+290B, U+2940-U+2941 to Sans 
 509    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 510  - added U+01E6-U+01E9, U+01EE-U+01EF, U+01F4-U+01F5, U+01FC-U+01FF, 
 511    U+021E-U+021F, U+0245, U+02BD, U+02C9, U+1E9B, U+2045-U+2046, U+2213, U+22C5,
 512    U+22EF to Sans Mono (by Roozbeh Pournader)
 513  - added U+04FA-U+04FD to Sans (by Michael Everson)
 514  - removed U+2329 and U+232A because of their CJK properties, added U+27E8 
 515    and U+27E9 in their stead, fixing part of bug #9038 (by Roozbeh Pournader)
 516  - corrected and improvised U+0466-U+0469, U+046E-U+0471, U+047C-U+047D, U+0482, 
 517    U+0484-U+0486, U+0492-U+0493, U+04B0-U+04B1, U+050C-U+050D, and U+204A 
 518    in Sans (by Michael Everson)
 519  - added instructions for U+0402, U+0409, U+040A, U+040B, U+044D, U+040F, 
 520    U+0452, U+0459-U+045B, U+045F to Sans Book (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 521  - made italic shape for U+431, U+432, U+437, U+43B, U+43C, U+43D, U+444, U+447, 
 522    U+44D, U+44F, U+459, U+45A in SerifOblique and SerifBoldOblique 
 523    (by Andrey V. Panov)
 524  - modified U+024C to match glyph in Unicode chart, fixing bug #9039 
 525    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 526  - made some canonically equivalent characters share the same glyph: 
 527    U+02B9 = U+0374, U+0343 = U+0313, and U+0387 = U+00B7 also adjusting U+02BA 
 528    to look like double U+02B9, fixing parts of bug #9038 (by Roozbeh Pournader)
 529  - changed shapes for U+0478 and U+0479 in Sans to those in the Unicode charts, 
 530    based on a recent decision by Unicode Technical Committee to only use 
 531    the digraph form (by Michael Everson)
 532  - adjusted width of NBSP U+00A0 and NNBSP U+202F, fixing bug #8401 
 533    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 534  - fixed several contours to not intersect, use horizontal or vertical tangents, 
 535    use integer coordinates, etc (by Roozbeh Pournader and Denis Jacquerye)
 536  - added U+1402, U+1430, U+144D, U+146C, U+148A, U+14A4, U+14C1, U+14D4, U+14EE, 
 537    U+1527, U+1545, U+157E, U+158E, U+15AF to Sans (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 538  - enlarged width of U+459 and U+45A in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 539  - made traditional shape for U+452, U+45B (by Andrey V. Panov)
 540  - added euro sign U+20AC to Sans ExtraLight, making fontconfig recognize 
 541    the font as supporting English (by Denis Jacquerye)
 543  Changes from 2.11 to 2.12
 545  - added U+0180 to Serif (by Denis Jacquerye)
 546  - improved and/or hinted Armenian letters U+0542, U+0546, U+0562,
 547    U+0563, U+0564, U+0577, U+0582 in Sans (by Ben Laenen)
 548  - added U+4FE-U+4FF, U+512-U+513, U+2114, U+214E, U+26B2 to Sans
 549    (by Gee Fung Sit)
 550  - adjusted U+0496-U+0497, U+049A-U+04A1 in Sans to match U+0416,
 551    U+041A, U+0436 and U+043A (by Gee Fung Sit)
 552  - Mathematical Operators in Sans: changed U+22C0-U+22C1 to match
 553    other n-ary operators, adjusted U+2203-U+2204, changed U+2220 in
 554    Sans to match the style of U+2221 (by Gee Fung Sit)
 555  - added U+1401, U+1403-U+1406, U+140A, U+140B, U+1426, U+142F,
 556    U+1431-U+1434, U+1438, U+1439, U+1449, U+144A, U+144C,
 557    U+144E-U+1451, U+1455, U+1456, U+1466, U+146B, U+146D-U+1470,
 558    U+1472, U+1473, U+1483, U+1489, U+148B-U+148E, U+1490, U+1491,
 559    U+14A1, U+14A3, U+14A5-U+14A8, U+14AA, U+14AB, U+14BB, U+14C0,
 560    U+14C2-U+14C5, U+14C7, U+14C8, U+14D0, U+14D3, U+14D5-U+14D8,
 561    U+14DA, U+14DB, U+14EA, U+14ED, U+14EF-U+14F2, U+14F4, U+14F5,
 562    U+1405, U+1526, U+1528-U+152B, U+152D, U+152E, U+153E,
 563    U+1542-U+1544, U+1546-U+154D, U+1550, U+1553, U+1555-U+155A,
 564    U+1567, U+156A, U+157C, U+157F-U+1585, U+158A-U+158D,
 565    U+158F-U+1596, U+15A0-U+15A6, U+15DE, U+15E1, U+166E-U+1676 to
 566    Sans (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 567  - re-enabled Latin ligatures fi, ffi, fl, ffl and ff in Sans
 568    (by Ben Laenen)
 569  - made italic shape for U+436, U+44A, U+44B, U+44C, U+44E, U+45F,
 570    U+463 in SerifOblique and SerifBoldOblique (by Andrey V. Panov)
 571  - fixed sub- and superscript metrics in Condensed Sans (bug #8848)
 572    (by Ben Laenen)
 573  - added U+474, U+475 in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 574  - hinted Greek glyphs U+03B7, U+30B8, U+03B9, U+03C1, U+03C3,
 575    U+03C6 in Mono Book (by Ben Laenen)
 577  Changes from 2.10 to 2.11
 579  - added instructions for Hebrew glyphs (Sans Book, by Eugeniy
 580    Meshcheryakov)
 581  - changed U+01A6 (Latin Yr) after bug #8212, in Sans, Serif and
 582    Sans Mono fonts (by Denis Jacquerye).
 583  - removed instruction for U+2600-U+26A1 (by Mederic Boquien)
 584  - added U+202F and set width of U+00A0 (nobreakingspace) to the
 585    same as U+0020, space (by Denis Jacquerye).
