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HTML2PDF_parsingCss:: (38 methods):

Class: HTML2PDF_parsingCss  - X-Ref

HTML2PDF Librairy - parsingCss class

HTML => PDF convertor
distributed under the LGPL License

__construct(&$pdf)   X-Ref

param: &HTML2PDF_myPdf reference to the PDF $object

setPdfParent(&$pdf)   X-Ref
Set the HTML2PDF parent object

param: &HTML2PDF reference to the HTML2PDF parent $object

setOnlyLeft()   X-Ref
Inform that we want only "test-align:left" because we are in a sub HTML

getOldValues()   X-Ref
Get the vales of the parent, if exist

return: array CSS values

setDefaultFont($default = null)   X-Ref
define the Default Font to use, if the font does not exist, or if no font asked

param: string  default font-family. If null : Arial for no font asked, and error fot ont does not exist
return: string  old default font-family

_init()   X-Ref
Init the object

initStyle()   X-Ref
Init the CSS Style

resetStyle($tagName = '')   X-Ref
Init the CSS Style without legacy

param: string  tag name

fontSet()   X-Ref
Init the PDF Font

save()   X-Ref
add a level in the CSS history

load()   X-Ref
remove a level in the CSS history

restorePosition()   X-Ref
restore the Y positiony (used after a span)

setPosition()   X-Ref
set the New position for the current Tag

getFormStyle()   X-Ref
Analise the CSS style to convert it into Form style

param: array    styles

getSvgStyle($tagName, &$param)   X-Ref
Analise the CSS style to convert it into SVG style

param: string   tag name
param: array    styles

analyse($tagName, &$param, $legacy = null)   X-Ref
analyse the css properties from the HTML parsing

param: string  $tagName
param: array   $param
param: array   $legacy

getLineHeight()   X-Ref
get the height of the current line

return: float $height in mm

getLastWidth($mode = false)   X-Ref
get the width of the parent

param: boolean $mode true => adding padding and border
return: float $width in mm

getLastHeight($mode = false)   X-Ref
get the height of the parent

param: boolean $mode true => adding padding and border
return: float $height in mm

getFloat()   X-Ref
get the value of the float property

return: $float left/right

getLastValue($key)   X-Ref
get the last value for a specific key

param: string $key
return: mixed

_getLastAbsoluteX()   X-Ref
get the last absolute X

return: float $x

_getLastAbsoluteY()   X-Ref
get the last absolute Y

return: float $y

_getFromCSS()   X-Ref
get the CSS properties of the current tag

return: array $styles

_getReccursiveStyle($key, $lst, $next = null)   X-Ref
identify if the selector $key match with the list of tag selectors

param: string   $key CSS selector to analyse
param: array    $lst list of the selectors of each tags
param: string   $next next step of parsing the selector
return: boolean

readBorder($css)   X-Ref
Analyse a border

param: string $css css border properties
return: array  border properties

_duplicateBorder(&$val)   X-Ref
duplicate the borders if needed

param: &array $val

convertBackground($css, &$value)   X-Ref
Analyse a background

param: string $css css background properties
param: &array $value parsed values (by reference, because, ther is a legacy of the parent CSS properties)

convertBackgroundColor($css)   X-Ref
parse a background color

param: string $css
return: string $value

convertBackgroundImage($css)   X-Ref
parse a background image

param: string $css
return: string $value

convertBackgroundPosition($css, &$res)   X-Ref
parse a background position

param: string $css
param: &boolean $res flag if conver is ok or not
return: array ($x, $y)

convertBackgroundRepeat($css)   X-Ref
parse a background repeat

param: string $css
return: string $value

convertToMM($css, $old=0.)   X-Ref
convert a distance to mm

param: string $css distance to convert
param: float  $old parent distance
return: float  $value

convertToRadius($css)   X-Ref
convert a css radius

param: string $css
return: float  $value

convertToColor($css, &$res)   X-Ref
convert a css color

param: string $css
param: &boolean $res
return: array (r,g, b)

_convertSubColor($c)   X-Ref
color value to convert

param: string $c
return: float $c 0.->1.

_analyseStyle(&$code)   X-Ref
read a css content

param: &string $code

readStyle(&$html)   X-Ref
Extract the css files from a html code

param: string   &$html

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