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HTML2PDF_parsingHtml:: (9 methods):

Class: HTML2PDF_parsingHtml  - X-Ref

HTML2PDF Librairy - parsingHtml class

HTML => PDF convertor
distributed under the LGPL License

__construct($encoding = 'UTF-8')   X-Ref
main constructor

param: string encoding

setEncoding($encoding)   X-Ref
change the encoding

param: string encoding

setHTML($html)   X-Ref
Define the HTML code to parse

param: string HTML code

parse()   X-Ref
parse the HTML code

_prepareTxt($txt, $spaces = true)   X-Ref
prepare the text

param: string texte
param: boolean true => replace multiple space+\t+\r+\n by a single space
return: string texte

_searchCode(&$tmp)   X-Ref
parse the HTML code

param: &array    array's result
return: null

_analiseCode($code)   X-Ref
analise a HTML tag

param: string   HTML code to analise
return: array    corresponding action

getLevel($k)   X-Ref
get a full level of HTML, between an opening and closing corresponding

param: integer key
return: array   actions

getHtmlErrorCode($pos, $before=30, $after=40)   X-Ref
return a part of the HTML code, for error message

param: integer position
param: integer take before
param: integer take after
return: string  part of the html code

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