 586  - added and improved instructions for various Cyrillic letters
 587    (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 588  - Changed U+416, U+42F, U+427 (non-Bold), U+436, U+447 (non-Bold),
 589    U+44F, U+437 (Bold), corrected U+40F, U+414, U+424, U+426, U+429,
 590    U+434, U+438 (Bold), U+446, U+449, U+44D (non-Bold), U+45F in
 591    Sans Mono (by Andrey V. Panov)
 592  - made small corrections to Cyrillic, most appreciable to U+409,
 593    U+413, U+41B, U+427 and U+433, U+434, U+43B, U+447, U+459
 594    (upright fonts) to Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 595  - adjusted bearings of U+410, U+416, U+41A, U+42F, U+436, U+43A,
 596    U+443, U+44F in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 597  - enlarged width of U+44A, U+44B, U+44C, U+463 in Serif
 598    (by Andrey V. Panov)
 599  - added ligature "iacute" as "afii10103" (U+456) "acutecomb" in
 600    Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 601  - made italic shape to U+446, U+448, U+449 in Serif (by Andrey V.
 602    Panov)
 603  - added "afii10831" (U+F6C7), "afii10832" (U+F6C8) in Serif (by
 604    Andrey V. Panov)
 605  - new minimum version of fontforge is 20061014 (by Ben Laenen)
 607  Changes from 2.9 to 2.10:
 609  - added U+0242, U+024A-U+024B, U+024E-U+024F, U+037C-U+037D, U+0E3F, 
 610    U+1D2C-U+1D2E, U+1D30-U+1D42, U+1D5D-U+1D6A, U+1D78, U+1DB8, 
 611    U+2090-U+2094, U+20D0-U+20D1, U+2C60-U+2C66, U+2C6B-U+2C6C, U+2C74 and 
 612    U+FB29 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 613  - added Lao glyphs : U+0E81-0E82, U+E084, U+0E87-0E88, U+0E8A, U+0E8D, 
 614    U+0E94-0E97, U+0E99-0E9F, U+0EA1-0EA3, U+0EA5, U+0EA7, U+0EAA-0EAB, 
 615    U+0EAD-0EB9, U+0EBB-0EBD, U+0EC0-0EC4, U+0EC6, U+0EC8-0ECD, U+0EDC-0EDD 
 616    (by Remy Oudompheng)
 617  - fixed U+0193 not showing in Windows (bug #7897) (by Ben Laenen)
 618  - changes to U+222B-222D in Sans Mono (by Remy Oudompheng)
 619  - ported the three remaining currency symbols from Arev (U+20B0, 
 620    U+20B2-U+20B3), and replaced one (U+20AF) in Sans (by Lars Naesbye 
 621    Christensen)
 622  - corrected U+20A5 in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 623  - merged Double-Struck Letters from Arev: U+2102, U+210D, U+2115, 
 624    U+2119-U+211A, U+2124, U+213C-U+2140 (by Gee Fung Sit)
 625  - added U+2308-U+230B and U+2329-U+232A to Sans Mono and Serif faces, 
 626    fixed incorrect direction of U+2329 in Sans faces, and improved 
 627    U+2308-U+230B in Sans faces per Ben Laenen's suggestions (by David 
 628    Lawrence Ramsey)
 629  - added U+06D5 and final form of it (needed for Kurdish) (by Ben Laenen)
 630  - added two special glyphs U+F000 and U+F001 in Sans Book that show the 
 631    current ppem size (horizontal and vertical) (by Ben Laenen)
 632  - added U+2318 and U+2325 to Sans Mono faces, based on the Sans versions 
 633    (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
 634  - added U+2B14-U+2B1A to all faces except Sans ExtraLight (by David 
 635    Lawrence Ramsey)
 636  - respaced all Geometric Shapes characters in Serif faces to match those 
 637    in Sans faces again, respaced U+23CF in Sans, Sans ExtraLight, and 
 638    Serif faces to match U+25A0 (or Sans in Sans ExtraLight's case) again, 
 639    and respaced U+2B12-U+2B13 in Sans and Serif faces to match U+25A1 
 640    again (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
 641  - corrected width of Modifier Small Letters U+1D43-1D5B in Sans Oblique 
 642    and U+1D9B-U+1DBF in Sans Oblique and Sans Bold Oblique (by Gee Fung Sit)
 643  - added a bunch of glyphs to Sans ExtraLight (see SVN for details) (by 
 644    Gee Fung Sit)
 645  - adjusted Cyrillic descenders in Sans ExtraLight to sync with Sans (by 
 646    Gee Fung Sit)
 647  - added U+0242, U+0245 to Serif (by Gee Fung Sit)
 648  - replaced the SHPIX routines which gave them bad spacing at certain 
 649    sizes in FreeType for A, V, Z, v and z in Sans Bold (by Ben Laenen) 
 651  Changes from 2.8 to 2.9:
 653  - DejaVuSansExtraLight.sfd: changed family name from "DejaVu Sans" to
 654    "DejaVu Sans Light" (in case we add a Light weight variant), so legacy
 655    apps that understand only 4 styles are happy. (by Denis Jacquerye)
 656  - added Name ID 16, aka preferred family name, and Name ID 17, aka
 657    preferred style name, so contemporary apps that understand more that 4
 658    styles can use big fonts families "DejaVu Sans" and "DejaVu Serif". For
 659    those, Extralight and Condensed are just styles not different families.
