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   1  SetACL by Helge Klein
   3  Homepage:        http://setacl.sourceforge.net
   4  Version:
   5  Copyright:       Helge Klein
   6  License:         GPL
   8  -V-E-R-S-I-O-N--
  10  a)    New features:
  12  -    Added a parameter "-ignoreerr" which causes SetACL to ignore errors when reading/setting
  13      the security descriptor of an object. This can be useful when recursively working with
  14      large directory trees, but please use this feature only after thorough consideration.
  16  -    The list function now displays control information from the security descriptor in CSV
  17      and TAB formats, too. Specifically, the auto_inherited and protected flags are displayed
  18      for DACL and SACL.
  20  -    SetACL now supports very long paths, specifically paths longer than MAX_PATH which is 260
  21      characters. This is done by prepending the following to the path:
  23      -    "\\?\"        for local paths
  24      -    "\\?\UNC\"    for UNC paths
  26      This can be seen when listing permissions.
  28  -    SetACL now always disticts correctly between "c:" and "c:\". The former is called a
  29      "local file system root" while the latter is the directory "\" on drive c:. List
  30      permissions for both and you will see the difference. The latter corresponds to what you
  31      get when you right click on c: in Explorer and select Properties -> Security. I am not
  32      too sure what the former actually represents, but the documentation states that 
  33      permissions set on such a local file system root are discarded upon the next reboot.
  35  b)    Changed features:
  37  -    The log function (invoked with the parameter -log) now checks whether the log file already
  38      exists. If yes, SetACL appends to the log instead of replacing it. This makes it easier
  39      to use SetACL in a loop or batch file.
  41  -    Restore: When a file or directory does not exist any more, SetACL logs this and continues
  42      with the next file/dir.
  44  -    The list function now only lists a directory name, if there is something to see. Before,
  45      the typical large directory tree with permissions set only on a few dirs would amount to
  46      a large listing only showing dirs without any permissions. Now these dirs are not shown
  47      any more and the listing is much easier to read.
  49  c)    Bugfixes:
  51  -    NULL SDs are now handled correctly:
  53      According to MS's documentation NULL security descriptors (meaning there is no security on
  54      the object) _should_ not exist on W2k and newer, except for the admin shares (ie. c$).
  55      One way of creating an object without a SD is to use tools that use the old low-end
  56      security API, like "net share". This creates a share with a NULL SD. SetACL now handles
  57      these cases in the following way:
  59      -    When listing permissions, a line like the following is displayed (SetACL continues 
  60          after that:
  62          ERROR reading SD from <\\server\c$>: The object has a NULL security descriptor
  64      -    When setting permissions, above error message is displayed, too, but SetACL creates a
  65          new empty SD and proceeds as specified.
  67  -    Fixed bug 867350: The actions 'trustee' and 'domain' now only read the SACL if SACL 
  68      processing has been implicitly specified. This means that the privilege SE_SECURITY_NAME is
  69      only needed when you want the SACL to be processed. Previously the SACL was always read 
  70      (even if no processing was necessary) resulting in the need for abovementioned privilege.
  72  -V-E-R-S-I-O-N--
  74  a)    Bugfixes:
  76  -    Fixed bug 794820: If a trustee did not exist in the domain specified, but in a trusted
  77      domain, the account from the trusted domain was used. Now, only accounts from the domain
  78      or computer specified are used.
  80  -    Fixed bug 800866: Listing admin shares (e.g. c$) caused an access violation. This
  81      was probably due to the fact that these shares have no security descriptor. SetACL does 
  82      not crash any more, but accessing admin shares still is not possible.
  84  -    Fixed bug 801189: Access violation with nonexistent user and logging enabled.
  86  -    Fixed bug 805067: Object paths only one character long were not supported.
  88  b)    New features:
  90  -    Added an action 'domain' similar to 'trustee': With it you can copy permissions from one
  91      domain to another, replace permissions from domainA by permissions from domainB, or
  92      remove all permissions from a certain domain. This should make domain migrations a lot
  93      easier.
  95  c)    User interface:
  97  -    Two new default values for action 'ace': You do not have to specify the mode (set, grant,
  98      ...) or whether to apply to DACL or SACL any more, if you simply want to set permissions
  99      in the DACL. Thus simple ACE strings can now be shortened from:
 101      -ace "n:domain\user;p:read;m:set;w:dacl"
 103      to
 105      -ace "n:domain\user;p:read"
 107  -V-E-R-S-I-O-N--
 109  a)    Bugfixes:
 111  -    Fixed bug 783703: Compiler warning with VC++ 7.1 due to signed/unsigned mismatch.
 113  -    Fixed bug 787612: SetACL could crash under certain circumstances (for example, when setting
 114      the owner) due to incorrect pointer handling / freeing memory.
 116  -V-E-R-S-I-O-N--
 118  a)    Bugfixes:
 120  -    Fixed a bug with action "reset children" which was introduced in the object itself
 121      was also reset, not only it's children.
 123  -    Fixed bug 776277: when using one of the three trustee actions (remove/replace/copy trustee)
 124      with more than one trustee (ie. remove all ACEs belonging to two different trustees) it
 125      could happen that too many ACEs were affected by the operation.
