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edit(if [ -L $1 ]; thenmv $1 $1.origcp $1.orig $1vi $1elsevi $1fi}function unedit {if [ -L $1.orig ]; thenrm $1mv $1.orig $1fi}Replace "vi" with your favorite flavor of editor.Here is another function which will quickly generate a patch for thefiles which have been edited in your symlink tree:mkpatchorig()   X-Ref
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that(to be explicitly marked as exported. See the discussion aboutF<embed.pl> in L<perlguts>.=item *Exporting your new functionThe new shiny result of either genuine new functionality or yourarduous refactoring is now ready and correctly exported. So whatcould possibly go wrong?Maybe simply that your function did not need to be exported in thefirst place. Perl has a long and not so glorious history of exportingfunctions that it should not have.If the function is used only inside one source code file, make itstatic. See the discussion about F<embed.pl> in L<perlguts>.If the function is used across several files, but intended only forPerl's internal use (and this should be the common case)   X-Ref
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