 660    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 661  - added U+22B6-22BD, U+22C0-22C1, U+22D6-22D7 to Sans. (by Remy Oudompheng)
 662  - added U+037B, U+2184, U+2C67-U+2C6A and U+2C75-U+2C77 to Sans (by Gee
 663    Fung Sit)
 664  - adjusted asteriskmath (U+2217) for consistency with other mathematical
 665    operators in Sans (by Ben Laenen)
 666  - hinted some Armenian capitals in Sans Book (by Ben Laenen)
 667  - added U+0246 - U+0249 (by Ben Laenen)
 668  - BUGFIX : swapped U+224E and U+224F, in Sans, Sans Condensed and Sans Mono
 669    (by Remy Oudompheng)
 670  - adjusted U+20B5 (by Mederic Boquien)
 671  - swapped U+21DA and U+21DB which were in wrong order (by Heikki Lindroos)
 672  - added U+222E-2233, U+239B-23AD, U+2A00-2A02, U+2A0F-2A1C to Sans (by Remy
 673    Oudompheng)
 674  - added U+239B-23AD to Mono (by Remy Oudompheng)
 675  - added U+2024-2025 to Serif (by Mederic Boquien)
 676  - added U+222C-222D, U+2A0C-2A0E to Serif (by Remy Oudompheng)
 677  - added U+2190-21FF to Mono (by Heikki Lindroos)
 678  - added Hebrew glyphs - U+05B0-U+05BD, U+05BF-U+05C3, U+05C6, U+05C7,
 679    U+05D0-U+05EA, U+05F0-U+05F2, U+FB1F, U+FB20, U+FB2A-U+FB36,
 680    U+FB38-U+FB3C, U+FB3E, U+FB40, U+FB41, U+FB43, U+FB44, U+FB46-U+FB4E (by
 681    Gee Fung Sit and Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 682  - adjustments for Cyrillic in Sans (by Andrey V. Panov)
 683  - made italic shape for U+0434, U+0456, U+0457 in SerifOblique and Serif
 684    Bold Oblique (by Andrey V. Panov)
 686  Changes from 2.7 to 2.8:
 688  - fixed instructions for U+0423, U+0427, U+0447, U+0448 in Serif, so they
 689    look good at large sizes too (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 690  - added U+FB00 and U+FB03 to U+FB06 to Serif typefaces (by Heikki Lindroos)
 691  - added U+26B0-U+26B1, U+2701-U+2704, U+2706-U+2709, U+270C-U+2727, U+2729
 692    to U+274B, U+274D, U+274F to U+2752, U+2756, U+2758-U+275E, U+2761 to
 693    U+2775 (by Heikki Lindroos)
 694  - added and improved instructions for Cyrillic letters in Mono and Serif
 695    (Book, by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 696  - rotated U+26B0 (was too small in mono) (by Gee Fung Sit)
 697  - adjusted U+1EDA-U+1EDD, U+1EE8-U+1EEB, capitals using capital specific
 698    accent and moved diacritics to match position on U+00F2 (ograve), etc.
 699    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 700  - added U+20D6, U+20D7 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 701  - made Armenian ligatures discretionary since the Firefox ligature problem
 702    still isn't fixed (by Ben Laenen)
 703  - moved Armenian hyphen U+058A to a higher position (bug #7436) (by Ben
 704    Laenen)
 705  - hinted Greek glyphs in Sans Bold (by Ben Laenen)
 706  - enabled Arabic lam-alif ligatures when diacritics are used (by Ben Laenen)
 708  Changes from 2.6 to 2.7:
 710  - added glyphs needed for Kurdish: U+0695, U+06B5, U+06C6, U+06CE and their
 711    init/medi/fina forms in Sans (by Ben Laenen)
 712  - added U+02CD, U+01F8 - U+01F9, U+1E3E - U+1E3F, U+1E30 - U+1E35, U+1EBC -
 713    U+1EBD, U+1EF8 - U+1EF9 (includes glyphs needed for Yoruba, Maori, Guarani
 714    and Twi) (by Ben Laenen)
 715  - added U+22C8-22CC, U+29CE-29D5, U+2A7D-2AA0, U+2AAE-2ABA, U+2AF9-2AFA to
 716    Sans (by Remy Oudompheng)
 717  - adjusted diacritics on Vietnamese, Pinyin and other characters:
 718    U+01A0-U+01A1, U+01AF-U+01B0, U+01D5-U+01DC, U+01DE-01E1, U+01FA-U+01FB
 719    U+022A-U+022D, U+0230-U+0231, U+1E14-U+1E17, U+1E4C-U+1E53, U+1E78-U+1E7B,
 720    U+1EA4-U+1EF1 in Sans (Book, Bold and Oblique) (by Denis Jacquerye)
 721  - added basic arrows U+2190-U+2193 in Serif, which completes MES-1 compliance
 722    for Serif (by Ben Laenen)
 723  - added U+01E4, U+01E5, U+01FA, U+01FB, U+02BD, U+02C9 and U+02EE to Serif
 724    (by Ben Laenen)
 725  - fixed U+0209 in Serif Bold Oblique (by Ben Laenen)
 726  - adjusted Box Drawing block characters U+2500-257F in Mono to fit character
 727    cell, shifting them up by 416 (Denis Jacquerye)
 728  - redid U+0194 in Sans (by Ben Laenen)
 729  - added U+2217-2218, U+2295-22A1 to Mono (by Remy Oudompheng)
 730  - added U+0462 to Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 731  - added U+226C, U+228C-228E, U+2293-2294, U+22F2-22FF to Sans (by Remy
 732    Oudompheng)
 733  - adjusted U+2208-220D in Sans (by Remy Oudompheng)
 734  - improved some Cyrillic glyphs in Mono (by Andrey V. Panov), rewritten
 735    instructions for changed glyphs (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 736  - added U+1E0E-1E0F, U+1E8E-1E8F to Mono fonts (by Denis Jacquerye). (bug
 737    #7166)
 738  - renamed 'Dotabove' to 'Dotaccent' in Mono Sans Oblique to match other fonts
 739    (by Denis Jacquerye).
 740  - added U+200B-U+200F in Sans faces and Serif faces, U+200B and U+200C were
 741    in Sans already (by Lars Naesbye Christensen)
 742  - added U+2601-U+262F, U+263D, U+263E, U+2648-U+265F, U+2668, U+2670-U+268B,
 743    U+2690-U+269C, U+26A0, U+26A1, U+2794, U+2798-U+27AF, U+27B1-U+27BE to Mono
 744    (by Heikki Lindroos)
 745  - replaced the references with unshifted ones for both κ U+03BA and к U+043A
 746    in Mono Book (by Denis Jacquerye)
 747  - fixing glyph for U+04ED in Mono Book, consisted only of dieresis (by Andrey