 127  -    Fixed bug 778943: When using a command like: 'SetACL -on c:\test -ot file -actn ace -ace 
 128      "n:everyone;p:read;m:set;w:dacl" -rec cont_obj' SetACL correctly walked down the tree and
 129      displayed the objects it should be processing, but permissions were applied to the base
 130      object only.
 132  -    Fixed bug 780246: This is related to bug #778943. Due to recursion not working correctly
 133      resetting child objects took very (!) long and did not process all child objects.
 134      Additionally the parameter "-rst <Where> was partly ignored.
 136  -V-E-R-S-I-O-N--
 138  a) Setting permissions:
 140  -    Disabled a new "feature" I introduced in version regarding the use of restore
 141      privileges:
 143      All read/write operations from/to the ACL/security descriptor were moved to the new class
 144      CSD in The function CSD::SetSD () is now the single spot where write operations to
 145      the SD are performed. In SetSD () I first tried to set the SD via SetKernelObjectSecurity()
 146      which can write the SD without performing access checks, i.e. you could set permissions
 147      on objects you have no access to and do not own. The BIG disadvantage of
 148      SetKernelObjectSecurity() is that it is a low-level security API function and therefore does
 149      not handle inheritance at all: permissions are not propagated to sub-objects, and the
 150      "inherited" flag of the object's ACEs is not set/cleared as necessary. Since SetACL does
 151      not do this either, this normally results in incorrect ACLs.
 153      SetKernelObjectSecurity () is not used any more; SDs are set the way they were before
 154      version
 156  b)    Bugfixes:
 158  -    Fixed Bug 773933: The exception handling in Split () was incompatible with Visual C++ 7.1.
 159      This has been corrected.
 161  -    Fixed a bug: the security descriptor is now only written to the object if there have been
 162      actual changes. Before, it could happen that by writing to the SD the SD's control bits
 163      were cleared, resulting in the deletion of the "auto inherited" bit. This was a minor bug
 164      which had no severe consequences and occured only under special circumstances. An example
 165      that invoked the bug follows here:
 167      SetACL.exe -on c:\temp\test1 -ot file -actn setprot -op "dacl:nc"
 169  -V-E-R-S-I-O-N--2.0--f-i-n-a-l-(2-0-0-3)------------------------------------------------------
 171  a) Listing permissions
 173  -    Use of privileges: permissions are displayed even if access is denied to the object in
 174      question. This works in the (local and remote) file system and in the local registry.
 175      The privilege "SeBackupPrivilege" is needed for this.
 177  -    If access to an object is denied and the "SeBackupPrivilege" is not held, the object in
 178      question is ignored and SetACL proceeds with the next object.
 180  b)    Setting permissions
 182  -    Use of privileges: permissions are set even if access is denied to the object in
 183      question. This works in the (local and remote) file system and in the local registry.
 184      The privilege "SeRestorePrivilege" is needed for this.
 186  -    If access to an object is denied and the "SeRestorePrivilege" is not held, the object in
 187      question is ignored and SetACL proceeds with the next object.
 189  c) Various changes
 191  -    Fixed bug 738227: A missing section ("Where") on the help page (printed when 
 192      "setacl -help" is typed) has been added.
 194  -    Fixed bug 745861: The SYNCHRONIZE flag was set on auditing ACEs, too, which resulted in
 195      all kinds of access being audited, not only the type specified.
 197  -    Fixed bug 739013: If enabling the backup and restore privileges failed, the program would
 198      exit with an error. This effectively limited the use of SetACL to administrators.
 199      Now, if these privileges cannot be enabled, only an info message is displayed.
 201  -    Fixed a bug: When resetting permissions using action -rstchldrn the parameter "-rst Where"
 202      was ignored.
 204  -    Fixed bug 761666: When setting "man_docs" or "full" permissions on printers a third,
 205      unnecessary ACE (which had no effect) was generated.
 207  -    If SetACL is run on an unsupported OS version an error message is displayed and the program
 208      exits cleanly.
 210  -V-E-R-S-I-O-N--2.0--B-e-t-a--2---------------------------------------------------------------
 212  a) Listing permissions
 214  -    The listing is written to the screen, too, if not in silent mode.
 215  -    If a backup file is specified, a listing in UNICODE format will be written there. If not,
 216      the listing is written to the screen only. In other words, the parameter '-bckp' is
 217      optional.
 218  -    List options need only be set if the default values (csv format, list only DACL, do not
 219      list inherited permissions) are not suitable. In other words, the parameter '-lst' is
 220      optional.
 221  -    Inherited permissions are listed only if explicitly specified in the list options (e.g.:
 222      -lst "f:own;w:d;i:y").
 223  -    Owner and primary group are now listed in own format, too, if requested.
 224  -    The "own" list format has been renamed to "csv".
 225  -    A third, tabular, list format has been added: "tab".
 226  -    Trustees can now be listed using their names, SIDs, or both.
 228  b) Various changes
 230  -    Several unnecessary newlines removed from output.
 231  -    Standard permission "list_folder" (file system) was not implemented correctly. Now it works
 232      as expected. This bug with the ID 737212 has been fixed.
 234  -V-E-R-S-I-O-N--2.0--B-e-t-a--1---------------------------------------------------------------
 236  This is the first public beta version of SetACL version 2. Please visit the program's homepage
 237  for information, bug reports, feature requests, and general discussion.

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