 748    V. Panov).
 750  Changes from 2.5 to 2.6:
 752  - redid U+2032 - U+2037, U+2057 based on Arev in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 753  - added U+0195, corrected U+039E, U+204B in Sans ExtraLight (by Gee Fung Sit)
 754  - added instructions for some Cyrillic letters in Sans Bold (by Eugeniy
 755    Meshcheryakov)
 756  - added vulgar fractions U+2153-U+215F for Serif, made with references (by
 757    Lars Naesbye Christensen)
 758  - added U+228F-2292, U+2299-22AF, U+22B2-22B5, U+22CD, U+22D8-22ED to Sans
 759    (by Remy Oudompheng)
 760  - added U+2208-220D, U+2238-223D, U+2278-2281, U+228A-228B, U+228F-2292,
 761    U+22CD, U+22DA-22E9 to Mono (by Remy Oudompheng)
 762  - fixed misplaced dot in U+2250 in Mono (by Remy Oudompheng)
 763  - added instructions for some Cyrillic letters in Mono Book and Bold(by
 764    Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 765  - minor changes to U+2241, U+2261-2263, U+22A4, U+22A5 in Sans (by Remy
 766    Oudompheng)
 767  - added hinting instructions to lowercase Armenian glyphs in Sans Book (by
 768    Ben Laenen)
 769  - changed U+2208, U+220B to match U+2209 and U+220C in Sans Bold (by Remy
 770    Oudompheng)
 771  - added Braille patterns U+2800-U+28FF to Sans (by Mederic Boquien)
 772  - added instructions for some Cyrillic letters in Serif Book (by Eugeniy
 773    Meshcheryakov)
 774  - renamed BoldOblique fonts to Bold Oblique in TTF Name as originally in
 775    Bitstream Vera fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
 776  - added hinting instructions to some Latin-B Extended and IPA characters in
 777    Sans Book (by Denis Jacquerye and Ben Laenen)
 778  - adjusted bearings, replaced diacritics, hinted hook and horn for
 779    Vietnamese in Sans Book (by Denis Jacquerye)
 780  - made FAX, TM, TEL, etc. discritionary ligatures in Sans and Serif fonts
 781    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 782  - removed ligatures of precomposed characters in Sans and Serif fonts (by
 783    Denis Jacquerye)
 784  - added U+F208, U+F20A, U+F215-F217, U+F21A-F21B, U+F25F in PUA (from SIL's
 785    PUA, probably in Unicode 5.0): U+0243, U+0244, U+0245, U+024C, U+024D,
 786    U+2C64, (U+2C6D), (U+2C71)
 787  - modified some glyphs in Serif Oblique to make them more italic (by Denis
 788    Jacquerye)
 790  Changes from 2.4 to 2.5:
 792  - fixed excessive kerning bug that occurs with Pango (by Denis Jacquerye)
 793  - added U+20AF to Sans and Serif (by Lars Naesbye Christensen)
 794  - regenerated Condensed faces (by Ben Laenen)
 795  - added U+035C-U+035D to Sans, fixed U+0361 (by Denis Jacquerye)
 796  - integrated 255 characters from Arev fonts: Latin Extended-B, Spacing
 797    Modifiers, Combining Diacritical Marks, Cyrillic, Cyrillic supplement,
 798    General Punctuation, Letterlike Symbols, Arrows, Mathematical Operators,
 799    Miscellaneous Technical, Dingbats, Alphabetic Presentation Forms (by Denis
 800    Jacquerye)
 801  - added basic Cyrillic and basic Greek to Sans ExtraLight (by Denis Jacquerye)
 802  - added U+0498, U+049A, U+04AA, U+04AB, U+04AF to Serif (by Eugeniy
 803    Meshcheryakov)
 804  - added U+0494, U+0495, U+0498, U+0499, U+04AA, U+04AB, U+04C3, U+04C4,
 805    U+04C7, U+04C8 to Mono (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 806  - adjusted weight of U+0256, U+0257, U+0260, U+0272, U+0273, U+0277, U+029B,
 807    U+02A0 and modifed  U+028B and U+027A in Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
 808  - added U+2000-200A to Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
 809  - added vulgar fractions U+2153 - U+215F to Mono (by Gee Fung Sit)
 810  - adapted metrics of Arabic glyphs so they stay above cut-off height in Sans
 811    (by Ben Laenen)
 812  - fixed mkmk anchors for Arabic diacritics so they stack properly in Sans (by
 813    Ben Laenen)
 814  - fixed weight of lowercase upsilon in Sans Bold, make small adjustment to
 815    lowercase omega in Sans (by Ben Laenen)
 816  - added U+210E (by Mederic Boquien)
 817  - unslanted U+2201, U+221B and U+221C in Sans Oblique (by Mederic Boquien)
 818  - added several mathematical relation symbols to Sans and Mono (U+2241-224C,
 819    U+2250-2255, U+2260-2269, U+226E-2277, U+2282-2287) modified U+223C to match
 820    other tildes, and U+2282-2284 to have the same shape. (by Remy Oudompheng)
 821  - made U+2234-U+2237 refer to U+2219 instead of U+00B7 in Sans (by Mederic
 822    Boquien)
 823  - added U+2238-223B, U+226A-226B, U+2278-2281, U+2288-228B to Sans (by Remy
 824    Oudompheng)
 825  - unslanted and changed reference of U+22C5 from U+00B7 to U+2219 in Sans (by
 826    Mederic Boquien)
 827  - added U+224D-225F, U+226D, U+22C6 to Sans and unslanted U+2219 in Sans
 828    Oblique. (by Remy Oudompheng)
 829  - added U+224D-225F, U+226D to Mono, shifted U+2266-2269 higher upwards and
 830    unslanted U+2219 in Oblique. (by Remy Oudompheng)
 831  - merged Coptic glyphs from Arev 0.2 (by Lars Naesbye Christensen)
 832  - fixed and adjusted various Cyrillic glyphs in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 833  - made fi, fl... ligatures discretionary ligatures (by Ben Laenen)
 835  Changes from 2.3 to 2.4:
 837  - added U+04A2, U+04A3, U+04AC - U+04AF, U+04BA, U+04BB, U+04C0 -
 838    U+04C2, U+04CB, U+04CD, U+04D8 - U+04DF, U+04E2 - U+04E5, U+04E8 - U+04F5,
 839    U+04F6 - U+04F9 to Mono (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 840  - added U+048C, U+048D, U+0494, U+0495, U+049E - U+04A7, U+04AC -
 841    U+04AE, U+04B4- U+04B7, U+04BA, U+04BB, U+04C0 - U+04C4, U+04C7, U+04C8,
 842    U+04CB, U+04CC, U+04D8 - U+04DF, U+04E2 - U+04E5, U+04EC - U+04F9 to Serif
 843    (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 844  - added U+2134 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 845  - added U+2080 - U+2089 to all faces (by Gee Fung Sit)
 846  - several minor corrections to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 847  - major corrections to Sans Condensed (by Gee Fung Sit)
 848  - corrected Superscripts and Subscripts in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 849  - corrected anchors of U+0316-U+0319 (by Denis Jacquerye)
 850  - Verajja integrated (by Stepan Roh)
 851  - copied U+2328, U+2600, U+2639-U+263C, U+263F-U+2647, U+2660-U+2667,
 852    and U+2669-U+266F from Sans to Serif, and copied scaled-down versions of
 853    them to Sans Mono (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
 854  - added U+20B4 to all faces (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 855  - added more minor positional adjustments to U+2638 in all faces to
 856    match the other miscellaneous symbols in Verajja, and rescale it in Sans
 857    Mono so that it looks better (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
 858  - added U+2242, U+2243 and U+22A4 (by Mederic Boquien)
 859  - corrected U+2245 in Sans (by Mederic Boquien)
 860  - added U+0221, U+0234-0236 (by Denis Jacquerye)
 861  - added in Arabic block to Sans: U+060C, U+0615, U+061B, U+061F, U+0621
 862  - U+063A, U+0640 - U+0655, U+0660 - U+066F, U+0679 - U+0687, U+0698, U+06A1,
 863    U+06A9, U+06AF, U+06BA, U+06BF, U+06CC, U+06F0 - U+06F9 (by Ben Laenen)
 864  - added in Arabic Presentation Forms A to Sans: U+FB52 - U+FB81, U+FB8A
 865  - U+FB95, U+FB9E - U+FB9F, U+FBE8 - U+FBE9, U+FBFC - U+FBFF (by Ben Laenen)
 866  - added complete Arabic Presentation Forms B to Sans: U+FE70 - U+FE74,
 867    U+FE76 - U+FEFC, U+FEFF (by Ben Laenen)
 868  - added complete Greek Extended block to Mono (by Ben Laenen)
 869  - modified Greek capitals with tonos in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
 870  - added U+01C4-01CC, U+01D5, U+01DE, U+01E0-U+01E1, U+01E6-U+01E9,
 871    U+01EE-U+01F5, U+01F8-U+0217, U+021E-U+021F, U+0226-U+022A, U+022C to Serif
 872    (by Denis Jacquerye)
 873  - adjusted U+043B and U+044F in Serif (by Denis Jacquerye)
 874  - added U+2000-U+200A (by Denis Jacquerye)
 875  - added U+1E00-U+1E0B, U+1E0E-U+1E11, U+1E14-U+1E1C, U+1E1E-U+1E23,
 876    U+1E26-U+1E2D, U+1E30-U+1E35, U+1E3A-U+1E3B, U+1E3E-U+1E40, U+1E48-U+1E49,
 877    U+1E50-U+1E56, U+1E58-U+1E59, U+1E5E-U+1E60, U+1E68-U+1E6B, U+1E6E-U+1E6F,
 878    U+1E72-U+1E7D, U+1E86-U+1E9B, U+1EA0-U+1EA3, U+1EAC-U+1EB7, U+1EBA-U+1EBD,
 879    U+1EC6-U+1ECF, U+1ED8-U+1ED9, U+1EE6-U+1EE7, U+1EF4-U+1EF9 to Serif (by
 880    Denis Jacquerye)
 881  - added U+048E, U+048F, U+049C-U+049F, U+04B8, U+04B9, U+04BC-U+04BF,
 882    U+04C3, U+04C4 to Sans (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 883  - added DejaVu Sans Extra Light (by Denis Jacquerye)
 884  - Adjusted underline position for (hopefully) improved legibility in
 885    Sans, Serif, Mono (Tim May)
 886  - added auto-generated DejaVu LGC (by Stepan Roh) 
 888  Changes from 2.2 to 2.3:
 890  - fixed bug U+042B and U+044B behave badly in Sans Bold or Oblique (by
 891    Keenan Pepper)
 892  - added and improved TrueType instructions and related settings (by
 893    Keenan Pepper)
 894  - added U+04D0-U+04D7, U+04E6, U+04E7 to Mono (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 895  - added U+048A - U+048D, U+0498, U+0499, U+04AA, U+04AB, U+04B0, U+04B1,
 896    U+04C0, U+04C9, U+04CA, U+04CE, U+04CD, U+04DA, U+04DB, U+04DE, U+04DF,
 897    U+04E2 - U+04E5, U+04EC - U+04F8, U+04F9 to Sans (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 898  - added U+04E0, U+04E1 to all faces (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 899  - added Greek Extended to Sans and Serif: U+1F00-U+1F15, U+1F18-U+1F1D,
 900    U+1F20-U+1F45, U+1F48-U+1F4D, U+1F50-U+1F57, U+1F59, U+1F5B, U+1F5D,
 901    U+1F5F-U+1F7D, U+1F80-U+1FB4, U+1FB6-U+1FC4, U+1FC6-U+1FD3, U+1FD6-U+1FDB,
 902    U+1FDD-U+1FEF, U+1FF2-U+1FF4, U+1FF6-U+1FFE (by Ben Laenen)
 903  - added Greek variant letterforms, archaic letters and symbols to Mono:
 904    U+03D0-U+03E1, U+03F0-U+03FF (by Ben Laenen)
 905  - added Armenian block and Armenian ligatures to Sans (U+0531 - U+0556,
 906    U+0559 - U+055F, U+0561 - U+0587, U+0589 - U+058A, U+FB13 - U+FB17) (by Ben
 907    Laenen)
 908  - redid some Greek characters in Sans and Mono to make them look better
 909    and to correct some errors (by Ben Laenen)
 910  - added U+27E0 to all faces (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
 911  - added underscore (U+005F) consistency fixes: extended the Sans Mono
 912    and Sans Mono Oblique underscores to touch both horizontal edges, and
 913    reduced the height of the Sans Bold Oblique underscore to match the Sans
 914    Bold underscore (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
 915  - added underscore (U+005F) derivatives and consistency fixes for them:
 916    made U+0332 a reference to underscore at Denis Jacquerye's suggestion; made
 917    U+0333 two references to underscore; made U+033F two references to U+203E;
 918    added U+2017 as two references to underscore, and made U+0333 a reference to
 919    it; and added U+203E as a reference to underscore, and made U+0305 a
 920    reference to it (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
 921  - added U+201B, U+2220, U+2320-U+2321, U+23AE, U+23CF, all remaining
 922    Geometric Shapes glyphs (U+25A0-U+25C9, U+25CB-U+25D7, U+25D9-U+25E5,
 923    U+25E7-U+25FF), and U+2B12-U+2B13 to all faces (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
 924  - added minor positional adjustments to U+2638 in all faces (by David
 925    Lawrence Ramsey)
 926  - added U+201F to Sans Mono and Serif faces (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
 927  - added U+01B7, U+01F6, U+0464 - U+0465, U+2160 - U+2180, U+2183,
 928    U+220A, U+220D, U+2329, U+232A, U+2422, U+27E8 - U+27EB, U+2680 - U+2685 to
 929    Sans (by Gee Fung Sit ???)
 930  - added U+2116 to Sans and Serif (by Gee Fung Sit)
 931  - changed florin sign U+0192 in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 932  - added anchor points to some glyphs (by Denis Jacquerye)
 933  - adjusted height of IPA superscripts U+02B0-02B8, U+02C0-02C1,
 934    U+02E0-02E4, U+207F to match with height of U+00B2 (by Denis Jacquerye)
 935  - added U+0184-U+0185, U+019C, U+019F, U+01A0-U+01A3, U+01A6, U+01AA,
 936    U+01AF-U+01B0, U+01B2-U+01B4, U+01B7-U+01B8, U+01BC-U+01BC, U+0224-U+0225,
 937    U+023A-U+0240, U+1D16-U+1D17, U+1D1D-U+1D1E, U+1D43-U+1D5B, U+1D7B,
 938    U+1D85,U+1D9B-1DB7, U+1DB9-U+1DBF, U+20A6 to all fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
 939  - added added U+0182, U+018B, U+018E, U+01A0-U+01A1, U+01B1, U+01B9,
 940    U+01C0-U+01C3, U+0238-U+0239, U+1D02, U+1D08-U+1D09, U+1D14, U+1D1F, U+1D77
 941    to Serif and Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
 942  - added U+0181, U+0183, U+0187-U+0188, U+018A-U+018F, U+0191, U+0193,
 943    U+0195-U+019B, U+019D-U+019E, U+01A4-U+01A5, U+01AC-U+01AE, U+01B5-U+01B6,
 944    U+01B9, U+01BB, U+01F6 to Serif (by Denis Jacquerye)
 945  - added U+0181, U+0187-U+0188, U+018A, U+018D, U+018F, U+0191, U+0193,
 946    U+0195-U+019F, U+01A4-01A5, U+01AC-01AD, U+01B5-U+01B6, U+1BB, U+01F6,
 947    U+01D7-U+01DC, U+0238-U+0239, U+0241 to Mono (by Denis Jacquerye)
 948  - added to Mono and Serif (by Denis Jacquerye) 
 950  Changes from 2.1 to 2.2:
 952  - reworked the vertical orientation of the Blocks Elements characters
 953    in all faces to remove their overly large descenders, in order to fix
 954    problems with e.g. terminal emulators (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
 955  - copied bullet in Sans faces to Serif faces for consistency (by David
 956    Lawrence Ramsey)
 957  - added U+2023, U+25D8, U+25E6, and U+29EB to all faces (by David
 958    Lawrence Ramsey)
 959  - added U+1EB8, U+1EB9, U+1ECA - U+1ECD, U+1EE4, U+1EE5 (by Tim May)
 960  - added U+01DD, U+02BE, U+02BF, U+02D3 to all, changed U+02D2 in
 961    non-Condensed and U+1EE5 in Serif (by Tim May)
 962  - fixed U+01CE, replacing wrong circumflex by caron (by Denis Jacquerye)
 963  - added anchor points to some glyphs (by Denis Jacquerye)
 964  - added U+20B5 (by Denis Jacquerye)
 965  - added U+0181 - U+0183, U+0187, U+0188, U+018A - U+018D, U+0191,
 966    U+0193, U+0195 - U+019B, U+019D, U+019E, U+01A4, U+01A7 - U+01A9, U+01AB -
 967    U+01AE, U+01B1, U+01B5, U+01B6, U+01BB, U+01C0 - U+01C3, U+01F1 - U+01F3,
 968    U+0238, U+0239, U+1D02, U+1D08, U+1D09, U+1D14, U+1D1F, U+1D77, U+2103,
 969    U+2126, U+2127, U+212A, U+212B, U+2132, U+214B, U+2210, U+2217, U+2218,
 970    U+2A0C - U+2A0E, U+FB00, U+FB03 and U+FB04 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 971  - added U+01A9, U+01C3 and U+2126 to Mono and Serif (by Gee Fung Sit)
 972  - adjusted bearings of U+028B in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit)
 973  - added U+018F, U+0494-U+0497, U+04A0-U+04A7, U+04AC-U+04AF,
 974    U+04B4-U+04B7, U+04BA-U+04BB, U+04C1-U+04C2, U+04C5-U+04C8, U+04CB-U+04CC,
 975    U+04D0-U+04D9, U+04DC-U+04DD, U+04E6-U+04EB to Sans (by Eugeniy
 976    Meshcheryakov)
 977  - replaced with references U+0391-U+0393, U+0395-U+0397, U+0399, U+039A,
 978    U+039C, U+039D, U+039F-U+03A1, U+03A4, U+03A5, U+03A7, U+03BF, U+03DC,
 979    U+0405, U+0406, U+0408, U+0410, U+0412, U+0415, U+0417, U+041A,
 980    U+041C-U+041E, U+0420-U+0422, U+0425, U+0430, U+0435, U+043E, U+0440,
 981    U+0441, U+0443, U+0445, U+0455-U+0458 in Serif and Mono (by Eugeniy
 982    Meshcheryakov)
 983  - added U+04D0-U+04D7, U+04E6-U+04EB to Serif (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
 984  - added U+212A and U+212B to the rest of the faces (by Lars Naesbye
 985    Christensen)
 986  - added U+2318 and U+2325 to Sans and Serif (by Lars Naesbye Christensen)
 987  - added and improved TrueType instructions and related settings (by
 988    Keenan Pepper)
 989  - completed basic Greek alphabet: added U+0374-U+0375, U+037A, U+037E,
 990    U+0384-U+038A, U+038C, U+038E-U+0390, U+03AC-U+03BF, U+03C1-U+03CE (by Ben
 991    Laenen)
 992  - added U+2070 and U+2074-U+2079 (by Mederic Boquien) 
 994  Changes from 2.0 to 2.1:
 996  *** Be aware that names of some TTF files changed since version 2.0. ***
 998  - added U+0323, U+1E0C, U+1E0D, U+1E24, U+1E25, U+1E36 - U+1E39, U+1E42,
 999    U+1E43, U+1E46, U+1E47, U+1E5A - U+1E5D, U+1E62, U+1E63, U+1E6C, U+1E6D,
1000    U+1E7E, U+1E7F (by Tim May)
1001  - fixed bug where GNOME applications used Mono Bold Oblique instead of
1002    Mono Oblique (by Keenan Pepper)
1003  - added and improved TrueType instructions and related settings (by
1004    Keenan Pepper)
1005  - added U+1E41, U+1E57, U+1E61 (by Sander Vesik)
1006  - added U+0189, U+0309, U+0313, U+0314, U+031A, U+031B, U+0327, U+0328,
1007    U+032B, U+0333, U+033C (by Denis Jacquerye)
1008  - adjusted and fixed U+0186, U+0254, U+0291, U+0316 - U+0319, U+031C -
1009    U+0320, U+0323 - U+0326, U+0329 - U+032A, U+032C - U+0332, U+0339 - U+033B,
1010    U+033E, U+033F (by Denis Jacquerye)
1011  - fixed U+1E12, U+1E3C, U+1E4A, U+1E70 to have normal below diacritics
1012    (by Denis Jacquerye)
1013  - fixed U+1E82, U+1E84 and U+1EF2 to have uppercase above diacritics (by
1014    Denis Jacquerye)
1015  - added anchor points to some glyphs (by Denis Jacquerye)
1016  - dropped "-Roman" from font names - affects both internal TTF names and
1017    names of generated files (by Stepan Roh)
1018  - attempt to fix bug Vertical spacing too big for Mono by exchanging
1019    LineGap and OS2TypoLinegap values (proofed by Stefan Rank)
1020  - added Greek capitals U+0391 - U+03A1, U+03A3 - U+03A9, U+03AA, U+03AB
1021    in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
1022  - added the per ten thousand sign U+2031 (by Mederic Boquien)
1023  - added U+2207, U+221D, U+221F, U+2227 - U+222A, and U+2261 (by David
1024    Lawrence Ramsey)
1025  - new logo (by Gee Fung Sit)
1026  - added U+0180, U+018E, U+201F, U+2024, U+2025, U+203D, U+2200, U+2203,
1027    U+2213, U+222C, U+222D, U+2263 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit) 
1029  Changes from 1.15 to 2.0:
1031  - "Italized" basic glyphs in all Serif Oblique and their Condensed faces
1032    (by David Jez)
1033  - added and improved TrueType instructions and related settings (by Keenan
1034    Pepper)
1035  - added anchor points to some glyphs (by Denis Jacquerye)
1036  - many new spacing and combining accents (by Denis Jacquerye)
1037  - smart substitutions for transforming i and j to dottless form and for
1038    using uppercase diacritics (by Denis Jacquerye)
1039  - fixed remaining erroneously slanted characters in Serif Oblique faces (by
1040    David Lawrence Ramsey)
1041  - copied bullet in Sans faces to Sans Oblique faces for consistency (by
1042    David Lawrence Ramsey)
1043  - added U+203C and U+2047-U+2049 (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
1044  - added Greek glyphs to Serif (by Ben Laenen, Condensed merge by David Jez)
1045  - fixed bug LTR glyphs behaving like RTL (by Ben Laenen)
1046  - fixed wrong glyph directions (by David Jez)
1047  - fixed repositioned accents in Condensed faces (by David Jez)
1049  Changes from 1.14 to 1.15:
1051  - added and improved TrueType instructions and related settings (by Keenan
1052    Pepper)
1053  - fixed U+2302, U+2319 (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
1054  - fixed yet another monospace bug (by Stepan Roh)
1055  - fixed potential "too big ascender/descender" bug (by Stepan Roh)
1056  - fixed U+026E and U+028E (by Denis Jacquerye)
1057  - added U+0186, U+0190, U+0300 - U+0304, U+0306 - U+0308, U+030A - U+030C,
1058    U+0321, U+0322 (by Denis Jacquerye)
1059  - added rest of Block Elements: U+2591 - U+2593 (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
1060  - added U+2311, U+237D and U+2638 (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
1061  - added U+01CD - U+01D4 (by Denis Jacquerye)
1062  - fixed accents of U+00F2 - U+00F6 by replacing them with references in Mono
1063    Bold (by David Jez)
1064  - added U+0490, U+0491 (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
1065  - added hints to U+0404 and U+0454 in Sans (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
1066  - completed Greek glyphs from U+0370 to U+03CF in Serif (by Ben Laenen)
1067  - fixed shape of U+0255 in Sans Bold and Sans Bold Oblique (by Denis
1068    Jacquerye)
1070  Changes from 1.13 to 1.14:
1072  - fixed bug where Mono faces were not recognized as fixed pitch in Windows
1073    by correcting Venda glyphs (by David Jez)
1074  - added and improved TrueType instructions (by Keenan Pepper)
1075  - added 6 Uzbekian glyphs (by Mashrab Kuvatov)
1076  - added Greek glyphs to Sans and Serif, changed pi and omega to fit in (by
1077    Ben Laenen)
1078  - added IPA and related superscript glyphs (by Denis Jacquerye)
1079  - fixed buggy Venda glyphs (by David Lawrence Ramsey and Stepan Roh)
1080  - added U+2302, U+2310, U+2319 (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
1081  - fixed slanted U+00AC in Serif Oblique faces (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
1082  - added 29 glyphs from Block Elements (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
1084  Changes from 1.12 to 1.13:
1086  - removed all stems (PS hints) (requested by David Jez)
1087  - added U+01D6, U+01DF, U+022B, U+022D and U+0231 (by Sander Vesik)
1088  - added 10 Venda glyphs (by Dwayne Bailey)
1089  - fixed bug when fonts had no name on Microsoft Windows (by Stepan Roh)
1090  - updated 'missing' glyph U+FFFD (by David Jez)
1091  - set TTF flag fsType to 'Installable Embedding' (= unrestricted usage)
1092    (idea by C. Tiffany)
1094  Changes from 1.11 to 1.12:
1096  - added long s (by James Cloos)
1097  - prettier comma accent in gcommaaccent (by David Jez)
1098  - added Hbar, hbar, kgreenlandic, napostrophe, Eng, eng, Tbar, tbar,
1099    afii57929 (by David Jez)
1100  - changed Iogonek, iogonek, IJ, ij to look better (by David Jez)
1101  - glyph uni0237 renamed to dotlessj (requested by David Jez)
1102  - fixed accents for dcaron, lcaron, tcaron, Uogonek, uogonek in Serif (by
1103    David Jez)
1104  - added U+2500 - U+257F box drawing glyphs to Sans Mono (by David Jez)
1105  - fixed accents in Wcircumflex, Ycircumflex and Zdotaccent (by David Jez)
1106  - extra kerning for F (by Sander Vesik)
1107  - added 'missing' glyph U+FFFD (by David Jez)
1109  Changes from 1.10 to 1.11:
1111  - kerning updates (by Sander Vesik)
1112  - added Iogonek, iogonek, IJ, ij, Uogonek, uogonek (from SuSE standard fonts
1113    by Adrian Schroeter, SuSE AG)
1114  - added Gcommaaccent, gcommaaccent, Kcommaaccent, kcommaaccent,
1115    Lcommaaccent, lcommaaccent, Ncommaaccent, ncommaaccent, Rcommaaccent,
1116    rcommaaccent (by Stepan Roh)
1118  Changes from 1.9 to 1.10:
1120  - added U+022E, U+022F (by Sander Vesik)
1121  - kerning updates for DejaVu Sans (by Sander Vesik)
1122  - fixed too wide cyrillic glyphs in DejaVu Sans Mono (by Valentin Stoykov)
1123  - fixed ligatures bug in Mono (by Stepan Roh)
1125  Changes from 1.8 to 1.9:
1127  - integrated Arev Cyrillics (by Danilo Segan)
1128  - added U+01EA, U+01EB, U+01EC, U+01ED (by Sander Vesik)
1130  Changes from 1.7 to 1.8:
1132  - fixed accents in Serif Oblique and Serif Bold Oblique (by Stepan Roh)
1134  Changes from 1.6 to 1.7:
1136  - added automatically generated Condensed typefaces (by Stepan Roh)
1138  Changes from 1.5 to 1.6:
1140  - monospace bug fixed (by Stepan Roh)
1141  - incorrect Bitstream foundry assigned by fontconfig and KDE Font Installer
1142  fixed (by Stepan Roh)
1143  - added automatically generated Oblique version of Serif typefaces (by
1144  Stepan Roh)
1145  - corrected cyrillic D and d (by Danilo Segan and David Jez)
1146  - fixed accents position in Oblique version of Serif typefaces (by Danilo
1147  Segan and Sander Vesik)
1148  - fixed incorrect computation of OS2Win* fields (by Stepan Roh)
1149  - added visiblespace U+2423 (by David Jez)
1150  - fixed 'line height' bug by fixing ascender and descender values (by David
1151  Jez and Stepan Roh)
1152  - fixed part of 'worse than Vera' bug (by Peter Cernak)
1153  - smaller comma accent U+0326 (by David Jez)
1155  Changes from 1.4 to 1.5:
1157  - added Cyrillics (96 characters) and Dcroat to the rest of typefaces (by
1158  Danilo Segan)
1159  - fixed bugs in some Cyrillic characters, some of them reported by Sander
1160  Vesik (by Danilo Segan)
1161  - added U+0100, U+0101, U+0112, U+0113, U+012A, U+012B, U+014C, U+014D,
1162  U+016A, U+016B, U+01E2, U+01E3, U+0232 and U+0233 (by Sander Vesik)
1163  - added Romanian characters (by Misu Moldovan)
1164  - added U+0108, U+0109, U+010A, U+010B, U+0114, U+0115, U+0116, U+0117,
1165  U+011C, U+011D, U+0120, U+0121, U+0124, U+0125, U+0128, U+0129, U+012C,
1166  U+012D, U+0134, U+0135, U+014E, U+014F, U+0150, U+0151, U+015C, U+015D,
1167  U+0168, U+0169, U+016C, U+016D, U+0170, U+0171 and U+0237 (by James
1168  Crippen)
1169  - added U+02BB, U+2010, U+2011, U+2012 and U+2015 (by Stepan Roh)
1171  Changes from 1.3 to 1.4:
1173  - added Polish characters (Aogonek, aogonek, Eogonek, eogonek, Nacute,
1174  nacute, Sacute, sacute, Zacute, zacute, Zdotaccent, zdotaccent) (by Stepan
1175  Roh)
1177  Changes from 1.2 to 1.3:
1179  - added Cyrillics (96 characters) and Dcroat to Sans typefaces (by Danilo
1180  Segan from his BePa fonts)
1182  Changes from 1.1 to 1.2:
1184  - added Ldot, ldot, Wcircumflex, wcircumflex, Ycircumflex, ycircumflex,
1185    Wgrave, wgrave, Wacute, wacute, Wdieresis, wdieresis, Ygrave and ygrave
1186    (from The Olwen Font Family 0.2 by Dafydd Harries)
1188  Changes from 1.0 to 1.1:
1190  - added Lacute, lacute, Lcaron, lcaron, Racute and racute (by Peter Cernak)
1192  Changes from 0.9.4 to 1.0:
1194  - none, just changed version and updated README
1196  Changes from 0.9.3 to 0.9.4:
1198  - fixed TTF generation (kerning tables were missing)
1200  Changes from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3:
1202  - kerning of added characters
1203  - proper caron shape for dcaron in Mono (by Ondrej Koala Vacha)
1204  - minor visual changes
1206  Changes from 0.9.1 to 0.9.2:
1208  - internal bugged version
1210  Changes from 0.9 to 0.9.1:
1212  - proper caron shape for dcaron and tcaron
1213  - minor visual changes
1215  $Id: NEWS 2359 2009-08-27 14:13:16Z ben_laenen $

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